Sun 15 Mar 2020, East Winch

Levels 2 & 3: Judges - Sam Wyldbore & Mazonne Jones
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Lucy Davis - Callie204.9584204.9584204.9542055799.8279
2Helen Cottrell - Pippin20539204.9583204.8442057899.75244
3Sue McAuliffe - Tiva20545204.9586204.866204.88299.55279
4Jan Martin - Jasmine204.95141204.7196204.5163204.95699.05556
5Stacey Robinson - Ghost20560104.9545204.9422055689.85203
6Sue Shelbourne - Finn204.9594104.773205532054789.65267
7Haley Frosdick - Ruby104.572204.755820547204.92689.15203
8Paul Kent - Ted204.784104.7593204.51492058688.95412
9Alison Poulter - Jive204.97123104104204.9882058988.87404
10Linda Hams - Sonic104982054820569204.59088.5305
11Terri Wilkinson - Mesha204.9579104962041192054987.95343
12Nicola Cook - Myrtle204.5113204.5126100191204.511883.5548
Level 3
1Julie Blackburn - Fletcher2059420546204.9742052299.9236
2Ruth Minter - Paddy2054520568204.91472053599.9295
3Stacey Robinson - Ghost2056020571204.91892053399.9353
4Carina Stevenson - Cedar204.95125204.580204.8212204.9815299.23569
5Helen Pye - Chester205582041172052122054099427
6Jane Jakes - Stella204.95122200178204.817820014289.75620
7Sue McAuliffe - Tiva20553204.5136104.91642056889.4421
8Nic Christie - Kimi20560204.5164104.9172204.954689.35442
9Christine Layton - Soul10546204.9361051402053579.9257
10Jackie Pywell - Jessie204.52552053110594104.756079.25440

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thoroughly enjoyed judging his trial. Brilliant venue with lots of space for people to exercise the dogs in between searching.
Level 2 we saw some great teamwork developing. The wall search proved a little new to some people, but they soon got into the

Level 3 again we saw some great searching. Even with the rain and mud, people were still enjoying the trial, which showed in the scores. We gave everyone some feedback to help them improve, which they all took on board.

It was a cold and damp day with showers forecast throughout in East Winch, but most people arrived in high spirits. We began with level 2 kindly judged by Mazonne Jones and Sam Wyldbore, and kicked off with tables and chairs and an exterior wall search. After a short a break, search areas were re-organised for boxes and luggage and the exterior search. The morning went off (almost) without hitch and the standard of searching that I witnessed was excellent with lots of good feedback from our judges. I was also very pleased to give Sue and Tiva their level 2 excellence, (despite almost forgetting).

After a quick lunch it was on to level 3, which we started with the boxes and exterior searches, before moving on to the tables and chairs and vehicle search. Once again the searching was excellent and the atmosphere remained cheerful despite the weather worsening. The final scores were incredibly close with 1st – 3rd being decided on times, reflecting the amazing standard shown throughout.

Typically the sun was shining as I left the venue, exhausted but very grateful to Sam and Maz for judging and my scribes and runners David, Sally, Claire and Leanne all of whom were a joy to work with and made the whole day possible.

And finally congratulations to all who competed.

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