Sun 05 Jan 2020, Truro

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - L1 Denise Pile & Hannah Crook
L2 Hannah Crook & Jackie Lawer
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Catherine Cable - Squirm20524.2820514.0620520.162055.7210064.22
2Bridget Woodman - Ernie20516.5320519.8120525.722059.8410071.9
3Jenna Carlyon - Bonnie20561.812059.8120512.53205610090.15
4Brenda Langford - Willow20551.1620515.5720543.0320526.85100136.61
5Lisa Prynn - Patrick20578.2220537.2520534.342055.4100155.21
6Beccy Kestin - Pike20576.1220542.7520517.1220585.81100221.8
7Liz Evans - Gina20578.44204.9543.820562.9120536.9799.95222.12
8Mandy Pilling - Jasper204.955.8720518.3220517.1820542.6299.9133.99
9Robyn Chesterman - Mabel20553.47204.935.8120537.0320533.5399.9159.84
10Natasha French - Aika205120.4420526.72204.97.6320519.5399.9174.32
11Andrew Prynn - Honey20517.3820550.66204.987.3720549.0399.9204.44
12Janet Shephard - Teddy20519.84204.844.5320535.0320530.7299.8130.12
13Lynn Crook - Fizz0518.9720513.0620535.162056.538073.72
14Karen Brown - Tek05107.182057.692051920514.2880148.15
15Lesley Saunders - Chiara0519.062055520574.6220552.680201.28
16Teresa Dodd - Gracie205103.650518020569.1320582.5980435.37
17Jill Bone - Bobby204.970.7920512.7220533.50522.7279.9139.73
Level 2
1Lynn Crook - Pod20542.2420558.920543.0320525.45100169.62
2Brenda Langford - Ruby20550.2520513.3520564.4620573.05100201.11
3Pip Moran - Molly205101.7220556.6220573.3820584.61100316.33
4Alex Brinnen - Ralph2056320573.4204.9539.59204.9552.0799.9228.06
5Serena Stewart - Bertie20586.3620579204.9122.9204.9253.8599.8542.11
6Natasha French - Cain204.9103.07204.9574.97204.9116.9120573.2299.75368.17
7Sue Toft-Hunt - Megan204.7531.6220526.1820569.41204.9561.5299.7188.73
8Kate Ring Holmes - Elsa105126.1420546.5620551.1920539.5290263.41
9Jess Lobb - Wilbur20541.7520541.8420541.44104.9542.2589.95167.28
10Lexi Lobb - Ted20569.4220581.1620545.5104.9552.5789.95248.65
11Peter Millar - Holly20538.9620568.78205109.07104.9567.4489.95284.25
12Charlie Moran - Emrys20558.8120460.41204.898.3810532.7888.8250.38
13Jill Bone - Hijack20552.88104.963.610558.4120542.6579.9217.54
14Catherine Cable - Zing10534.15204.9580.03204.5137.510533.6679.45285.34

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

As I judged in the morning and trial managed in the afternoon, I thought I would combine my report!
The weather stayed dry for us and the day was less eventful than our last trial (thank goodness)! There was not much wind throughout the day but it was rather chilly. We ran Level 2 in the morning with two judges and finished by 1 pm, then ran Level 1 after lunch, again with two judges, which worked very well. We are lucky to have the use of a meeting room at our venue as well as a large hall and by the number of people gathering there for a cuppa, I think it was very welcome!
As ever, I must thank my co-judges, Denise Pile and Hannah Crook, who set appropriate challenges and our great team of helpers for giving up their time to make running our trials possible.

Level 2
I judged the outdoor elements and was pleased with how both searches ran. In the vehicle search one of the scented items was placed with an exposed edge in the towing eye fitting on the front of the middle vehicle, which was situated to the right of the cones. Most handlers chose to work their dogs on lead and started at either end of the line of vehicles. The other item was located within a wheelnut on the far side of the vehicle to the right. On the whole the dogs had no problems with either hide with only one handler calling one find incorrectly. Alex and Ralph had the fastest time in this area.
In the exterior search the items were placed in the opening of a small bin between the plastic inside bucket and the metal exterior and the other was in a brick off an agility wall. Again the dogs generally had no problem locating either item, again with only one miscall. There were some stunning searches here and Brenda and Ruby were just amazing finding both in 13 seconds!

Huge congratulations to our winners and everyone who qualified in both levels. We were also very pleased to award three Excellent rosettes in Level 1 and one in Level 2. Thank you to all our competitors as well, who seemed to remain cheerful throughout the day despite the chill in the air!

First trial of 2020 for Cornwall.
Level 2
I started level two judging the Table and chairs, deciding to put some smaller tables out this time with 4 chairs per table, one on each edge. The table were slightly offset from each other, with the find being on a chair on the table furthest away.
Most dogs found this relatively easily, a few bounced off the first time but came back and gave a nice positive indication. The perimeter articles were set down one wall, I used fairly large articles, so only placed 6 out. The scented article was a camera tripod. The article was placed first along the perimeter heading from where the teams started and the article was placed with the scent pointing towards the room. It was a very open scent, and every team found it well.
Most worked the area from the other end as the dogs flipped off the chairs and worked down, the couple who worked it from the other end did very well and called it confidently despite being the first thing the dog stopped on.
Second indoor search was the container search, the two scented articles being a plastic storage box and a rucksack. I anticipated a few more issues with this search, but most teams called both finds correctly although it did catch a few later in the search.
Huge well done to Lynn and Pod for winning – a young rescue dog (just over a year) who loves his sniffs and is developing a better indication each time. Also to Brenda and Ruby coming second. Third, gaining her Excellent title (and splitting the spaniels) a lovely doodle and her handler Pip, stunning indications from this one, with such trust needed as she really investigates things thoroughly. Finally in fourth, Alex and Ralph in their first level 2, great achievement by all.

Level 1
I moved outside for this one…
Exterior articles first – we had set the area up slightly differently due to some other obstacles in the way, however, it worked well and gave people some nice space entering and leaving the area with the dogs. Everyone chose to have the articles narrowed down, and I gave them the choice of a length of guttering, an air brick or a flipper. The scented article being the brick. Most dogs found this and did so confidently. I was pleased to see people working the area, not just the three articles. It seemed to be a nice day weather wise for searching, chilly, but not freezing and a small amount of air movement, but it was helping rather than hindering! Most dogs came passed the article and flipped back beautifully.
There was a fair distraction on the skate park next door, which most dogs worked through very well. Great handling from those who were distracted.
The vehicle search was set on a rear wheel, we had a very small JRT competing and the vehicle in use was a 4×4, so I was fairly conscious that she had to be able to reach it comfortably. It proved a nice search with all the dogs locating and indicating on it well. However, most handlers took the dogs round the vehicle anticlockwise, despite the dogs preference to be clockwise (which would have taken them to the scent faster). Many felt the dogs were still focusing on the events happening next door and were attempting to direct their dogs away from this. Tash and Aika worked this amazingly well, as did Lesley and Chiara despite being super distracted.
A very well deserved first place went to Cath and Squirm in this level, first time I have seen this little dog work and she did so beautifully. Second to Bridget and Ernie, a little border terrier with a nose like a train, also gaining his Excellent title today. Third, and also gaining her Excellent was Jenna and Bonnie a lovely Labrador. Fourth and having a very good day, was Brenda and Willow, on her first outing into SWUK.
Special mentions also go to Beccy and Pike and Jill and Bobby on gaining their Excellent.

Thank you to all the helpers, as well as trial managers/fellow judges Jackie and Denise. We have so many people offering to help it really makes a huge difference – thank you!

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