Sun 07 May 2023, Thurleigh

Level 6: Judge - Susan Ann Benson

27 High Street. Thurleigh MK44 2DB

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Marianne Tembey
– Tel: 07949786255

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Marianne Tembey

judges report for 7th May at Thurleigh level 6

The sun came out and stayed with us all day which made it lovely for the competitors to sit in the car park and chill between searches.

We had some amazing sniffer teams today. We started with interior 1 which was in the main room with a small room just off it. I popped three odours into this room. Well two really and the third was on the doorframe. Sadly none of the teams found all three. Julie and Lola being the only team to find the hide behind a chair on the wall. Well done Lola.

The exterior consisted of three hides. Two were on a vehicle and one was tucked away in the corner of a step. This search proved really easy for everyone except two teams who missed the hide on the boot of the car. Oh whoops I think they forgot to check the back of the car… Lesson learnt.

Interior 2 was again in the main hall but at the other end. This housed a long line of stacked chairs. Plus I popped a few against the wall and one in the middle on the room on its own. Some teams forgot this chair was there until the last couple of seconds… Phew… 50% of the teams found all four hides with the others all missing the same one. It was gun oil stuck under the dado rail in the corner by the door. As there was another hide on the bottom of the first stack of chairs some teams then blocked off the doorway so missing this hide. Plus I popped two rather large cones in the middle of the room – this drew the attention of some handlers who then tried to convince their dogs that there was something on them. As always the dogs nose knows best. It was lots of fun to watch these fabulous dogs and their handlers having fun.

Margaret Deuchar and Time were the winners and so very well deserved too.

I hope all the competitors had a great day and I was extremely privileged to be able to watch.
A huge thank you to Helen Kennedy and Jane Meadows for scribing and running and generally being there to help. Your help and support is so very much appreciated.

All in all I was very impressed by the standard of the team work.

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