Sun 11 Oct 2020, Warmington

Levels 3 & 4: Judges - Susan Benson & Keith Clowes

The National Herb Centre, Banbury Road, Warmington OX17 1DF

Start: L3 – 10:00, L4 – 13.30
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Karen Kendall

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges report by Keith Clowes
Level 3 & 4 competition at National Herb Centre on the 11th October 2020.

Karen Kendall kindly asked the lovely Sue and myself to judge a level 3 & level 4 at the National Herb Centre on the 11th October 2020. We arrived and everything had been already prepared by Karen.

First was the Level 3

For this I judged the Exterior. The cloves scent was in a tyre pressure pump near the front of the articles and the gun oil was on a warning triangle at the far end of the articles. We had some very quick times. Although some handlers didn’t take into account the scent at the front of the items.
Next, I did Boxes and Luggage. The cloves were on a box near the far end and the gun oil scent placed on a khaki bag right at the front. Again, some excellent handling. I would like to congratulate the following top four:

1st John Hearn with Whisper
2nd Lisa Finney with Brew
3rd Lynn Evans with Dixie
4th Chris Gregory with Jubbly

I would also like to congratulate all the others that qualified and to thank all competitors for being such a fantastic bunch, with some really nice handling. I would also like to thank all those who helped and in particular Jacky my scribe.

After a nice lunch we then did level 4.

Before I judged the exterior search, I put the cloves in a log near the front. The gun oil was on a car traffic warning triangle near the back of the articles. Next, I put the shampoo distraction scent in a tin with air holes on one side, the almond scent I placed in a tyre. Several teams were having problems with the finding both scents and about half had false alerts on the distraction scents. We had some excellent times and again there was some very good handling.
Next, I judged the boxes and luggage search. I placed the gun oil on a bag at the front and the cloves in a box both on the left side of the containers. The almond distraction scent I placed in a box on the right side. The shampoo distraction scent I put in a label holder on a pink suitcase also on the right side of all the articles. Again, a lot of the dogs had problems with the distraction scents. There was some skilful handling. I would like to congratulate the following for finishing in the top four places.

1st Jo Hickman with Monty
2nd Jan Martin with Jasmine also got her excellence rosette.
3rd Jeff Allen with April
4th Julie Cox with Edith

I would like to thank all that competed for being a fantastic group. A few of the dogs were not working has well has I have seen them in the past. That maybe due to the long break some dogs and handlers have had in their training due to Covid. Again, thank you to all the helpers that made it go so smoothly and particularly Jacky scribe.

Warmington Levels 3 and 4 Trials 11 October 2020

After a very wet Saturday I was delighted to see the sunshine for our Sunday of trials at Warmington. Level 3 was in the morning and Level 4 held in the afternoon. My regular “dream team” of judges, scribes and helpers did a fantastic job once again to make sure the day ran smoothly and that handlers and dogs felt welcome.
We had loads of room so everyone could socially distance, but I found it weird wearing a mask when inside. I was really pleased that everyone complied with the COVID rules without a fuss, so thoughtful and kind. I felt this really contributed to a relaxed atmosphere. Id like to say a huge thank you to all.
I thought our fab judges Susan and Keith set very fair searches and we were able to run both an exterior and interior search at the same time, as the locations were either side of the car park field. The Level 3 teams did some lovely searches, and the winner John and his dog Whisper did a fantastic job with a clean sweep and top marks in the fastest time. Well deserved.
Many of the Level 4 dogs struggled with the distraction scents in the afternoon, especially in the boxes and luggage search. Jo and Monty the spaniel, demonstrated fantastic odour obedience, finding all 8 hides in a good time and were our clear winners. Jan and Jasmine who came second, earned their Level 4 excellence award. Many congratulations.
Thank you to judges Susan and Keith, to scribes Jackie and Paul and to Lynda and Teddy who handled registration and keeping everything tidy. Most of all thank you to the handlers and their dogs for entering the trial. Well done to those who qualified and those who missed it will soon be your turn.

Thankyou to Karen for asking me to judge Level 3 and Level 4, with Keith Clowes.
It was lovely sunny day and a very friendly trial. Everyone followed the Covid Rules and kept social distancing and still managed to have fun and enjoy themselves.
Level 3. I was given the tables, chairs and perimeter and vehicle searches. It was so interesting to see how these people, that I have judged before had come on in leaps and bounds, regardless of a very strange year.
A very worthy winner was John Hearn and Whisper. I love the way he works his dogs and is so calm and In tune with them.
Second was Lisa Finney whose lovely boy, Brewer, certainly kept her on her toes. She worked hard with him and got a just reward.

Level 4. Same searches and such a difference with the higher level. Josie Hickman and her lovely Monty won this level.
Great searches, she reads him very well and he’s a delight to see him dashing about with his tail non stop wagging.
There were some fabulous teams and I shall be keeping a look out for them as they go up the levels.

Thankyou to you all for making it such a pleasant time. Well done everyone. Today might not have your time but you have all got your own special relationship with your dogs, which is a pleasure to see.

Thankyou to Paul, my incredible scribe.

Sue Benson

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