Sun 12th May 2019, Newport

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Nigel Wilkes & Tina Schuster
Level 1

1 Mike Wright – Poppy – 100
2 Rich Holmes – Meg – 100
3 Emma Bartlett – Dexter – 99.75
4 Liz Jenkins – Sasha – 99.75
5 Shauna Lyons – Luna – 99.75
6 Elainne Wilson – Nessu – 99.75
7 Penny Varnes – Ludo – 99.5
8 Ken Jones – Monty – 99.5
9 Emily Rose – Poppy – 99.5
10 Jacqui Rossiter – Bo – 99.25
11 Samantha Thomas – Bella – 99
12 Barbara Jackson – Alfie – 79.75
13 Zoe Ashman – Swift – 79.75

Level 2

1 Jane Richards – Percy – 99.75
2 Carla Aslett – Flynn – 99.5
3 David James – Hero – 99.5
4 Shelley Stubbington – Whirligig – 89.75
5 Wendi Vaughan-Noon – Zak – 89
6 Zoe Ashman – Mist – 80

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Mike Wright – Poppy2051420520205352051210081
2Rich Holmes – Meg20535205152055520518100123
3Emma Bartlett – Dexter204.753320519205232052099.7595
4Liz Jenkins – Sasha205142053620511204.754399.75104
5Shauna Lyons – Luna20513204.7563205232054199.75140
6Elainne Wilson – Nessu20598204.7516205462052499.75184
7Penny Varnes – Ludo204.75232051720522204.754399.5105
8Ken Jones – Monty2053520522204.5642055199.5172
9Emily Rose – Poppy20540204.754320546204.755099.5179
10Jacqui Rossiter – Bo205106204.513920554204.7512899.25427
11Samantha Thomas – Bella204.7595204.58520547204.756999296
12Barbara Jackson – Alfie204.75522056805192051779.75156
13Zoe Ashman – Swift0515204.75103205222057579.75215
Level 2
1Jane Richards – Percy2054720525205107204.756699.75245
2Carla Aslett – Flynn204.7587204.7568205692054199.5265
3David James – Hero2054920533204.51142058199.5277
4Shelley Stubbington – Whirligig2053320525104.75752053189.75164
5Wendi Vaughan-Noon – Zak10575204.75231204.5115204.7511789538
6Zoe Ashman – Mist20562105422051091059580308

Tina Schuster

It was an early start for us, judging our first trial in Wales on Sunday 12 May. After a slight detour on the M4, we arrived on time at Sean’s trial venue and kicked off L1 judging on time at 9 am. The weather was glorious and I agreed to judge the outside searches again. We started with Exterior items and some competitors struggled with nerves, however almost all of them found the scent, which was hidden under a small stool/step. We then moved on to the car search. After the first 2 competitors struggled with the hide, I ran the second white dog, who also struggled to go to source. I therefore decided to change the car and after scenting a new vehicle, everyone had a successful search. Well done all for taking the plunge and working through your nerves, it is great to see new competitors entering the sport and forming a bond with their canine companion.

After a quick break for lunch, we started with the L2 judging. Again, I commenced with the Exterior items – with the scent being hidden in a helmet and a wheelbarrow wheel. As the helmet was the first item in the search area, it was interesting to see that it was not searched first by most competitors/dogs. We then proceeded to set up the car search, which thankfully was declared as “find-able” by both white dogs. Shelley’s Whirligig was the only dog (as she was the last one, the scent had disseminated considerably) to indicate on the other edge of the car door, however, they still passed, so well done! Thank you Wendi for providing Sean and me with some entertainment – I am sure Zak would have happily searched all cars in the car park!

I would like to thank Sue and Sean for asking us to judge and Sean for scribing for me!

Nigel Wilkes

It was nice to be asked to co-Judge the Level 1 and 2 Trials with Tina at Newport for Shaun Kenvyn. It was an early start and a very beautiful day as we drove over the Severn Bridge into Wales. We arrived at 8.35 to find everyone busy setting up the trial for the Level 1 competitors.

After a briefing Tina decided that as it was such a great day that she would do the vehicle searches and the exterior searches and I was to do both inside searches.

I started with Table and chairs and my scribe for the day was Joe Kenvyn and my runner being Ian Arrowsmith. I set the hide up as an early one and waited for the first team to come in. Most of the handlers were doing their first trial and you could feel that they were very nervous about doing the trial, but they started well with the teams all finding the hidden scent apart from one who unfortunately alerted on the wrong chair.

Next was the Boxes and luggage and I ran the ‘white dog’ Breezer. It was strange going back to doing this type of search but she found it. Then the teams started and all the dogs worked well, but some handlers appeared frightened to call the ‘Alert’ as they allowed their dog to continue searching, which caused some frustration with the dogs as they rightly thought ‘I have already told you where it is’!

The Level 1 trial finished around 11.15am and then the total points and times where added up. It was very close with 13 out of the 14 teams passing. I would like to congratulate all on the way they handled their dogs and wish them luck in the future.

We then stopped for lunch and started to set up for the afternoons Level 2 Trial which had 7 entries. Again I was inside, but this time we started on the Boxes and Luggage. I placed one hide in a box at the far end of the hall and the other hide in a suitcase near to the right hand side of the hall.

The trial started and you could see the difference in the handlers and the dogs as they were much more positive in their handling and the dogs where very quick in finding the items. There were some very strong teams and you could tell that the dogs were really enjoying working for their handlers.

I had to remind a couple of handlers that they have to tell the judge first when the dog finds the hidden scent instead of them saying yes and rewarding their dog, but I put this down to perhaps nerves!

Again with the boxes Table and chairs the hides being one on the chair and one under a foot stool the dogs found no trouble in finding the hides and we had finished the search by 2.30.

Unfortunately one team out of the Level 2 group didn’t qualify, however, it was a great day and wonderful to see different dogs and handlers enjoying doing the trials and again I wish them luck in future trials.

I would also like to thank Sue and Shaun for asking me to judge as well as Joe and Ian for all their help in keeping the show running.

Graig Community Centre, Cowshed Lane, Bassaleg, Newport, NP10 8LZ

Start 9AM
Entry Fees: £22 per dog.

Caped at 10 each level. Only one dog per handler per level

Contact: Shaun Kenvyn
Download Entry Form to book a place. Fully booked