Sun 04 Jun 2017, Finmere

Level 1 & Pre-Trial Judge: Susan Benson
Level 1

1st Paula & Tally – 100
2nd Dana & Buckle – 99.75
3rd Tina & Timon – 99.25
4th Leslie & Hetty – 99.25
5th Kathy & Star – 99.25
6th Linda & Tassel – 98.75
7th Helen & Sweep – 79.5
8th Nikki & Pippa – 79

Pre Trial

Pre Trial Qualifiers
Donna & Lucy
Kym & Max
Kate & Lola
Hazel & Noodles
Dolores & Gypsy
Pia & Kizzy

Today Heather asked me to judge pre level 1 trial and level 1 trial. This
was the first pre level 1 trial  and what a success it was.  This enabled
people and their dogs to sample a trial, to discover how things worked, ask
any questions  and hopefully decide scentwork was for them.  We ran it
similar to level 1 with a few minor differences.  Everyone seemed to really
enjoy themselves and I was very pleasantly surprised by the talent.  I will
certainly be keeping my eyes open as they go through the levels.  Well done
to you all.

Level 1:   Again another successful trial.  With everyone passing level 1.
I was worried about making the searches too difficult but I needn’t have
worried they all did exceptionally well.  A very pleasant day watching the
dogs and handlers  do what they do so well.  Congratulations to you all.

Thankyou to Liz Ormerod for being a superb scribe.  Also to Heather asking
me to judge, it was a pleasure and a priviledge and I hope I will be asked

This was the first ‘Pre-trial’ which was run with a Level 1 for ‘Scentwork UK’. The ‘Pre-trial’ was intended to give people a taste of a ‘Scentwork UK’ trial but in a more relaxed way and I think this was achieved.  We had 8 runners with a good mix of different breeds ranging from CKCS to a Romania rescue.

We started off with the luggage search of 6 pieces of luggage. We saw some really good indications especially when Noodles, not being believed by her mum Hazel, just refusing to move away from the small black bag. Pia did a particularly good search with her GSD ‘Kizzy’ even though her trainer ‘Liz Ormerod’ couldn’t bear to watch so decided to hide in the kitchen and missed it.

Next was the vehicle search and we saw some very good handling from Kate with Lola and very sensitive handling from Dolores with her young collie ‘Gypsy’.

We then did the table and chair searches and very good confident calls from Donna & Lucy and Kym & Max who I believe had only been doing scentwork for 6 weeks. So well done to their trainer Jenie Pirie who bravely came to watch and cheer them on.

Next up were the Level 1’s and this time we started with the Table & Chairs search. Dana & Buckle was first up and didn’t hang around by doing the fastest search in only 12 secs. Daughter Paula with her Jack Russell ‘Tally’, not wanting to be left behind, had the second fastest time of 17 sec. These two teams continued the day in much the same way doing fast accurate searches ending up taking the 1st and 2nd  spots, well done.

We then went outside to do the vehicle searches and we saw very nice methodically searches from Kathy & Star and Helen & Sweep, the blind dog nice seeing that Sweep was  getting his mojo back.

Susan Benson our judge suggested we carried on to compete all the outdoor searches which was just as well as the cricket team turned up taking all the available outdoor space. In the exterior search the scented article was hidden under one of the legs of a caravan stool which was a brilliant hiding place testing the handler’s belief in their dog as no way could they see it. Linda and Tassel did a lovely search showing how competent Tassel is at using the wind. Nicki & Peppa also did a lovely exterior search and this team seem to be going from strength to strength.

Last up the dreaded boxes and luggage and for the first time ever everyone passed this section. Hettie did a very positive alert and showed us a lovely start of a ‘freeze indication’ on the handle area of the green bag and Tina reading Timon’s body language so well that she was able to call a good, reliable early alert.

So my thanks to our judge Susan Benson who was not only thorough in her responsibility of a judge but really good at putting everyone at ease and explaining any queries in a straight forward manner.  Also to Liz Ormerod who is always cheerful and again meticulous in her record keeping assisting, the judge when necessary making the day so much easier for me.

A/F = Alert Find H = Handling T = Time (seconds)
  Tables & Chairs Exterior Search Vehicle Search Boxes & Luggage Totals
Name of Handler & Dog A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T Marks Time
1st Paula & Tally 20 5 17 20 5 40 20 5 13 20 5 13 100 83
2nd Dana & Buckle 20 5 12 20 5 18 20 5 63 20 4.75 116 99.75 209
3rd Tina & Timon 20 5 26 20 5 44 20 4.5 69 20 4.75 47 99.25 186
4th Leslie & Hetty 20 5 31 20 5 122 20 4.5 53 20 4.75 9 99.25 215
5th Kathy & Star 20 4.75 33 20 5 40 20 4.75 94 20 4.75 117 99.25 284
6th Linda & Tassel 20 4 88 20 5 33 20 4.75 20 20 5 13 98.75 154
7th Helen & Sweep 0 4.5 20 5 34 20 5 45 20 5 102 79.5 181
8th Nikki & Pippa 0 4 20 5 12 20 5 14 20 5 50 79 76