Sun 14th Apr 2019, Truro

Level 1 : Judges - Denise Pile & Hannah Cook

L1 – Morning

1 Cath Cable – Zing – 100
2 Brenda Langford – Ruby – 100
3 Natasha French – Cain – 100
4 Kate Ring-Holmes – Elsa – 100
5 Georgina Davies – Pi – 100
6 Beccy Kestin – Pike – 99.75
7 Dave Bird – Skipper – 99.75
8 Sam Caddy – Maddie – 99.75
9 Kat Cumbly – Rocky – 80
10 Chris Bird – Maisy – 80
11 Heidi Rodriquez – Jessie – 79.5
12 Serena Stewart – Lyric – 79.25
13 Debra Cassidy – Buddy – 79
14 Debbie Fuller – Skye – 79

L1 – Afternoon

1 Pip Moran – Molly – 100
2 Karen Brown – Tek – 100
3 Lynn Hewins – Hattie – 100
4 Alex Brinnen – Ralph – 100
5 Mandy Pilling – Jasper – 99.75
6 Janet Shephard – Teal – 99.5
7 Sue Dawkins – Nala – 80
8 Katie Rogers – Gylly – 80
9 Sue Toft-Hunt – Megan – 80
10 Lynn Crook – Etta – 80
11 Glynis Ball – Treacle – 79.75
12 Lisa Prynn – Honey – 79.75
13 Yvonne Hawk – Hazel – 79.5

Hannah Cook

Had a great day judging our first Cornish trial. A huge thank you must go to Jackie – our wonderful Trial manager and some great helpers who kept the whole event running smoothly and meant we stormed through! As we were running two trials though the day, my fellow judge and I swapped indoors and outdoors.

I had the pleasure of judging indoors in the morning with heating on!
We started with the table and chairs, the first partnership really laid down a high standard, a lovely French bulldog at his first trial, Kat handled him beautifully, making the choice to move from off lead to on after he was very distracted by the second area. This was done with minimal intrusion and a very good choice, as, once he was on the lead, he searched very systematically and gave a beautiful solid indication as soon as he came to the correct chair.
As we progressed through the dogs, it became clear that the scent had dispersed around the area, the dogs were picking it up further away which led to a few unfortunate early calls. Each dog was given the chance to find and subsequently did. Cath and Zing really stood out in this search, worked quickly and effectively with great focus, while still allowing Zing the freedom to make the choices she needed to.

Moving onto the boxes and bags, it was clear that most of the handlers had relaxed into the session and were a bit more confident. I was very impressed with Debra as she managed to handle her nerves and wait for a great indication from Buddy.

We swapped for outdoors for the afternoon. The weather conditions were not in our favour, although it was not raining, the wind was really swirly.
I wanted to ensure the dogs had the best chance of success so chose an upturned plant pot for the scented article. This proved to be a good choice with everyone succeeding, and many in very fast times.
The vehicle search was much harder. The wind meant that the dogs were picking up the scent in all sorts of places, but handlers were very considerate, giving the dogs time and waiting for them to pin point the source.
Throughout the day, there were very few handling marks lost over all, most were due to lack of trust on indications.
It was great to see such a variety of dogs – breeds, ages and backgrounds.
Looking forward to watching them progress.
Well done guys!

Denise Pile

It was a great morning inspite of the weather. Nearly everyone found the right article in the exterior search in the morning which was quite an achievement considering the wind and Catherine with Zing well what can I say 7 seconds.!!! Everyone was very good little Rocky was so good especially after his bad start to life well done Kat. A HUGE thanks to Janet for scribing for me.

In the afternoon we had another 15 brilliant contestants it was much better for me I was judging the inside searches nearly everyone done really well in the Table & chairs search not so good in the Boxes & luggage some had a bit of a struggle here. A really big thanks to Beccy for scribing for me .

A really good day and many thanks to Jackie for making it happen and Terry for all his help.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
Level 1 amA/FHTA/FHTA/FHTA/FHTMarksTime
1Cath Cable – Zing205152058205162051310052
2Brenda Langford – Ruby2052120519205212051110072
3Natasha French – Cain2052920517205262051310085
4Kate Ring-Holmes – Elsa20540205152054420517100116
5Georgina Davies – Pi2055120519205602059100139
6Beccy Kestin – Pike205372054620527204.753099.75140
7Dave Bird – Skipper204.756320527205312054799.75168
8Sam Caddy – Maddie204.7513020559205312054499.75264
9Kat Cumbly – Rocky205542052505342052880141
10Chris Bird – Maisy205690536205612051280178
11Heidi Rodriquez – Jessie04.52220519205172055279.5110
12Serena Stewart – Lyric04.258020519205802055579.25234
13Debra Cassidy – Buddy04.526204.7519204.75632055679164
14Debbie Fuller – Skye204.7550204.75382053604.58479208
Level 1 pm
1Pip Moran – Molly205252057205142051810064
2Karen Brown – Tek2051120513205332053310090
3Lynn Hewins – Hattie2053120526205232051710097
4Alex Brinnen – Ralph205332058205412051710099
5Mandy Pilling – Jasper2053320528204.75512051899.75130
6Janet Shephard – Teal204.7560204.7530205242059099.5204
7Sue Dawkins – Nala2052220552051205218060
8Katie Rogers – Gylly2052320572052905158074
9Sue Toft-Hunt – Megan2051520572053605208078
10Lynn Crook – Etta205332054805482051580144
11Glynis Ball – Treacle204.756120524205114053079.75229
12Lisa Prynn – Honey0548204.751252057820512379.75374
13Yvonne Hawk – Hazel204.7547205804.75312051579.5101

Kea Community Centre, Playing Place, Truro. TR3 6ET

Start times: 10am & 2pm
Entry Fees: £22 per dog. Entry levels capped at 15 (2 separate groups of 15) Only one dog per handler per group.
Contact: Jackie Lawer 07720 859356
Download Entry Form to book a place. Now fully booked