Sun 12 Feb 2023, Haynes

Levels 3 & 4: Judges - Martina Ramage & Sarah Connatty

Haynes Village Hall, Northwood End, Haynes MK45 3QB

Start: L3 09:30, L4 13:00
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Stacey Robinson

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thanks to Stacey for inviting me to judge the L3 together with co-judge Sarah. I judged the ‘exterior’ search and ‘boxes and luggage’. The clove hide has been placed in the wellington boot and the gun oil hide has been placed on the blue cat carrier.
All teams did well and found both hides without any problems.
Lynsey & Lottie mastered this search in the fastest time whilst Wesley and December impressed with a strong and very confident performance.
For the ‘Boxes & Luggage’ search the clove hide has been placed in the handle of the black suitcase at the far end of the search area. The gun oil hide has been placed in a cardboard box next to a group of boxes of a similar size. This search proved to be more challenging with 8 out of the 14 teams finding both hides. Wesley & December as well as Kelly & Rodney mastered the search in the fastest time.
It has been a pleasure to watch great and confident handling – well done everyone.

Thanks to Bernice to scribe for me in the L4 trial. I judged the Wall’ search as well as ‘Table & Chairs’. For the wall search the gunoil hide has been placed in the right bottom corner of the first door and the clove hide at the far end of the search area in the door frame of the second door. For most teams this search didn’t cause any problems despite a very distracting environment.
Helen & Noodle as well as Jo & Tic completed the search in the fastest time.

For the ‘Table & chairs’ search both hides were placed in the parameter and the distraction scents were placed on the tables and chairs. All teams worked this challenge out and there haven’t been any false indications on distraction scents.
Great performance especially from Elizabeth & Bodie but very well done to all teams.

Thankyou to Stacey for this invitation to Judge Level 3 and to co Judge Martina and Leanne for scribing and to all the entrants for allowing me a glimpse of you and your dogs scentwork jouney. My first search was Tables, Chairs and Perimeter . The room being quite small posed its own challenges and made some competitors realise how easy it can be to block your dog. The gun oil was in the seam of a cupboard door between a stack of mats and the kitchen, all the dogs picked up the odour well and i was impressed how all bar one dog worked the hide to source . Search of note here was Tin Tin who really made light work of locating both hides. The Clove I put as an early find under a chair, the few handlers that chose to start on tables and chairs rushed their dogs past all the dogs then caught it coming back anti-clockwise.
My second search was the wall at the front of the building , there was a nice wind drawing the dogs down this wall from the start cones . The gun Oil was positioned on a plastic down pipe where the scent could blow through but the vast majority of dogs successfully worked the odour back, the Clove hide l placed close to the end of the search area and caused few problems to the handlers that tasked into the corner . Search of notes here were Wesley and December whose fluid search was a real joy to watch , I was very pleased to see them awarded first and Excellence and Penny and Lexi whose team work and flow was beautiful to see.
Overall handling, commitment to searching, finding odour and Indication was of a high standard , the only area I felt needing consideration and more understanding from many of the handlers today was how to begin a search.
Congratulations to you all on a great mornings sniffin

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