Sun 11 Dec 2022, Yarwell

Level 8: Judge - Christine Gregory

Village Hall, Main Street, Yarwell. Peterboro. PE8 6PR

Start: 10:30
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Justine Steele

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Many thanks to Nikki for the invitation to judge her Level 8 and all her hard work to keep things running smoothly.. Corinne was my scribe and definitely earned her box of chocs today. Because she did exactly as I’d asked and kept a close eye on proceedings she was able to help me convince a handler that, although they thought they had, although they knew they should, they actually hadn’t called a hide. Thank you Corinne.

The weather was bitter but a happier more cheerful bunch of competitors you couldn’t ask for. It was a particular pleasure to see how happy and enthusiastic all the dogs were too. Because of the weather I wasn’t inclined to try and place tricky hides, I banked on the fact that invariably one or two hides prove problematic and so it turned out. For the first time I didn’t have Dilly with me to “white dog” which encouraged me to set mainly open hides and allow generous times. These factors and the quality of the teams competing resulted in a high success rate and a number of correct “Clear” calls.

Nikki had prepared the scents as per SWUK guidelines and placed them out for me. I provided and placed the decoys.

There were 5 hides in Interior 1, 6 in Exterior and 4 in Interior 2. The hides that proved to be more difficult were;

Interior 1, truffle under a dado rail close to a corner. There was a radiator one side and and stacks of tables the other. Although the dogs showed interest in the area, the handlers needed to task to the dado rail. 4 teams were successful here. A hide under the mat (gun oil) in front of the double doors also proved a little problematic. Not so much because of what the odour was doing but more because the doors were the focus of attention and handlers, close behind their dogs, were trampling all over the mat. 4 teams worked it out. Rebecca did a very neat job tasking specifically to the edge of the mat so saving a lot of time.

Interior 2 Clove at the top end of a radiator close to the corner. From the dogs behaviour It looked as if the odour was spreading horizontally but unless the handler specifically tasked up the radiator this hide was not found. Alison did exactly that and Dylan was the the only dog to source it.

Everybody’s work was of a high standard. Once again Lady Luck had her part to play and I’m quite sure that another day would bring a different result. Well done to you all and thank you for bringing such a sporting attitude to the trial.

1st Justine and Chumley; Chum can have his moments and despite Justine’s best efforts is sometimes unable to perform to the best of his abilities, Today was not one of those days and two correct “clear” calls nailed the win.

2nd Alison and Dylan; Alison is always a force to be reckoned with. There’s an air of confidence and determination, well matched by Dylan’s obvious enthusiasm which Alison does well to keep a lid on….most of the time. 14 of 15 hides found, brilliant.

3rd Rebecca and Marvel; Rebecca is good but Marvel is spectacular, a canine hoover, together they slaughtered Interior 1.

4th Sue and Tiva; The miles that Sue clocks up up to participate in trials is phenomenal. More often than not the journey is worthwhile but what I really admire is that win, lose, or draw Sue’s demeanour is always the same.

Stacey and Bella; A formidable team who are in a rich vein of form. Nothing more to add, they’ve got it cracked.

Nikki and Elli; Another competitor who keeps things in perspective. A correct “clear” call in Exterior clinched a well earned qualification.

Helen and Nellie; It’s easy to go a bit gooey watching Nellie but underneath that cute exterior is a serious scent work dog who turned in a very consistent performance today.

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