Sun 02 Jul 2017, Brogborough

Pre-level 1, Level 1 & level 2 Judge: Nicola Jane Inglis
Level 1

1st Lyn – Chubey – 100
2nd Katharina – Pai – 99.75
3rd Emma – Cora – 99.75
4th Katharina – Lucy – 99.5
5th Amy – Luna – 80
6th Helen – Sweep – 80
7th Tracey – Billy – 79.75
8th Lyn – Phoebe – 79.25
9th Kym – Max – 78.5
10th Donna – Lucy – 77.75

Level 2

1st Annika – Rena – 100
2nd Pat – Arthur – 89.75
3rd Kathy – Star – 89.75
4th Helen – Trek – 88.75
5th Jo – Ehren – 79.5
6th Louise – Buddy – 79.25

Level 1 A/F = Alert Find H = Handling T = Time (seconds)
  Tables & Chairs Exterior Search Vehicle Search Boxes & Luggage Totals
Name of Handler & Dog A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T Marks Time
1st Lyn – Chubey 20 5 28 20 5 10 20 5 27 20 5 48 100 113
2nd Katharina – Pai 20 5 26 20 4.75 68 20 5 18 20 5 13 99.75 125
3rd Emma  – Cora 20 5 16 20 4.75 79 20 5 76 20 5 98 99.75 269
4th Katharina – Lucy 20 5 15 20 5 100 20 4.75 95 20 4.75 124 99.5 334
5th Amy – Luna 20 5 75 20 5 17 20 5 38 0 5 10 80 140
6th Helen – Sweep 20 5 71 20 5 10 20 5 69 0 5 15 80 165
7th Tracey – Billy 20 5 106 20 5 128 20 5 25 0 4.75 62 79.75 321
8th Lyn – Phoebe 20 5 18 20 5 22 20 4.75 20 0 4.5 41 79.25 101
9th Kym – Max 20 5 21 20 5 43 20 4 60 0 4.5 52 78.5 176
10th Donna – Lucy 20 4.75 57 20 4.25 52 20 4 55 0 4.75 88 77.75 252
Level 2 A/F = Alert Find H = Handling T = Time (seconds)
  Tables & Chairs Exterior Search Vehicle Search Boxes & Luggage Totals
Name of Handler & Dog A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T Marks Time
1st Annika – Rena 20 5 48 20 5 30 20 5 68 20 5 66 100 212
2nd Pat – Arthur 20 5 53 20 5 24 20 5 89 10 4.75 55 89.75 221
3rd Kathy – Star 20 5 47 20 5 20 10 4.75 99 20 5 93 89.75 259
4th Helen – Trek 20 4.75 35 20 5 39 20 4.75 160 10 4.25 65 88.75 299
5th Jo – Ehren 20 4.75 170 20 5 30 10 4.75 94 10 5 44 79.5 338
6th Louise – Buddy 10 4.75 124 10 4.75 75 20 4.75 179 20 5 67 79.25 445


Sunday July 2nd {my daughter’s birthday} started with a scenic early morning drive to Brogborough near Milton Keynes from my home near Stratford on Avon.  A nice sunny day was promised.  I found the new venue quite easily, signed off the main road into a housing estate.  Reasonable parking and a lovely lady who was there to unlock and to tidy up later.  Marianne and I set up the Level 1 outside areas first, planning on the vehicle search before the cars got to hot followed by the exterior search in a nice shady spot which could be enclosed easily. The hall was then set up ready for the boxes and luggage search to be followed by the table and chairs which was to be the starting point for the Level 2 Trial at lunchtime.

Level 1 Vehicle Search; this set the tune for the rest of the day with lovely, quiet and patient handling of the dogs which was a pleasure to see. The scent was on the number plate and with plenty of time all the dogs alerted, some of the handlers needed to encourage their dogs to search in both directions and to be a little more specific on the actual area of the find. Next on to the Exterior Search which Helen and little Sweep {one of our blind dogs} had a very positive and rewardingly quick find. Some of the dogs struggled with the distraction of the grass but in all a good showing. We moved inside to do the Boxes and Luggage where Lucy gave Katarina a nerve wracking time by checking every bag and box so thoroughly it was impressive how she held her nerve to call the correct alert. After a number of false alerts on items which had never seen or met a scent, a concerned Marianne and I decided it must be the direction of the wind from the door which was causing the scent to drift.  Lyn held her nerve well with Chubey after a false alert with Phoebe earlier in the section.  Due to the false alerts earlier in the trial, the Tables and Chairs were a crucial part of the day, I was so pleased to see Donna with Lucy change direction and go round both ways ensuring her final find of the day. Luna made Amy work very hard for her final find.  It was interesting to see how the pressure of a false alert or of a handler calling early added to the dogs desire to please which in fact often caused a second incidence of an early call. Sharon and Inka showed lots of nice indications and will do well in the future. Our other half blind dog Olive, who is recovering from a head injury, worked hard inside for Jo and considering she has previously worked on gun oil and had only had cloves reintroduced recently she performed well.  Kym and Max improved on their partnership as the day progressed, Emma and Cora and Katarina and Pai were consistent throughout the whole test.

Level 2 started just before the Level 1 presentation with the Tables and Chairs and Perimeter Search, Kathy and Star had 2 excellent quick finds, as did Pat and Arthur.  Then on to the Exterior Search Anika and Rena had quick finds as did Pat and Arthur and Kathy and Star again, everyone made a good effort with Helen handling Trek well over the area that had previously had a competitor pee during the morning exercises. Moving on to the Vehicle Search, it was a slightly tight space but there was enough room to get around and between all the cars. A number of the dogs convincingly indicated and caused their handlers to give false alerts on the one car that had never been scented in it life, Louise rapidly learnt to believe her dog Buddy as he told her twice on each car.  Returning inside to complete the trial with the Boxes and Luggage, Alison and Poppie gave 2 lovely, clear, accurate finds, as did Jo and Erhan.  As is often the way the second half of the day seemed to fly passed with the more experienced handlers and dogs quicker in their decisions.  There was a lot of patient and good handling today, which is always a pleasure.

Little Billy and Tracey managed to get to us before the end of the day to complete and qualify in the Level 1 Trial, Tracey had been away working and only just returned in the afternoon, so rushed over to complete each section before we cleared away.

I feel it is important to extend thanks to Marianne for all her efforts today, she was Trial Manager, Scribe as well as tea maker and washer up and runner, I could not have completed todays tasks without her mammoth efforts and support. I must say it was a lovely opportunity to see things from the other side as a judge! I felt hugely responsible for all 18 competitors and not just for my own 2 dogs – what pressure! I only hope that I was considered fair and I now appreciate even more the efforts of the judges I have performed under.

Once more on a Sunday morning my car is packed and I am heading off to Brogborough to get set up ready for todays level 1 & 2 trial.

I had requested sunshine for today and I was not disappointed.  We had a lovely day.  Both myself and Nikki (the judge) arrived in plenty of time to get set up for level 1.  So we were ready to get started promptly at ten.

We were doing level 1 first and got underway nice and early.   As my usual scribe was poorly I had to do the honours which was really lovely as I then got to watch all the dogs performing.   Usually I am so busy that I do not get time to watch.    Some lovely searches and handling.   There were quite a few nervous handlers but all settled down during the morning.    Luckily we had a lovely lady Pat Chancellor who was booked in for level 2 with her fabulous dog Arthur arrive early so she was able to ensure people were ready and waiting for their turn.

Thank you so much to Pat for helping out as it made the day really move along.

All level 1 competitors were done by lunch time so we had their presentation.   Nikki  then gave out all the rosettes and trophy.   So lovely to see so many dogs and handlers passing their level 1.

Now we were ready for level 2 and the weather heldout for us, sunshine all day.  All went really smoothly and everyone enjoyed running their dogs.

This was our first trial at Brogborough and it proved a great success.  The car park was full of Scentwork UK competitors all chatting which made a great sight.    No football, tennis or bowls competitions, no ice cream vans to distract the dogs.   All in all a much better venue.

I was very impressed with the fabulous handling during the day and the way that everyone was supporting each other.  The camaraderie that happens during the day is a real pleasure to see.

Overall it was a really good day with everything running very smoothly.

A massive thank you to Nikki Jane Inglis for judging and although she told me she was nervous she did not show it and did a brilliant job.   Putting people at their ease and adding lots of encouragement and giving great feedback.

Also a great thank you to Pat Chancellor who really made a difference by helping out all morning.

We could not run these trials without the helpers, the judge and of course the competitors, so from me I would like to say a very big thank you to you all.

I had a fabulous day, encouraging each and every team as they prepared to do their search and then really enjoyed watching them.   Marianne