Sun 10 Oct 2021, Solihull

Level 3: Judge - Christine Gregory

Solihull Lodge Community Centre, Grafton Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 1NH

Start: 10.00am
Entry Fees: £29 per dog.
Contact: Mandy Rigby

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Chris Gregory – Judge’s Report – Level 3
Trial dates 10th October 2021

Many thanks to Mandy for the invitation to judge the Level 3 trial held at her excellent Solihull venue. Joyce was the scribe for the day and did a great job. Jane organised the competitors and kept a steady flow of teams ready to work.
10 out of the 12 teams competing qualified and the 2 who weren’t successful today I’m sure will have better days. The handling skills were of such a high standard that it was impossible to fault them, the harmony between handlers and their partners was great to see. Only in Tables and Chairs was it possible to make deductions. A hide on the back of a small chest of drawers placed close to the wall lulled many of the dogs into indicating on odour and not source.
The dogs presented a range of working styles, from quiet and careful to fast and furious and everything in between! Speed doesn’t always equate to success and we saw this today where the dogs that were more economic with the energy expended did very well.
1st Mandy Hunt and Mac (BC) Full marks today! Very impressive! As soon as he enters the search area it’s obvious that this lad knows his job and, so importantly, enjoys it. Very well supported by Mandy, a team that I’m sure will do equally well as they rise through the levels. 2nd Trudy Longhurst and Tyler (WCS Again full marks but a different kettle of fish from the winner. Tyler’s rather chaotic style doesn’t make life easy for Trudy but you can’t fault his enthusiasm and he gets the job done. 3rd Kate Peyton and Millie (collie cross) Yet another full marks! Wonderful to see how Millie’s confidence increased over the day. So very tentative in Tables and Chairs but then with each search her performance got stronger and stronger. Nice quiet handling from Kate got the best from Millie. 4th Julie Bytheway and Jess (Lab) One of the four qualifiers that achieved full handling marks. I was particularly impressed with how Julie managed the Tables and Chairs, her detailing around the perimeter was very nice to watch.
Of the remaining 6 qualifiers ; Sue Shelbourne and Finn, Kate Wilkes and Tali only missed one hide each. Sue did a nice job of managing Finn’s arousal levels and bar a deduction would have placed 4th. Kate has good handling skills and my notes say of Tali “calm and independent searching”. Well done both. Elaine Jubb and Jack, Jo Stocks and Dolly, Rebecca Jayne and Freddy, Helen and Marcus, 6 finds each. When Jack settled he worked really nicely; Dolly was a steady worker, she appeared to get particularly distracted in the Exterior search; Helen didn’t find Marcus easy to read today but together they did enough to qualify; Freddy, absolutely fabulous work up until Boxes and Luggage where he inexplicably gave 2 false alerts, bound to do better next time. Thank you to all the competitors for allowing me to judge you and your dogs. Good luck for your future trials

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Mandy Rigby – TM Report
Level 3 Trial
11th October 2021

L3 Trial was held yesterday at Solihull Lodge Community Centre. The weather can start to get hit and miss coming into the winter season but we were greeted with sunshine which remained throughout the duration of the trial and some ended up with t-shirts throughout the morning, most unexpected for mid October and welcomed by all!

There were twelve competitors and we kicked of a 10am and finished the four search criteria’s by 2.15pm. There were a couple of challenging hides within the eight which were suitable for the progression from Level two to Level three.

Mandy Hunt & Mac took first place with 100 points, followed very closely by Trudy Longhurst and Tyler in second place. Kate Peyton and Millie took the third place and Julie Bytheway and Jess in fourth place. Congratulations all

The standard was high and ten of the twelve competitors qualified – Well done everyone! There were three clean sweeps given out to teams in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

Better luck next time to those who didn’t qualify this time, another trial experience and ‘we all take the best dog home’

Thank you to Chris Gregory for judging in a fair and consistent manner and thanks to our helpers on the day, Joyce Oliver- Duckhouse for neat and efficient scribing and to Jane Matthews for being a brilliant runner. Keeping the flow going smoothly into the search areas is one of the most tiring duties of the day.

Finally thank you to all the competitors for supporting my trial and good luck at your next

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