Sun 12 Jan 2020, Thurleigh

Levels 2 & 3: Judges - Anne Tucker & Sue Gardiner
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Jacky lawrence - Henri204.958120572205542056399.95270
2Jackie Pywell - Jessie204.92220534205322053399.9121
3Vanessa Bonner - Lola2053420543204.91022053699.9215
4Vicky Cartwright - Brecon204.97120569204.951022055899.85300
5Nicky Hamlin - Bong204.915620575204.91922054899.8471
6Anne Glennon - Missy204.957520567204.81382055599.75335
7Christine Davis - Indy20523204.967204.978204.92399.7191
8Stacey Robinson - Ghost204.98420552204.71902053899.6364
9Rita Banfather - Elliott204.94420512204.777204.99199.5224
10Lena Stenton - Angel204.65141204.5106204.5226204.755598.4528
11Jane Meadows - Jessie204.92920551204.7137104.756989.35286
12Nikki Daft - Minnie204.9566104.570204.71102052189.15267
13Anne Vellenoweth - Iris104.6222104.588204.62742057778.7661
Level 3
1Paula Davis - "Bonnie Jazz"2054120553204.8922054099.8226
2Janet Phillips - Coco204.99820563204.91262057299.8359
3Stacey Robinson - Bella20545204.75109205402054099.75234
4Nikki Inglis - Peppa204.93520560204.810820513099.7333
5Helen Pye - Chester204.9502055420579204.753499.65217
6Pam Butcher - Willow204.71062056620511720418098.7469
7John Hearn - Whisper204.992204273204.5133104.518387.9681
8Clare Robbins - Ripple204.611920570104.9271104.519579655

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Many thanks to Marianne for asking me to judge.
Many thanks to everyone who helped and made the day run so smoothly.
The weather was fine but cold and windy which made some of the outside searches quite challenging.
In the morning we started with level 3. I started outside with the car search. This was made difficult by the wind but on the whole the dogs did the search very well. Some of the dogs were distracted by the cars passing on the road but they managed to work through it.
I then moved on to tables and chairs. Again this was a search well done by most of the dogs; there were some nice steady searches.
Congratulations to Nikki and Peppa for gaining their excellent award and to Paula and Bonnie for their first place.
For the level 2s in the afternoon we started with tables and chairs. Again the searches were well done. It was nice to see so many small dogs competing at this level.
When we moved outside for the vehicle search many of the dogs seemed to find this difficult, perhaps because of the cold or the wind.
Congratulations to Jacky and Henri who not only won but they also achieved their excellent award.

Judges report
Many thanks to Marianne Temby for asking me to judge her trial at Thurleigh. Also, to Anne Tucker for also judging.
My very special thanks go to Chris Baldwin who scribed for me all day and Nicki for running and keeping us all on track.
Level 3
We started with level 3, this had 9 handler and dog teams, and gave some good searches. I started with Boxes and Luggage, and most of the teams aced this search, finding both scents, one in a box and one in the green bag. Unfortunately, there was some biting and pawing the boxes during this search, so some handling points were lost. Quick finds came from Helen and Chester and also Stacey and Bella.
My second search was the exterior search, where scents were hidden in a toy and a water can. This for me was the better of the two searches with the winner Paula Davis & Bonnie Jazz getting top marks with the quickest find.
Congratulations to everyone that past and especially those that were placed and Paula & Bonnie for their first place.
Also, Nikki and Peppa on their excellence
Level 2
In the afternoon we moved on to level 2, 14 handler and dogs gave some great searches with some lovely handling. I started with exterior, one scent hidden in a colander and one in a blue bat. Only two teams failed to find both, most found this straightforward, with many teams earning their full 5 handling points. Rita and Elliot showing how to work this search and completed in an amazing 12 seconds. The biggest issue on this search were dogs working the environment and not always the items.
My second search was boxes and luggage, again most teams finding both items, one in a pick bag and the other in a box. This was generally well worked with dogs searching the items well with some good handling seeing many teams with a full 25 points. The best performance of this search was Nikki and Minnie who found both in an amazing 21 seconds.
Again, congratulations to those that past and were placed also a special well done to Jacky and Henri on their first place and achieving their excellence
Sue Gardner

Thurleigh 12th Jan 2020 – Trial managers report

Another Sunday another Scentwork UK trial. Today is levels 2 & 3. So far a lovely sunny but cold day. Thank goodness the really strong winds of yesterday have disappeared.

We started with Level 3.
Sue Gardner and Anne Tucker (todays judges) arrived ready for a fun packed day. We got sorted with who was judging which section and once the scented articles were in place I ran the white dog. We then had the judges briefing and once everyone was sorted with a cup of tea or coffee the judging got underway. As I was scribing for Anne we were inside in the warm to start with, so it was lovely to be able to watch all the searches. We then went outside for the vehicle search where it was a bit chilly.

Some really fabulous searches – out of the 8 competitors who qualified only 3 false alerts throughout all four searches. Great results.

We then awarded certificates and rosettes and I was very pleased to award Nikki Inglis with Peppa her Excellent rosette.

Lunch – then we were off with level 2. As I had lots of help with level 2 I was able to wander round all the competitors and check that all was running smoothly. It is always lovely to get feed back during the trial.

Level 2 – we had 14 competitors and 10 of them achieved a clean sweep. Impressive searching.

A very enjoyable day. Thank you so much to Anne Tucker and Sue Gardner todays judges. Also huge thank you to Chris Baldwin who scribed all day. Plus thank you to John Hearn and Pam Butcher who scribed and did the running in the afternoon. Also Nicky Hetfield-Rogerson who did the running in the morning. Another Big thank you to Chris Baldwin, John Hearn and Nicky Hamlin who all stayed and helped me to clear up.
Helpers at trials are so very important – we really cannot thank you enough as without you we could not put trials on.

Also a huge thank you to all todays competitors – I really hope you all had a great day and I look forward to welcoming you to the next trial.

Marianne – trial manager

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