Sun 08 May 2022, North Mundham

Levels 2 and 3: Judges - Anna Coyne/Kim Harrison and Richard Purnell

North Mundham Village Hall, School Lane, North Mundham, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 1LA

Start: 9am
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Jennie Dean

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Level 3
I had the pleasure of being asked to Judge the Level 3 today alongside Anna Coyne, with Gina Challen as Anna scribe and Emily Sabin as mine. Thank you Ladies for giving up your time it was greatly appreciated.
My dog did a marvellous job as being a white dog for all four search areas.
I was to judge tables/chairs and perimeter and boxes and luggage whilst Anna judged exterior and the wall search.
We did a nice early find on tables and chairs but set it right side, and the second scent was between the door and door jam just above hinge height. The tables and chairs proved no problem however the second hide needed a little more brain work from the handlers as marked comments were arrrgh it is not just the items around the perimeter it can include doors etc, most of the dogs worked it back very nicely and showed beautiful strong indications.

Boxes and bags proved a little more tricky and I myself have been caught out before thinking it should be one bag one box. This search I decided to scent two boxes up, one placed very nicely in the middle with the soak facing away to the far wall and the other on the outer right side. There was some very high standards of handling from a couple of teams in this search really covering all of the items carefully and watching there dogs body language when they where trying to partially commit to a couple of bags, one handler looked down to her dog and said well that’s not your alert took him out reset him and then boom ok well it’s actually over here. The trust and commit between the team was phenomenal to observe.

A huge congratulations to Janet and Dylan in gaining there excellence today, very well deserved and Janet I hope your nerves are all back in place and not still in shreds.
Congratulations for first place goes to Wendy and Millie.
A very well done to second place Rachel and Larrson their first Level three, lovely team to watch.
All teams I hope are proud of themselves today, and thank you for the pleasure of allowing me be able to judge you today it was an absolute pleasure. Well done.

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