Sun 10 Jul 2022, Haynes

Levels 1 & 3: Judges - Gloria Bonnell & Harry Latusek

Northwood End Rd, Haynes, Beds, MK45 3QB

Start: 09:15 & 13:00
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Stacey Robinson

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Firstly, my huge apologies for the lateness of this report. Unfortunately I’ve had a lot of upset and things have got on top of me. But better late than never, so they say.
I’d like to thank the lovely Stacey for inviting me back to judge for her again, it’s always a pleasure along with you lovely entrants and your dogs.
I was tasked with the interior searches.
On whole there were some excellent searches, and for a level 1, I was very
impressed. Handling in most cases was really good and you put some of the higher levels to shame. I am sure we will
see you in the higher levels very quickly.
1st Sally Pickering and Mabel. Excellent partnership a pleasure to watch.
2nd Joanne Bow and Poppy. Another
well handled partnership.
3rd Michelle Lightfoot and Cocoa
4th Rona Tyson and Merddyn
After a short break I went on to judge
Level 3.
There were some really good searches, just a couple called too soon and did not give their dogs chance to fully search. I know it’s nerve racking but take some deep breaths and don’t rush it.
1st Bettina Collivar and Oscar. Well what can I say other than ‘wow’, excellant handling and searching, great team effort.
2nd Shelly Mason and Twiglet. Good handling well done.
3rd Bev Plew and Tye.
4th Charlotte Ping and Blue.
Thank you again for your lovely entry and I hope to see you all again in the near future.

Thankyou Stacey for inviting me back to Haynes to do judge your level 1 and 3 trials alongside my friend and colleague,Gloria Bonnell.
I elected to judge the exterior searches in both levels.
It was a lovely sunny day,with a very gentle breeze.We had13 teams taking part,1 of these running NFC
A big Thankyou also my scribes for the day,Lisa and Natalie.

Level 1–vehicle/wall
This was set up using the length of wall adjoining the main car park.
A cloves scent was tucked into a crevice in the brickwork,at ground level at its furthest point from the start line.
No problem at all for these lovely teams,good handling and searching enabling all the teams to find the hidden scent.

This was set up,in the main car park.I laid out some 13 items.The 3 in question were a kettle,a length of hoover pipe and a car 12 volt electric pump(scented ).Once again no problem for the dogs and handlers,all proving successfull.
A mention here to 3 of the teams who chose not to be informed of the 3 items.
Showing the way home in some 10 seconds,Martina and Timba,closely followed by Sally and Mabel and Louise and Nova.

Some lovely searching and handling shown by all of the teams.My pleasure to judge,11 of the 13 competing teams successfully qualifying.
My congratulations to the eventual rosette winners on the day.

Level 3
Following a short lunch break we moved onto level 3.
12 items were laid out in the main car park with addition of 2 scented squeegee mops(cloves and gun oil)..These were placed on the left and right
of he search area.A mixed bag here with only 5 of the teams correctly identifying both hidden scents.
Some lovely handling and searching here by,Charlotte and Blue,Bettina and Oscar and Shelley and Twiglet.

This search area was around the rear of the building and being made up of a length of wall and 1 vehicle.
Several,items were also laid out along the wall area..
The cloves scent was hidden in a crevice in the wall some 18” above ground level towards the end of the wall.
The gun oil was hidden at the bottom of the drivers door sill.The vehicle was facing the start line.
A nice gentle breeze was blowing towards the start.
All of the teams were successful in identifying the wall scent,this was helped a little by the scent being blown towards them.
A different story when turning around and doubling back along the vehicle,the scent in this instance being blown away from the dogs.
Several of the dogs picked up the scent cone around the front drivers wheel and worked their way back to source.
6 of the 10 teams were duly rewarded here by finding both.
Worthy of note were,Bev and Tye and Bettina and Oscar finding both scents with reasonable ease in some 54 and 71 seconds respectively.
Also showing patience and perciverance,which duly paid of,were Victoria and Malin,Lisa and Dottie and Shelly and Twiglet.
My congratulationslations to all of the rossette winners on the day.
I look forward to meeting up with some,if not all at some time in the future.


A lovely way to whittle away an hour or two,watching all these lovely teams and handlers showing of their skills.


Early start for both sessions, 0830 and 1120 respectively, meant we were done and dusted by 13:30.

Lots of shade on the field and car park under the trees meant competitors could wait for their searches in the cool, with the heat only beginning to effect the searching by the final exterior search of the day.

Thank you scribes & Judges for a super efficient trial, hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

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