Sun 03 Apr 2022, Comber

Level 1: Judge - Marianne Tembey

Patch Dog Training, 89 Ballyrainey Road, Comber, BT23 5JU

Start: 12.00pm
Entry Fees: £25.00 per dog.
Contact: Jillian Marshall

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Marianne Tembey – judges report

Firstly I would like to thank Lesley Clements for asking me to judge and organising my whole trip. Collecting me from the airport and transporting me to the venue and then onto the hotel. Ensuring where I was meant to be each day and then taking me sightseeing on Tuesday and then back to the airport. So much appreciated.
Sunday was a level 1 trial and we got underway with the table and chairs. Just about all the dogs found this and Sue with Rika set the pace at 9 seconds. Stunning search. Paul with Hector was only just behind with just over 10 seconds. Again a fabulous search. Catherine with Ben was on 14 seconds and he also looked great.
We then moved onto the vehicle search. It started to get a little windy but that did not hinder anyone. Only one dog did not find the scent and I think that was down to a noisy car driving past the venue. Some lovely handling from Elizabeth with Holly, Rachel and Lyla and also Nicky with Hobbs. Janine with Jojo did a beautiful car search and was very consistent throughout the trial with fast times.
Back inside for the boxes and luggage. Always seems to be everyone’s nemesis and today was no exception. Four of the dogs did not find the scent but they all had fun trying. Sometimes you just need to give your dog a little more space or a little more time. Also ‘believe in your dog’ is really a good saying.
Once again Sue with Rika was super fast followed by Janine with Jojo then Ronnie with Bramble with 17 seconds. Again some fabulous searching. These dogs really knew their job.
Outside for the exterior search, again some lovely searching with only 2 dogs not finding the correct article.
A very well deserved 1st place for Sue with Rika consistently fast and very accurate searches.
2nd place to Janine with Jojo again very fast and accurate searches,
3rd place to Rachel and Lyla a pleasure to watch
4th place to Lesley and Tejo – his very first level 1 trial and what a superstar.
All in all it was an extremely lovely way to spend a Sunday with lots of lovely handlers and fabulous dogs.
Each and every one of you should be so proud of your dog.
thank you Marianne x

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