Sun 04 Oct 2020, Sheffield

Level 2: Judge - Yvonne Carpenter

Best Behaviour K9 Training Academy Ltd 74 Catley Road, Darnall, Sheffield, S9 5JF

Start: from 2pm
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Best Behaviour K9 Training Academy Ltd
– Tel: 07946546401

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Yvonne Carpenter

Judge’s Report.
Thanks to Neil and Claire for running this trial – the first that both they’ve run under covid rules and that I’ve judged under those rules. The new rules present their own challenges but the Losada’s have created a great covid secure venue. Neil and I had agreed that he would set up the next section each time so it was ready for me to go straight into judging to try and keep the length of the trial down. It worked well, thanks Neil. Thanks to Tracey who not does perfect scribing duties but is great company and my reserve chauffeur! All the competitors had great attitudes and sympathetic handling. My main criticism was that very few took advantage of my favourite Scentwork UK rule which allows great rewards to be given after each find in Level 2. Indications were mixed (even for the same dog sometimes) with some being superb and clear to everyone to some being reasonably good but not recognised or accepted by the handler to some being a fleeting glance by the dog. The competitors were all a pleasure to work with and we had a full complement of lovely dogs – well done to everyone.

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