Sun 10 Jul 2022, Cucklington

Level 7: Judge - Pippa Bentham

Cucklington Village Hall, near Wincanton BA9 9PY

Start: 9.30am
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Zoe Heritage

There were no qualifiers at this trial

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankfully Cucklington has a shady side to its car-park, which helped teams keep cool in between searches. Despite the heat, dogs and handlers worked so well and our lovely judge Pippa thoroughly tested their skills. All teams came so very close to qualifying and it was a pleasure and privilege to witness the expertise of all participants, whilst clicking the stop-watch. Obviously today was a good practise day and a dress rehearsal for the next L7 – I will order up more ‘clean sweep’ rosettes for you all! Thank you for all being such a fun bunch of competitors and see you all again soon. Thank you, as always, to Pippa for her calm, friendly and professional judging, along with her side-kick Becky.

Zoe Heritage

Well Becky had a lovely time being the white dog this morning, she danced her way through 3 search areas perfectly, it’s so easy when you’re not competing. Unfortunately no one qualified today although I saw some lovely searching and sympathetic handing, you were all an absolute pleasure to watch and a great bunch of people. Whilst I just said no one qualified in fact Kate with Rafiki who were NFC found 11 of the 12 hides, such is life. Thank you to my brilliant as very steward Zoe, a pleasure to work with.
Pippa Bentham judge

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