Sun 05 Jan 2020, Grendon Underwood, L1

Level 1: Judges - Karen Kendall & Harry Latusek
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Laura Williams - Oddie20517.592051120530.752053310092.34
2Catherine Bolt - Ziva20527.312051820531.562051610092.87
3Amy Jobson - Elsa20539.942051320530.822051310096.76
4Jan Martin - Jasmine20550.092051620513.3820564100143.47
5Janice Holliman - Scrumpy20516.372051020510.22204.91199.947.59
6Helen Williams - Bella20523.752055204.929.312051599.973.06
7Andrew Holliman - Murphy204.950.662051020517.22204.84999.7126.88
8Martina Manatejova - Misty 204.7594204.92120510.92052299.65147.9
9Kelly Steel - Sequel20523.22204.872204.9530.75204.811099.55235.97
10Val Isherwood - Trio204.9565.57204.796204.9579.85204.84399.4284.42
11Caroline Nicholson - Gus20533.35204.564204.890.69204.83699.1224.04
12Mel Davis - Asa20520.6604.93220512.03205779.971.69
13Lyn Church - Kouros20529.6904.871204.8125204.58479.1309.69
14Karl Dalgarno - Merry20517.2204.8104200116204.87274.6309.22

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

A big Thankyou to Nikki for inviting me along to Judge this level 1 trial,at this lovely venue.My co judge on the day was my good friend,Karen Bailey.A Thankyou also to all the helpers, and my scribe for the day,John Hearn,you all did a wonderful job.
I would describe it as a lovely crisp morning,with a nice breeze to assist in the vehicle and exterior searches,or not.
A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.I took on the roll of judging the tables/chairs and vehicle searches.

I set this up in a square pattern,hiding the cloves scent under the 1st chair to the left side of the set up.This wasn’t a problem for any of the 14 teams taking part,all being successful.Some lovely teamwork all round,with super quick times by Janice and Scrumpy,Laura and Oddie and Karl and Merry,in 16,17 and 17 seconds respectively.

The vehicle search was set up to the side of the main building,with a lovely breeze blowing towards the start cones.I hid the scent inside the air valve,on the rear drivers side wheel.
I’m pleased to say all teams were again successful in finding the scent,some using the wind to their advantage and going directly to source.Excellent handling all round.Worthy of note were Janice and Scumpy,Martina and Misty,Mel and Asa and Jan and Jasmine.These 4 teams following their dogs lead and identifying the scent in some,10,11,12 and 13 seconds respectively.
Overall this was a pleasure to Judge,and bearing in mind,for a number of these dogs,it was their 1st trial.I wouldn’t have guessed,they were excellent.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners,all 4 were decided on time as all achieved maximum points.
1st.Laura and Oddie.2nd Catherine and Ziva,3rd.Amy and Elsa..4th Jan and Jasmine.In total there were 11 clean sweeps.
Following consultation by the judges,special rosettes were awarded to the following..Martina and Misty and Helen and Bella.

I will go as far as to say,that this was one of the best level ones that I have judged and I’ve judged a few.The bonding and teamwork was there for all to see.
I wish you all the very best in your future trials,and hope to meet up with some of you,if not all,in the not to distant future.

Sun 05 Jan 2020, Grendon Underwood,
Level 1 Trial
Trial managers report by Nikki Thorpe
A very cold morning but we did manage to avoid the rain!
We had 14 competitors in total, 2 of whom were working on alternative odours and several first timers but the general standard seemed really high throughout and our lovely judges Karen & Harry whipped through the 4 searches in a little over 2 hours! The searches were set perfectly for a level 1 and thank you both so much for giving up a rest day so others can play.
The venue lends itself well to allowing dogs enough space which I think was helpful to a few dogs and handlers throughout the trial.
It felt like all the competitors got stuck in socially and I enjoyed feeding off the good humour & the buzz around the venue. It was my first open SWUK trial at this venue and I initially thought I had too many helpers lined up but it turns out we REALLY needed everyone and the whole team were kept very busy! Just confirms that you really can’t run these days without a great team – Thank you all.
Many congratulations to all the competitors and very well done for all qualifying.
Some of you we are seeing this Sunday to do it all over again!

It was a cold morning with a stiff breeze and spots of rain when I arrived at the trial venue, but the warm welcome from Nikki and her huge team of helpers made up for the weather. I took the exterior search and my co-judge Harry stayed in the warm for the tables and chairs.
The search was on concrete up the side of the building with a grassy bank on the other, giving a long, thin area to be searched. I arranged 12 items with the scent hidden in the centre of a heavy, round weight down at the far end. The fresh breeze blew slightly across and down towards the start, so dogs were searching into the wind. Dogs who knew how to read the wind were at an advantage here. Helen Williams and Bella found the hide in a cracking time of just 5 seconds! Andrew with Murphy and Janice with Scrumpy were pretty quick too taking just 10 seconds. Trial winners, Laura and Oddie weren’t far behind taking just 11 seconds. The grassy bank was sniffy and proved distracting for some dogs.
After a nice cuppa it was back inside out of the wind for the container search. The scent was placed in the Velcro handle of a high profile sports bag, on the perimeter of the cluster of boxes and bags. I was delighted to see all the dogs successfully finding the hide. Working dogs on lines around a search area like this can be tricky eg keeping the right tension without affecting the dog’s search, keeping the line high enough so it doesn’t catch on the other boxes, and keeping sufficient distance away to be able to read the dogs change in behaviour is no easy thing. All the handlers managed this well and, in particular, Martina with little Misty and Helen and Bella did a fantastic job. There were some very quick finds again, Mel and Asa took just 7 seconds and Amy and Elsa 13 seconds.
It was great to share the judging with Harry, who has a lovely relaxed approach. Thank you to Kate, who scribed for me and to Carol who got dogs safely out of the search area through the back exit so we could avoid dogs passing each other closely in the hallway outside. I heard several handlers say they were very grateful for this as it avoided any tension between dogs before the searches. Huge thank you to the helpers for racing around to set up and clear away searches and for keeping me supplied with cups of tea and coffee. And thank you Nikki for inviting me to judge your first Level 1 trial. Thank you for looking after me, being so thoughtful for the competitors and their dogs, and for managing a very smooth and relaxed trial.
Congratulations to all the Level 1 competitors and I’m delighted that you all qualified, especially on your first time out. Well done to our well-deserved winner, Laura with your fantastic dog Oddie.

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