Sun 15 Dec 2019, Thurleigh

Level 5: Judge - Geof Dixon
WA = Wrong Alerts (4 = elimination)P = Points (articles found X 10)
B = Bonus (10 if all items found)D = DeductionsT = time (seconds)
Interior Search 1Interior Search 2Exterior SearchTotals
No of itemsTime allowedNo of itemsTime allowedNo of itemsTime allowedP+B-D = Points + Bonus - Deductions
1Jayde Smith – Chase130002400501002470301001371110200130624
2Harold Latusek – Rosie040100138140003301301001612110200130629
3Helen Kennedy – Preston030002400501002760301001390110200130655
4Julie Thomas – Betty04010013604000.253300301002070110200.25129.75673
5Marie Poole – Roger040100.2514104000.153300301002020110200.4129.6673
6Jane Ellis – Febe040100.2584050100.2524502000.252400110200.75129.25569
7Gloria Bonnell – Jade040100.521804000.15330030100.152100110200.8129.2758
8Lynda Stangle – Magic13001.5240050100190030100.752291110202.25127.75659
9Alan Clancy – Rhum13001.524004000.5330030100.51801100102.5107.5750
10Emma Conlisk – Smartie040100.2516104000.1533001000.5240090100.999.1731

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

sue Abbott-Dixon

Thank you for inviting us to Judge Marianne.
We decided very early on that we were going to do a Christmas theme, so the plan had been formed, and my trusty helpers were there to dress the areas with me. Thank you Geof, and Sarah.
We began the day very festively, with posh coffees and Home baked Cheesecake for breakfast! thanks to Jayde and Sarah.
Interior 1, was Santas lounge (4 scents)…. Rosie showed us she was in top form, and found all scents in half the allocated time. Everyone did well here, but I would just mention here, try and remember to let your dogs tell YOU where the scent is, a few people were convinced the scent would be behind the bookcase, and then got stuck in that area, even though no dogs showed any interest there.
Exterior was the front carpark,(3 scents) … The reindeer had a few people worried, but not the dogs, they all had a quick sniff and disregarded it. Chase was Amazing out here, despite me thinking I had put just enough distraction out , the neighbour opposite decided to up the Anti, and have a mad 5 mins play with their dog, and the Squeakiest toy in the world!! Well done Chase. I also have to give little Betty a mention here, for the indication of the day, a non traditional approach, but just as effective. She jumped up on the wall and indicated downwards to the scent in the crack below. Well read Julie.
Interior 2, was Santas toy room, and dressing room. (5 scents). Again everyone worked this area really well. Preston was fab, and picked up the 1st door scent beautifully. and there was some beautiful work by a lot of the dogs tracking the scent under the packing table really nicely.
There was some really lovely rewarding throughout the day, which was nice to see. And the day ended with a special reward for every dog that took part, a Christmas stocking of natural treats supplied by Pupadoodle.
There really was some very high class team work going on today, and you all know I don’t say that lightly, so you should all be very proud of yourselves. The placing was a tight run thing. All placed dogs were working on top form, and a joy to watch. Thank you everyone, and a very Merry Christmas.
I hope you all enjoyed our Christmas Trial as much as we did.

Trial Managers Report

A great day at Thurleigh today – level 5 – Judge Sue Abbott-Dixon

A Christmas theme at the trial today. Lots of tinsel, pressies and Santas. Everyone had a great day.

Thank you so much to Sue Abbott-Dixon for judging and providing pressies to all competitors, plus being creative with the searches.
The car in the exterior search even had reindeer antlers and a red nose!!!

It was a lovely crisp morning, and we were lucky that the rain stayed away.

Thank you to Geof Dixon for running and Sarah Sandle for scribing the second interior search. I scribed the first interior and the exterior search which was great as I got to watch all the fabulous dogs working.

Well done to all – we had 10 qualifiers today. A white dog was used in all searches.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next level 5 trial.

Thank you for attending today and so glad you all had a great time.

Marianne – trials manager

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