Sun 11th Aug 2019, Little Haywood

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Chris Bennett & Tracy Ridgway
Level 1

1 Helen Hepple – Marcus – 100
2 Bernard Perry – Quiff – 99.9
3 Rebecca Jayne – Freddy – 99.9
4 Michelle Rodgers – Loki – 99.9
5 Sarah Morgan – Richard – 99.7
6 Penny Harris – Chance – 99.7
7 Mark Smith – Firefly – 99.5
8 Jackie Hodge – Kona – 99.4
9 Chris Whitehead – China – 79.8
10 Kathryn Perrins-Smith – Zephyr – 79.7
11 Julie Nelson – Ricco – 79.6
12 Mary Stratham – Baxter – 79.15
13 Maggie Franklin – Robbie – 74.8

Level 2

1 Zoe Ashman – Swift – 100
2 Wendy Cook – Talie – 100
3 Paul Kempson – Rizzo – 99.9
4 Heather Butler – Ben – 99.4
5 Barbara Unitt – Amos – 99.3
6 Sue Lander – Rolo – 89.5
7 Mary Allen – Alice – 84.3

During the run up to the trial the list of competitors to work at this trial changed considerably especially in Level 2. This was due to drop outs due to achieving their excellence rosette and three people who found a trial nearer to where they lived. Even as late as Monday & Tuesday before the trial changes were made to the list.
On the day one team had to pull out of Level 1 & 2 due to an injury to their dog – I wish a speedy recovery to your dog Stacey.

The weather is always a concern; in the Summer the hope is that it will not be too hot. However, with weather warnings of thunder & wind for Friday & Saturday, Sunday wasn’t looking too good. But, on the day, we were lucky with one short deluge in the morning and dry the rest of the day.

The day ran smoothly, apart from a local who decided to stand by the L2 vehicles with his dog just as one of our reactive dogs was about search. Said local refused to move when asked by the judge. Fortunately I was able to persuade him to move on allowing the vehicle searches to continue.

We had three white dogs checking the searches were okay before the test started. Thank you to Helen & Marcus, Kate & Ginny and Tracy & Enzo for performing white dog duties so well.

Most people qualified in both Level 1 and 2, some being new to trials or or to level 2. I will leave it to the judges to comment on the actual searches. I will say the standard was very high judging by the searches I watched and the scores.
It was lovely to meet you and congratulations on your qualification.I hope to see you at a trial again soon.

The 5 teams with highest points were:

Level 1

1 Helen Hepple – Marcus – 100
2 Bernard Perry – Quiff – 99.9
3 Rebecca Jayne – Freddy – 99.9
4 Michelle Rodgers – Loki – 99.9
5 Sarah Morgan – Richard – 99.7

Level 2

1 Zoe Ashman – Swift – 100
2 Wendy Cook – Talie – 100
3 Paul Kempson – Rizzo – 99.9
4 Heather Butler – Ben – 99.4
5 Barbara Unitt – Amos – 99.3

I am very grateful to all the help I had, it made the day stress-free for me, even allowing me to watch some of my students’ searches. For many people it was their first trial and they were helping as well, learning new roles. What a great bunch of people you are. You were all fantastic in your roles. So, in no particular order, a massive thank you to:

Bernard & Kate Perry and Sarah Morgan – removing & replacing scented object in L2 searches; this helped to speed up the searches.

Kate Perry – my right hand woman during the morning plus drink maker, scoreboard, shadowing scribe pm & then taking over as scribe – what an introduction to a scent trial – not yet competed with her own dog.

Helen Reaney for scribing for most of the day when you weren’t feeling so good – big thank you Helen.

Helen Hepple – L2 scribe in the afternoon, always very efficient.

Carole Millington – runner in the morning, along with your counter-part you kept quite a few reactive dogs feeling safe

Paul Kempson – runner for Level 1 (I love the way you arrived & then did a runner before the trial started – I guessed you had forgotten something important for working your dog in the afternoon).

Julia Bodsworth – Scribe in the morning and runner in the afternoon, travelled a distance to help – much appreciated.
Maggie Franklin – runner for L2 – you took to it like a duck to water.
You both did a brilliant job keeping the reactive dogs feeling safe in the afternoon.

Sarah Morgan – scoreboard, & right hand person in the afternoon – your help allowed me to deal with the local whilst keeping the scoreboard up to date, enabling an early finish.

I’m hoping to run another Level 1 and 2 later in the year so watch the trial calender.

Chris Bennett

Thank you for asking me to do my first judging appointment Dolores, I really enjoyed my day. Huge hug to Tracy, my co-judge, for offering to do all of the outside searches, it was appreciated. Only negative… Jaffa Cakes. Points for handlers to watch, Trust your dog, remember…is it indication or interest? Also don’t set your dog too close to the cones, time starts when the nose goes through and you will kick yourself if you have spent 30 seconds of your time getting the dog to sit! So, here goes;

1st on full marks Helen Hepple and Marcus( X breed) . T&C Good clear search, positive indication. B&B Marcus tried really hard, thought he had found it but wasn’t sure and mum got full handling marks for waiting until he was positive. Only needs 1 point to get excellent which I am sure won’t be long, Good luck in Level two.

2nd Bernard Perry and Quiff (Flatcoat) T&C good fast search, confident dog, well handled. B&B again a fast search, really positive indication, not much to say as he only took 8 seconds! congratulations.

3rd Rebecca Jayne and Freddie (BCx Lab)T&C not much to say really as he only took 6 seconds to find it. Lovely keen dog. B&B really quick search, with a cracking indication.

4th Michelle Rodgers and Loki (xBreed) T&C lovely handling, dog very keen, Good indication. B&B again, well handled. Was still really quick and gave a fantastic indication.

The above 3 all tied on 99.9 so were sorted on time!

In no particular order qualifying were

Penny Harris and Chance (BC) T&C lovely keen search and good indication. B&B Chance did a lovely search but mum didn’t believe her at first. Trust your dog ! clean sweep

Mark Smith and Firefly (Choc Lab) T&C lovely search, cracking indication and well handled. B&B Tight lead at times as handler tried to keep up, Good Indication. Clean sweep

Sarah Morgan and Richard (Beagle x) T&C Not the easiest of dogs but Good Indication once he had settled to searching. Well handled. B&B good search but Richard was unsure when he found it. Once he thought about it the indication was good. Well done Clean sweep

Jackie Hodge and Kona (Black Lab) T&C Good search, keen dog with good indication. Be aware of blocking. B&B nice search with solid indication. Clean sweep.

Mary Statham and Baxter ( cockerpoo) T&C very keen, good indication. B&B very excited, found it hard to concentrate and mum called before he got to odour. Good effort.

Chris Whitehead and China (Leonberger) T&C lovely search, well handled, and a good indication. B&B systematic search, but mum called wrong item as China wanted to do Parkour instead.

Kathryn Smith and Zephyr (cavalier x) T&C steady search, good indication. Nicely handled. B&B really quick search, Positive indication with paw.

Julie Nelson and Ricco (Lagotto) T&C Great search and Indication, well handled. B&B Ricco was interested in the suitcase and mum called it but it was wrong item. Lovely team.

Maggie Franklin and Robbie (working Cocker) T&C fast little dog. very keen, with a good indication. B&B being a keen dog mum called on an interest not Indication.

Lisa Finney and Brew (Black Lab) T&C steady search and patiently told mum 3 times where it was! B&B started off lead but then went on lead to help refine the search. Very nicely handled.

N/Q Markus Schneider Ozzy (Affenpincher) T&C Ozzy struggled with outside noises of trains and voices. B&B Good search but dad missed a clear indication as it wasn’t his usual one. Called on item that was interest. Lovely team.

N/Q Lisa White and Blue (GSD) T&C steady search with good clear Indication. B&B Lisa said Blue was tired by this time. I understand it was his first trial and he is a reactive dog so congratulations for giving your dog a good experience.

N/Q Zoe Lindop and Seven (Manchester Terrier) T&C lovely search and clear indication. B&B nice search, Good Indication, nicely handled

Level 2

Thank you to Dolores for trusting me to judge this class, owe you one to Tracy as she judged the exterior searches again. LOVELY TO SEE THESE DOGS AND HANDLERS PROGRESSING, some were struggling with going on to search again but I am sure this will come with practice. 2 NFC dogs who were both fantastic and have been included in my report.

1st on Full marks Zoe Ashman and Swift (WS) B&B well planned search, very quick. Focused. T&C Confident table search, and solid perimeter. Was only handler to ask what items were included in perimeter search. Well done.

2nd on Full Marks Wendy Cook and Talie (Jack Russell) B&B Good search, clear indication. T&C well done mum for NOT calling on interest on first search. Cracking Indication on second search.

3rd Paul Kempson and Rizzo (Lagotto) B&B Quick find and good indication on first item but had to work hard for second. Well handled. T&C good first find and quick second. Clean Sweep

4th Heather Butler and Ben ( cocker) B&B nice indications but handler lost marks for pulling away from odour. T&C changed from perimeter search to table when Ben picked up the odour, well handled. He also found the perimeter by himself! Clean Sweep

Barbara Unitt and Amos (BC) B&B Good search, mum lost a bit for tight lead on occasions. T&C Good clean Table search followed by a solid perimeter. Still not sure why Amos had to push the steps away so he could get round the back of them! Nicely handled. Clean Sweep

Sue Lander and Rollo (choc Lab) B&B Nice first search good handling and cracking Indication on second item. T&C incorrect call on chair and then wasted time not moving onto searching. Found correct chair on second search.

Mary Allen and Alice (cockerpoo) B&B first find was good but although she tried hard didn’t find second item. T&C steady search lovely indication had to work hard for second item.

N/Q Jeff Allen and April (cockerpoo) B&B lead caught on box which put dog off, she seemed a bit unsure at times. T&C Found chair easily and good indication. Handler did not search corners so missed perimeter.


Nancy and George (cocker) B&B lovely search with positive indication. Worked off lead. T&C what a cracking search! Good luck in level 3.

Jane and Dinah. (WS) B&B Good search, well handled, nice indication. T&C Nice steady search, Dinah Knew when she had found it. Handler lost marks for cutting corner on perimeter, good job Dinah didnt! Good luck in level 3

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Helen Hepple – Marcus20542205562052620595100219
2Bernard Perry – Quiff2051620513204.917205899.954
3Rebecca Jayne – Freddy205620522204.9382051799.983
4Michelle Rodgers – Loki2052720526204.9382051399.9104
5Sarah Morgan – Richard20538204.976204.8292052799.7170
6Penny Harris – Chance2052020511204.950204.89899.7179
7Mark Smith – Firefly20527204.892204.935204.88199.5235
8Jackie Hodge – Kona204.932204.933204.61002056599.4230
9Chris Whitehead – China20544205392052604.83779.8146
10Kathryn Perrins-Smith – Zephyr204.92804.9180204.9892051679.7313
11Julie Nelson – Ricco20524204.885204.93204.93979.6180
12Mary Stratham – Baxter20545204.961204.756304.54479.15213
13Maggie Franklin – Robbie20517200192051404.8574.855
Level 2
1Zoe Ashman – Swift20577205482053220524100181
2Wendy Cook – Talie205110205492056920541100269
3Paul Kempson – Rizzo2053520556204.9512056099.9202
4Heather Butler – Ben2057720532204.9106204.57399.4288
5Barbara Unitt – Amos20554204.515320521204.811099.3338
6Sue Lander – Rolo104.515420563205362053289.5285
7Mary Allen – Alice204.9107200107204.995104.58784.3396

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