Sun 08 Dec 2019, Thurleigh

Level 4: Judges - Jeni Pirie, Harold Latusek
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Belinda Zorab - Miage20559205582059020555100262
2Lynda Stangle - Magic205552054720551204.86299.8215
3Katie Rogers - Gylly204.79920548205832054799.7277
4Kelly Harris - Zoe204.9752041292051132058998.9406
5Emma Conlisk - Danny204.81831055820511820513089.8489
6Deborah Palmer - Majic205811056120592204.753489.75268
7Gloria Bonnell - Jade2054610529204.9146204.88289.7303
8Steven Ward - Elsa20587204.8128104.91151055879.7388
9Jayne Nicholson - Salvo204.5118104.890204.8510410328777.15599

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Firstly a huge thank you to Marianne for having me to judge at Thurleigh, thank you to my super scribe Helen and to the wonderful Harold Latusek for tolerating me as his co-judge. All searches were covered by the white dog.
I judged the tables and chairs and then the vehicle.
Tables and chairs showed up a few issues with reading the guidelines, remember in level 4 the hides can be both on perimeter, both on tables and chairs or 1 on each as decided by the judge. In this search I hid both on the perimeter items, one on the wheel of a clothes rail and one on a metal ladder laid out on the floor.
Despite some rather nervous looking faces we had some wonderful searches, particularly notable in this search was Lynda and Magic who scuttled off so confidently and sure finding both. Jade was super quick finding both in 55 seconds followed gently by Gloria, I liked Gloria’s stand back and watch everything happen-guide when needed approach.

Vehicle search
Again in level 4 both hides can be on one car and again it’s worth checking the guidelines before handing over your scoresheet.
The wind at Thurleigh is a tricky thing, it likes to catch you unawares, swirling in several directions. This always causes a bit of drift at Thurleigh and tests the threshold that the dog will alert on. This caught a couple out but that’s just something to take away and practice with. It is wonderful watching the dogs work through this threshold, they scour the area working their noses to the max determining no source and moving on to the next area. Miage flicked off the drifted scent and almost directly onto the source on the vehicle next door an impressive move.
Zoe’s technique was impressive sticking to the vehicles like glue, she searched well interested but quickly clearing the drifted scent and finding the two hidden articles quickly on the target vehicle.
Danny was another fun one to watch, he had been frightened by some loud noises in the distance just before coming over to search, but his change in tempo when working was just lovely to watch this is one area where a strong handler really shows there stuff when your dog needs support. Well supported Emma.

I was really impressed with the standard of handling in this trial, the support in the group for each other was wonderful to watch. Thank you all for a lovely morning!

Trial Managers Report – Thurleigh 8th Dec 2019 – Level 4

Another Sunday another Scentwork UK trial. Level 4 today and so far no rain!!!

All competitors arrived in time for the judges briefing at 10am, a very civilised start time. As we only had the one level today it seemed sensible to start a bit later.

Huge thank you to both judges Jeni Pirie and Harold Latusek for setting lovely level 4 searches. Also thank you so much to Helen Kennedy and Jane Meadows for scribing. Both very experienced scribes. It is great to have such great help at the trial as without them we could not run so efficiently. I was today’s runner and for once did not get into a muddle… Thank you to Emma Conlisk who took over for the last few competitors once she and Danny had finished their searching. This enabled me to go inside and start writing the certificates.

It was really lovely to see a couple of new faces today. Again we had a couple drive up from Truro to attend. This is just dedication.

A well deserved first place for Belinda Zorab with Miage.

Thank you also to Chris Baldwin who stayed and helped to tidy up. Always very much appreciated. (Plus thank you Chris for the fabulous cakes you bake and bring with you).

I look forward to seeing you all again in the new year.


Harold Latusek
Thankyou Marianne for inviting me along to Judge this level 4 trial at Thurliegh,with the lovely Jeni Pirie,my co judge on the day.A big Thankyou to my scribe,Jane,who did an excellent job.
I was tasked with judging the exterior search and boxes and luggage.The weather was kind to us,no rain,but a nice little swirling breeze to contend with on the exterior and vehicle searches.A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.

This was set up to the right of the building,with the breeze blowing towards the start cones.I placed the cloves scent inside an electric cable holder,siting this immediately front right of the area.The gun oil,I concealed inside a pair of vehicle jump leads,placing them to the left centre.The distraction scents,shampoo,I hid in a smoke alarm,placed in the centre and the almond oil scent was concealed in a wellington boot,to the far right.A 50% success rate,with 5 of the 10 teams correctly identifying both hidden scents.The remaining 5 finding only 1.Some lovely searching and handling shown by,Kate and Gylly,finding both in some 48 secs,closely followed by Belinda and Miage,58 secs and Lynda and Magic,74.Nice handling and patience shown by Steven,in keeping Elsa focussed and reaping the rewards,by going on to find both scents.

Boxes and Luggage
I placed out a mixture of some 14 boxes and bags in total.I hid the gun oil in a small box,placing this to the front right of the start line.The cloves I concealed in the zip of a haversack,placing this to the furthest away point,on the left.The distraction scents,shampoo,I hid inside a flat black bag to the far right of the search area,the almond oil was hidden in an upturned box,immediately to the front left of the start line.
7 of the 10 teams finding both in some very quick times.Excellent teamwork by Kelly and Zoe in some 47 secs,closely followed by Belinda and Miage,55 secs and Lynda and Magic,62 secs.Overall,I must say,the searching and the handling skills were of a very high standard
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners.1st.Belinda and Miage,100…2nd.Lynda and Magic,99.8….3rd.Kate and Gylly,99.7….4th.Kelly and Zoe,98.9.
I wish you all the very best in your future trials and hope to meet up with some,if not all of you,in the not to distant future.

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