Sun 04 Jun 2023, Haynes Village Hall

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - TBC

Haynes Village Hall, Bedfordshire MK45 3QB

Start: 9:30 Level 1, 13:00 Level 2
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Stacey Robinson/Katherine Miell

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Hayley Whitaker

L2 Haynes – 4/6/2023
The temperatures were already getting rather warm as we started the L2 trial at Haynes with a great group of dogs and handlers.

With temperatures set to rise higher we aimed to get the exterior searches done first so that we could move indoors to keep the dogs as cool as possible while they searched.

The exterior items search saw everyone find at least one of the scented articles with the green crate proving the most challenging item. Rolo and Rossie tied on 23 seconds with Merlin also whizzing along at 24 seconds in a hotly contested searching session.

We used the wall for the second search as it afforded the dogs a little shade, excluding the window ledges as we had a small dog in Pudding who couldn’t ever reach that high. The hide in the brick grid caused the most problems but all of the dogs searched well in the warm conditions. Rolo was in a league of his own in this search at 33 seconds with Merlin and Zara on 56 and 73 seconds respectively.

Inside we offered all competitors the option to run the two interior searches back to back or separately to minimise the wait in the hot weather. Most chose to run back-to-back. The odour was on the chair and the green box for the tables and chairs search. Once again Rolo was on fire at 28 seconds with Mary and Eddy almost as quick at 35 and 41 seconds.

The boxes, bags and containers search saw Rolo fall at the final hurdle as he showed a lot of interest in a non-scent item. He had a phenomenal day and is certainly one to watch – it didn’t stop the scribe from wanting to take him home! Rolo had clearly passed on advice to Mary who found both items in just 16 seconds! I didn’t think that time was even possible – amazing work. Merlin came in runner up on 35 seconds with Zara on 48.

Overall a great win for Merlin and Jess who were fast and efficient all afternoon, working as a great team. Despite Lyn warning me the gorgeous little Pudding was going to run amok for the interior searches she came in a well deserved second place! The other two places went to Linda with Mary and Claire with Eddy who both scored a very hard earned full house of 100 points!

Hayley Whitaker

Haynes L1 – 4/6/2023
It was a beautiful sunny day in Haynes for the trial that saw some greats teams competing with a wide range of scentwork trials experience.

The scent was underneath the chair on the table/chairs search and there were some phenomenally quick times from Lucky, Pikachu with Debbie and Bucky topping the scoresheet taking just 10 seconds!

Bucky continued the super fast searching outside on exterior items with two finds in just 30 seconds. The hide in the wheel caught a few people out but everyone found at least one of the scented items in searches that settled a few nerves. There was some great work from everyone.

The vehicle search had the scent on the front wheel of the car with Jack and Lovely tying for the fastest times of an amazing 12 seconds. They couldn’t have approached it more differently with Lovely having a calm steady approach after Tammie whispered ‘car search’ in his ear and Jack attacking it with full-on spaniel gusto!

The often dreaded boxes, bags and containers search came as the heat started to take its toll and the many of the dogs were getting tired.

The amazing little Floki just pipped Chico to the top spot with a super fast time (35 seconds vs 38) while Jack was a spaniel whirlwind!

A much deserved win for Lucky and Tammie and with Floki second, an impressive Jonesy coming in third and Chico fourth.

Olive was just outside the places but was just adorable throughout, working her socks off all morning.

There was some really good handling by everyone on the day and everyone did really well to cope with the new rules that included two hides in exterior items and boxes, bags and luggage. For many dogs this was the first time going back for a second scent and all of them did really well.

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