Sun 12 Sep 2021, Little Haywood

Level 5: Judge - Sue Gardner

Little Haywood Village Hall, Chilwell Avenue, Little Haywood, Staffs ST18 0QZ

Start: 10.15
Entry Fees: £29 per dog.
Contact: Dolores Palmer

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges Report for Little Haywood – Level 5

First, I would like to thank Dolores for asking me to judge her first level 5, I was very honoured and pleased to be asked. I would also like to give a massive thanks to Julie who was my amazing scribe and timekeeper.
If you have not been to the venue before I would suggest you put it on your list and look out for future trials, its an excellent building most suitable for levels 5 upwards.
We had 10 teams entered including Rachel and Chip choosing to run NFC.
We started with the first interior search in the main hall. This search contained 3 finds which nearly everyone found, special mentions going to Carol and Teddy who rather than taking the offered 3 minutes, took an amazing 51 seconds. No surprise, it was the quick collie that won the day.
Next was the exterior search, four finds here, the early find on the drainpipe catching a few teams out. A special mention to Nicky and Zak who wasted no time finding all four in a super quick time of 95 seconds.
The final interior search, teams had to find five items in four minutes. This was the trickiest search of the day it included an ante-room, a hall and a kitchen. Most teams were nervous about the time, some teams not managing to find all five. However, Christine and Teasel had no problems, recording the quickest time of 185 seconds and all five items found.
Congratulations not just to those who were placed, but all those who entered. Everyone came well prepared with dogs knowing their job, good handling which resulted in great results for the teams. It was a pleasure to judge and gave me a day to remember.
Thanks to everyone

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