Sun 04 Jul 2021, Devoran

Level 2: Judge - Hannah Crook

Unit B2, North Grange Industrial Estate, Devoran. TR3 6RF

Start: 9.30
Entry Fees: £23 per dog.
Contact: Denise Pile

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

It was lovely to be able to judge some great teams with everyone getting a nice Q on the day.

I always worry about Level 2, remembering to take the article out and, possibly more importantly put it back in!
I was helped by a wonderful scribe there to remind me just in case I forgot!

There was some amazing searches and it was really hard to distinguish between the quality of some fab searches.

The first group came and did the Container search and the exterior article search first, each handler was offered the choice as to which area they would start with. Most chose indoors and all were successful, then went onto do the exterior and found these items well. I began to think that it was going to be clean sweeps across the board!
I decided to create a bit of a challenge with the tables and chairs, many of the dogs worked this out very well but sadly a couple went on to miss the perimeter article (a small fan heater) .

The vehicle search also caused a couple of issues, with handlers jumping the gun and calling a bit fast. Although all dogs were within the allotted 6in, a couple of handlers called just before the dog had quite tracked the scent.

It was really lovely to see Sue and Megan get their excellent – long overdue from the covid hiatus, but an incredibly strong team.

Also Lesley and Chiara, very well deserved as she can be a very difficult dog to read, so was lovely to see this team score 100.

It is very hard to say much as all of the teams were really outstanding with a nice variety of breeds and styles, however I have to mention Margaret and Teddy, Teddy just waltzed in and found each article with ease, giving stunning clear indications and with minimal interference from Margaret (In fact, I think all she did was take his lead off!) I nearly wept when he hit the vehicle a bit high and dropped his nose down the second Margaret called it!
Super to watch though.

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