Sun 10th Feb 2019, Thurleigh

Levels 1 & 2:
Judges - Sue Abbott-Dixon, Ali Brannen & Kathy Killick
Level 1

1st Emma Conlisk – Smartie – 100
2nd Charles Robert – Breeze – 99.9
3rd Helen Soper – Toby – 99.9
4th Barry Cook – Ziva – 99.8
5th Martina Ramage – Phoebe – 99.75
6th Val Russell – Del – 99.55
7th Geof Dixon – Halle – 99.5
8th Lena Stenton – Angel – 99.3
9th Cath Seddon – Dana – 98.9
10th Carol Brooke – Alfie – 98.9
11th Christine Davis – Indy – 97.9
12th Lynda Stangle – Magic – 95
13th Kay Luis – Reno – 79.9
14th Alison Poulter – Poppie – 79.9
15th Sue Abbott-Dixon – Bug – 79.8
16th Ros Kellow – Chrisan Clarenza – 79.2
17th Jeffrey Allen – April – 77.9

Level 2

1st Harold Latusek – Zack – 100
2nd Deborah Palmer – Majic – 100
3rd Emma Conlisk – Smartie – 99.85
4th Barbara O’Brien – Joey – 99.8
5th Mary Allen – Alfie – 99.8
6th Jane Ellis – Febe – 99.55
7th Ruth Payton – Luna – 99.35
8th Keith Clowes – Monty – 99.25
9th Val Isherwood – Heike – 99.25
10th Cath Seddon – Dana – 98.85
11th John Hearn – Skip – 94.85
12th Julia Reeves – Dandy – 89.65
13th Alison Poulter – Poppie – 86.7
14th Wendy Griffiths – Clara – 79.6
15th Gloria Bonnell – Dylan – 79.15

Our first trial at this new venue in Thurleigh. Sadly the day started with lots of rain and it continued until lunch time so all the level 1 searches were rather damp. But all the handlers kept smiling, which was great.

I arrived in plenty of time to set up ready, Judge Ali was already here and out walking both of her dogs. Helen Kennedy arrived and helped get set up so that when judge Kathy Killick arrived we were all ready to get started.

We had the judges briefing indoors – at least everyone was dry for a while!!!

Runner Nicki was on hand to ensure all competitors arrived at their search area in time so that the judges were not kept waiting. Justine Steele had also arrived to help which was great, so she sorted out the exterior search competitors whilst Nicki then sorted out the indoor people.

All ran very smoothly, considering it was a large number of competitors.

Ali finished the tables and chairs and then moved outside got the vehicle search. This gave Kathy and her scribe – John Hearn – time to get inside and warm up.

Once all searches were complete everyone was ushered into the hall for the results.

Most people qualified – and it was really lovely to see some new faces.

Huge thank you to Ali Brannen and Kathy Killick for judging in the morning. Also massive thank you’s to Justine Steele (who came over to get some experience and acted as a runner for the morning), Helen Kennedy who was a scribe all day. Also to John Hearn who scribed for the first time for Kathy Killick and did a great job.

In the afternoon we then had another judge Sue Abbott-Dixon. Plus Geof Dixon who was the runner. Lorraine Coley who had competed in the morning stayed and scribed all afternoon.

Ali Brannen stayed and judged again all afternoon so a huge thank you as she must have been frozen. Great result in afternoon as all competitors qualified.

Hopefully I have thanked all my helpers – we really cannot put these trials on without you so your help is so very much appreciated.

We were all done by 4:30’ish and then time for results and photos. As it was such a miserable day every floor in the hall needed washing, roll on the summer!!!

One of the neigbours to the village hall came in to see what was happening and thought it was a great idea. So now we may have more people wanting to do scentwork with their dogs.

Great result. Untill next time – thank you all so much – for helping, competing and always being such lovely people.

Sue Abbott-Dixon

Level 2.

Thank you for inviting me to Judge your level 2 trial with Ali.

We split the Elements and I was Judging Exterior and Boxes and Luggage.

I have to say that the standard of dogs and handlers at this trial was really good, and you should all be very proud of yourselves. I look forward to watching you all move up the levels.

The exterior was a lovely area to search at this new venue, and all dogs worked really well. It was a bit of a wind tunnel, which actually worked to the dogs advantage, and it was lovely to watch them tracking the scents to source. Alfie did a really lovely job, Little Dandy elegantly stretched his nose over the Flower pot to do a lovely indication in the hole. Zack, Majic, and Monty were great too, and Febe wanted us all to know they were ready to search, very cute.

I was very impressed with the standard of Boxes and Luggage searching too, this can be a lot of peoples ‘bogie’ element, with fear of trashing etc. Without exception you all did really well here, Zack was awesome, and was rewarded by 1st place today.

Clara tracked to the box beautifully, Smartie was a star, Joey was a joy to watch, he clearly loves to search, There were some text book searches going on.

Thank you to Lorraine my trusted scribe for the afternoon.

I hope to see you all again soon.


Kathy Killick

Thank you Marianne for inviting me to judge at your Level 1 trial at your great new venue in Thurleigh. I was glad to be judging alongside alongside Ali Brannen whose company I always appreciate. A big thank you to my wonderful scribe John Hearn who cheerfully stood in the cold rain all morning operating the stopwatch and keeping the all important records on soggy pieces of paper with cold hands. I am very glad I brought my WeatherWriter – without which our job would have been so much harder. Thanks also to Nicky and Martine for your cheerful and competent support and to Geof and Sue for a scrumptious and very welcome lunch after a long morning.
Despite the rain and cold the handlers were without exception cheerful and kept their dogs happy.
My first search was the Exterior, which took place in the rain. The area was distracting with an interesting hedge, gravel bordered wall, and wet leaves along the sides – all smelly – to contend with. There were a few excellent teams who maintained a focused and committed search of the search items and others who succumbed to the distractions to a greater or lesser degree for different reasons. Those teams who stayed focused need to give themselves a big reward – your achievement was way beyond what Level 1 is about. Those who struggled also need a big reward for your kind, constructive attitude to your dogs. You were all without exception a pleasure to judge and the standard was very high.

Our second search was the infamous Boxes and Luggage. Some teams confidently worked their way to the Find in very fast times, others missed the Find on the first pass for various reasons and lost confidence before they passed again, calling false alerts on various items.

Congratulations to you all for working so hard and I hope you all find the positives in your experience. Super big congratulations go to Emma and Smartie who were outstanding and certainly ready to hold their own in Level 2.

Well done to you all and thank you for accepting my decisions with good grace.

Kathy Killick

Ali Brannen

Level 1

First of all thank you to Marianne Tembey for asking me to judge for her at the above trial, also big thanks to my scribe Helen Kennedy, and runner Nicki who helped with what was a very busy trial. And to my fellow judge Kathy Killick.

A white dog was run for all searches.

It was a very, very wet day and there was 23 competitors so I knew it was going to be a busy morning. I was tasked with the tables and chairs and the vehicle search. We started with the tables and chairs, the scent was hidden on the underneath of the chair at the back of the seat in a gap in the fabric.

It was nice to see some familiar faces from previous trials, a favourite for me was Cath Seddon & Dana. This team had come on leaps and bounds from when I saw them last and were a pleasure to watch. Another good team were Emma Conlisk and Smartie, this little dog knows the game well and is so enthusiastic. Also Charles Robert and Breeze, Breeze really knuckled down on his searches, and is maturing as a Scentwork dog nicely. Val Russell and Del continues to be a great team, working the search areas methodically.

Barry Cook & Ziva, Rosemary Steen & Harley, Carole Brooke & Alfie, Helen Soper & Toby, Mary Allen & Alice, Laura Burton & Jett, Jennie Gibson & Nelson, Lorraine Coley & Poppy and Ros Kellow & Chrisan Clarenza(apologies if I got that wrong) all performed brilliantly at this search, in fact out of 23 competitors only 1 dog struggled with this search. Well done everyone.

Next was the vehicle search, the scent was hidden in a locking wheel nut hole at the bottom of the tyre. This proved a bit more difficult for some of the dogs, I should imagine the endless rain was taking its toll on both handlers and their dogs. Jeffrey Allen’s April pointed the hide out to her human, who wasn’t convinced but she kept repeatedly going back to the source even after going round the vehicle numerous times, cracking little dog. Martina Ramage & Phoebe, Lynda Stangle & Magic, Kay Luis & Reno, Alison Poulter & Poppie, Sue Abbott-Dixon & Bug, Lena Stanton & Angel, Geof Dixon & Halle, Christine Davis & Indy & Phil Jones & Koda worked the search area well with some lovely passive indications to source, which are always lovely to see.

On conclusion, despite the rain it was a successful morning for most who attended, the level of the dogs ability to go to source was excellent, some lovely dogs and handler teams working well together and proving that team work was the key to the day. Well done guys, look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Level 2

First of all thank you to Marianne Tembey for asking me to judge at her trial, along with Helen Kennedy who scribed for me all day, Geof Dixon for being the runner & Sue Abbott-Dixon staring as the other judge.

A white dog was run for all search areas.

I was tasked with the Tables & Chair Search along with the vehicle search. We started with the Tables & Chairs, one scent was hidden on the underneath of a chair, and the second was on a folding box right at the beginning of the search area. These level 2’s stepped up and beyond the mark with all teams being successful in this search.

Again lovely to see some familiar faces. Barbara O’Brien & Joey were lovely to watch, he’s such a fabulous Scentwork dog and is so enthusiastic. Gloria Bonnell & Dylan again were a lovely team to watch work, he’s a dog that knows his job and nothing seems to faze him. Another favourite for me was watching Julia Reeves’s Dandy, he’s such a bonny little fellow but so committed to the job at hand. Keith Clowes & Monty again showed what a good team they are becoming, and lovely to see Harry Latusek & Zack who went on to win the trial. Jane Ellis & Febe have come on so far since I last saw them, Febe is an awesome scent dog and you could really see the change in dynamics in their relationship, pleasure to watch.

Next up was the vehicle search, the scents were hidden on a towing hitch and on the lowest part of the front grill of another vehicle. Again all teams were successful here. We had 2 last minuters to the trial with Emma Conslick & Smartie along with Cath Seddon & Dana staying on from the level 1 in the morning, again both teams performed brilliantly throughout the afternoon. John Hearn’s Skip was on fine form and flew round the searches. Along with Wendy Griffiths & Clara, Ruth Payton & Luna, Deborah Palmer & Magic, Alison Poulter & Poppie (who were also successful in the level 1 trial). Mary Allen & Alfie, Mary had already worked her other dog in the morning, and little Alfie knew his way round a search area.

On conclusion it was a successful afternoon, although cold and wet. All teams were a pleasure to watch, showing a really high standard of work throughout the afternoon. Some lovely indications and some lovely handling skills, I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Ali Brannen

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1stEmma Conlisk – Smartie2052420526205102053010090
2ndCharles Robert – Breeze20522204.927205152051399.977
3rdHelen Soper – Toby20538204.95420582052999.9129
4thBarry Cook – Ziva2052320536204.857205999.8125
5thMartina Ramage – Phoebe204.7510220560205342051599.75211
6thVal Russell – Del20529204.932204.75159204.96599.55285
7thGeof Dixon – Halle204.53120590205382055199.5210
8thLena Stenton – Angel204.7592204.968204.7586204.94099.3286
9thCath Seddon – Dana2052920415620525204.92198.9231
10thCarol Brooke – Alfie20514204.5132204.522204.94598.9213
11thChristine Davis – Indy204.7569203.970204.7540204.57697.9255
12thLynda Stangle – Magic2051320574205412003895166
13th Kay Luis – Reno20524204.95620517052879.9125
14thAlison Poulter – Poppie20542205252053604.93679.9139
15thSue Abbott-Dixon - Bug20520204.84920512052079.8101
16thRos Kellow – Chrisan Clarenza204.7533204.74904.75902054379.2215
17thJeffrey Allen – April204.592204.96620413804.58177.9377
Level 2
1stHarold Latusek – Zack205130205232052120535100209
2ndDeborah Palmer – Majic20581205312054920554100215
3rdEmma Conlisk – Smartie205732056520548204.8515299.85338
4thBarbara O’Brien – Joey204.96420519204.9492054999.8181
5thMary Allen – Alfie2054320533204.81222053399.8231
6thJane Ellis – Febe204.7522204.9531204.960204.953099.55143
7thRuth Payton – Luna204.9118204.55620536204.955799.35267
8thKeith Clowes – Monty204.6133204.8554204.8672052699.25280
9thVal Isherwood – Heike204.75105204.5101205702052199.25297
10thCath Seddon – Dana20578204116205106204.858498.85384
11thJohn Hearn – Skip20557200148204.992204.954894.85345
12thJulia Reeves – Dandy20558204.84920569104.854489.65220
13thAlison Poulter – Poppie204.7597103180204.880204.1513486.7491
14thWendy Griffiths – Clara204.8142104.958420550104.8511779.6393
15thGloria Bonnell – Dylan20562104.589204.947104.758579.15283

Thurleigh Village Hall, 27 High Street, Thurleigh, Bedford. MK44 2DB

Start time: 9.45am
Entry Fees: £24 per dog. Capped at 15 entries. Only one dog per handler.
Contact: Marianne Tembey 07949 786255 / 01933 316446
Download Entry Form to book a place.