Sun 08 May 2022, Lydiate

Levels 1 & 5: Judges - Harry Latusek & Gloria Bonnell

Lydiate Parish Hall, Southport Road, Lydiate, L31 4EQ

Start: Level one 10am and level 5 pm
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Sue Taylor

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Firstly, I would like to thank Sue Taylor for inviting me to judge Level 1 along with my co judge, good friend Harry Latusek. I then went on to Judge L5 in the PM. I was made to feel very welcome by Sue and her very capable helpers and the lovely entrants, who I thank for their entry. I’d also like to thank my Scribes Lyn & Harry who did an excellent job.
The first dog on each search was used as a white dog, who found the scents without problem.
Level 1
We started with the car search. The item was on the electrics at the back of the car, most found it without any problem, but unfortunately some only searched the wheels convincing themselves that’s where it will be.
Special mention to Claire Britten & Ramsey, a lovely search in really fast time. Also, Lisa Blackhurst & Blaise, Brenda Dolan & Zeta, Kirsty Irvine & Blaze, Claire Madin & Merlin good searches also getting good times.
There were 13 items, the entrants were given the option to know which of the 3 could hold the scent, most took advantage of this. The three items ran across the middle of the search area, a CD player, Hand hoover, and radio. The scent was on the CD Player to the right of the search area. There were some really good times with some lovely searches and handling.
Well done to those who qualified, most were calculated on time. Congratulations to the rosette winners.
1st Claire Britten & Ramsey
2nd Lisa Blackhurst & Blaise
3rd Kirsty Irvine & Blaze
4th Brenda Dolan & Zita
Thank you for your entries, there were a few nerves about, but on the whole well done and
I look forward to judging you and your lovely dogs again in the future.

After a lunch break, I went on to judge Level 5.
There was a short briefing then we went to look at the 3 areas designated for the searches.
1st search was the exterior, followed by Interior 1 then onto Interior 2.
Scents used were 2 Cloves & 2 Gun Oil

4 minutes was given.
There were 4 scents placed across the front of the building.
The 1st scent in a crack at the bottom of the wall as entrants came through the start.
2nd scent was on the door a foot high in the closing part as the two doors met.
3rd scent was in the wall to the left corner of the entrance just below the step.
4th scent was in the corner bottom brick at the far end of the building.
Most dogs found the 4 scents without too much difficulty, only 3 failed to find all 4.

Interior 1
This was the entrance hall as you came through the front of the building.
4 scents with 4 minutes to find them.
1st scent was at the bottom of the leg of a chair to the right as they came through the entrance.
2nd scent was a foot up from the ground on the lady’s toilet door as the door closed.
3rd scent was on a stack of chairs to the left of the stack and on the middle chair
4th scent was on a door holder hook at the back on the joint.

Only 2 dogs failed to find all 4 scents. The scent at the bottom leg of the chair by the door seemed to prove the most difficult.

Interior 2
This was in the main hall, coned off by a row of chairs.
The 1st scent was in a toy in the middle of the search area amongst other items such as foot stalls, heater and a couple of toys.
2nd Scent was at the bottom of a stack of tables to the left as the handlers came through the start.
3rd scent was on the second radiator down on the left at the far end side.
4th scent was to the right wall, in a crack on a length of wood running down the side wall next to the skirting.

Only one dog failed to find all 4 searches.

There was some lovely handling, with great searches, it was a pleasure to watch the dogs.

Qualifiers some only lost out on time, so well done.

1st Sue Taylor & Spring
2nd Christine Cummins & Teasel
3rd Tracey Eaton & Bronte
4th Alan Clancy & Rhum

Good luck to you all in your future trails and I hope to see you all again in the near future.

Thankyou Sue for inviting me back to Lydiate to co judge the level 1 trial with my good friend Gloria Bonnell.A big thanks also to my scribe,Sue,you did a wonderful job..
The parish hall is a lovely venue set alongside a park allowing a good area to excercise the dogs.
I was tasked with carrying out the inside searches on the day.
We had some 16 teams taking part.The 1st dog running was used as the white dog,as one was not available on the day.

I set out a total of 12 boxes/bags within the large hall area.The scent was concealed in the buckle of a breifcase, and sited centrally at its furthest point from the start line.
15 of the teams were successful in finding the hidden scent.An excellent display all round with Claire and Merlin doing so in under 10 seconds,closely followed by Claire and Ramsey and Sharon and Breeze,both in 11 seconds.A nice search and good sit indication by Poppy,handled by Richard Wills.

2 Tables and 8 chairs were set up in a square pattern in the centre of the hall.The scent was concealed under the chair to the left rear of the set up.
13 of the teams put on a good display and were successful in this search,half of the dogs finding the scent in under 15 seconds.
Claire and Ramsey showing the way home in some 9 seconds…Hot on their heels in 11 seconds were,Judith and Jazz and Katie and Maggie.
All taking part deserve praise as their was some lovely searching and handling on show.

It was a pleasure to judge these level 1 teams,I wish you all success ,and maybe our paths will cross once again in future trials.

My congratulations go to the the eventual rosette winners on the day,there were 7 teams on the maximum 100 points,so obviously places were allocated on time.
1…Claire and Ramsey…2…Lisa and Blaise….3…Kirsty and Blaze….4…Brenda and Zita……

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