Sun 06 Mar 2022, Lydiate

Levels 2 & 3: Judges - Yvonne Carpenter & Pauline James

Lydiate Parish Hall, Southport Road, Lydiate, L31 4EQ

Start: 10am and pm
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Sue Taylor

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

LYDIATE 06/03/22

LEVEL 2 & 3

Thank you Sue for allowing me to Judge today’s trials.

It was a pleasure from start to finish. Hope my co-judge, Yvonne, also enjoyed her day.

A very special thank you to both the ladies who agreed to steward for me, Lynn in the morning for the level 2’s and Denah in the afternoon for the level 3’s

Must mention those that turned up early to try and clear the water that was pooling in front of the door. It was an Herculean task. Well done, all though it did start to seep back it wasn’t any bother. You all must have had back ache for the rest of the day.

It was very interesting seeing a mix of breeds working especially the small dogs. Both the level two and level three competiors were a pleasure to judge and they handled their dogs sensitively. This is what makes Scentwork UK a lovely sport to be part of.

The morning saw the level 2’s completing and I saw some very good dogs all well handled. The exterior was the first test and it was a full house for everyone. Some very good times most teams finishing under a minute.

Next was the vehicle search. Unfortunately on this section the were two false alerts but on different vehicles. Again some very good times on average getting both finds around the one minute mark.

Well done everyone.

Level 3’s in the afternoon. It was all change as I moved inside and was then ably assisted by Denah.

Again very good dogs al well handled. Two teams gave a false alerts on the table and chairs. The rest of the teams got both finds in around the two minute make

Finally boxes and luggage. Just one false alert the rest of the teams got both finds again most well within the one minute.

Well done everyone and thank you for your lovely attitudes you made my day.

Pauline James

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