Sun 14 Aug 2022, Devoran

Level 1: Judge - Jackie Lawer

Unit B2, North Grange Industrial Estate, Devoran. TR3 6RF

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Hannah Crook

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thank you to Hannah for inviting me to judge and for starting us nice and early to avoid the heat later in the day.
Many congratulations to all the teams for qualifying. It was lovely to watch a variety of dogs searching and there were some incredibly quick finds. First timers, Sarah and Ronnie settled well and did a smashing search in the exterior area and on the vehicle and Paula and her young dog, Jake, showed great potential with a stunning, speedy find on the vehicle. It was fantastic to see Hilary and Rosie looking confident and achieving the fastest time on the tables and chairs and Mel and Scooter worked amazingly well throughout just beaten into 2nd place by Yvonne and Meryn, who stunned me with their precision and made it look like a casual walk in the park!
Thanks to everyone who took part and made it a very enjoyable morning.

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