Sun 14 May 2023, Thurleigh Village Hall

Levels 2 & 3: Judges - Emma Conlisk (L2) & Sarah Conatty (L3)

27 High Street, Thurleigh Bedfordshire MK44 2DB

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Fully Booked
Contact: Marianne Tembey
– Tel: 07949786255

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou to Marianne for this invitation to Judge Level 3 . Great efficiency from the scribe and runner kept the afternoon running perfectly.
The first search was
tables/chairs/perimeter , the perimeter
hide was placed on the outside edge of
the second item, handlers that tasked
their dogs onto the first item in the main
hit it easily , others that rushed in tended
to push their dogs past , the other hide was on a chair with the majority of teams finding this easily. Sophia and
Dustys search here was particularly fluid and confident.
The second search was a wall and a car with all teams successful here an impressive search from Ruth and Fudge
completing in 32 seconds .
Search 3 was boxes and luggage , by this
time the temperature was going up and
some of the dogs seemed to tire . One
hide in the handle of a bag near the wall
close to the start and the other in a small
box towards the back of the area
proved tricky with only 4 teams finding
Corinne and Ferns search here was
outstanding .
The final search was the Exterior , hides
placed on a bag and a piece of plastic
both on the left close to a hedge . Most
handlers covered this area well but some
completely overworked one section
perhaps convinced that a there would be a hide on each side .
It was a real pleasure to see such a high standard of handling . Well done to you
all .

Thank you Marianne for inviting me to judge level 2 today.

First search, bags and boxes.
The hide was positioned in a pink bag at the front of the search area and a pink box to the rear.
Some lovely searches here, super coverage of the area and lovely strong indications. Laura and Neo stood out particularly well here as Laura tasked him confidently at the start, right on the bag and he stuck with the odour as she moved away making a fast first find.
I did mention to several competitors that ‘wafting’ into the search area generally didn’t give the dog much direction as to where to start and precisely what they were being asked to do. Being direct and clear helps the dog start well.

Second search, exterior items. A yoga mat rolled up at the start proved tricky, or even invisible to some handlers. Most found the hide in a black stand at the far end of the walkway. Some super handling here, especially Corinne with Dash and Sophia with Flint who read their dogs beautifully and let them work the odour to source. Claire also worked Luna very well in this area; with the birdsong and general distractions she’s not the easiest dog to handle so to find both with confidence was lovely to see.

Third search was table, chairs and perimeter items. The odour was on the left side of the front chair and in a bucket to the right hand side of the search area. This search saw some beautiful handling across the board, confidently and clearly covering the search are and making good calls.

The final search was the wall, 5m and two vehicles. The hides were positioned about 3m along the wall and on the front number plate of my vehicle. The wall caused the greatest difficulty, surprisingly. Several handlers eventually leaving the wall to make the find on the car and (most) then knowing the other find would be on the wall.
**note, always read the rules for your level, plus I did go through this in the briefing**

Such a high standard of handling today, lovely to see such confidence from the handlers in covering their search area and good skills in reading their dogs body language. A very impressive standard of indications too, good to see handlers waiting for the indication they want to reward and not allowing dogs to come off on my ‘correct’ verbal.
Very well done all, I look forward to seeing you progress in your scentwork journey in the future! Well deserved winners and great to see that everyone qualified today!

1st place Corinne and Dash
2nd & Ex Lesley and Tejo
3rd Sue and Puffin
4th Sophie & Flint

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