Sun 15 Mar 2020, Finmere

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Ali Brannen, Lyn Bowers, Liz Ormerod
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Mel Davis - Asa2053620520205182051710091
2Ruth Kok - Ruby20522205342052520563100144
3Lynda Bowers - Lacey20540205802051820519100157
4Jane Wood - Lennie2052920516204.95262051999.9590
5Julia Edwards - Joshua205820541204.95362051899.95103
6Joe Toley - Winnie20529204.95157205212052299.95229
7Anne Vellenoweth - Gabrielle204.940.622054620554204.88299.7222.62
8Michael Tooley - Frankie2056504.518020545204.910779.4397
9Kate Skirrow - Dixie2053320540204.9564051879.95155
10Charlotte Ping - Blue2053404.9565205722055679.95227
11Rona Tyson - Merddyn2051804.9518020526204.87179.75295
12Pam Clarke - Mylie204.81382055004.5282054179.3257
13Austin O'Brien - Roux04.9412051720512054959.9119
14Lyn Church - Pudding204.677204.510704.518004.94258.5406
Level 2
1Liz Ormerod - Benji 20549205572053820555100199
2Rita Banfather - Elliott2054220511720564205148100371
3Val Russell - Del204.959920543205452052699.95213
4Emily Meadows - Crosby2055920551204.95972055699.95263
5Lyn Church - Tero20531204.95143205482055399.95275
6Emma Rebbetts - Murphy205105204.95180205562055299.95393
7Meghan Jones - Rocket204.990204.959020546204.910699.75332
8Maggie Wills - Evie205872055020575104.955489.95266
9Diane Barry - Milo205100204.95182204.95104104.912289.8508
10Hazel Jones - Mog20574204.95139204.9576104.8522389.75512
11Michael Tooley - Alfie104.753002056820568204.911589.65551
12Lena Stenton - Angel20536204.95180204.5751054789.45338
13Claire Melville - Humphrey205124100187204.525204.920364.4766

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Heather Donnelly

Well it was a particularly eventful trial having the misfortune with both my judges developing a cold just before the trial. After spending some time exchanging various messages, I was extremely lucky and grateful to Ali Brannen, Liz Ormerod & Lyn Bowers agreeing to change their plans at such short notice meaning that the trial could continue to run. Thank you ladies.
Also a big thank you to Yaz Whitehall, John Hearn and Diane Barry who gave up their time, at the expensive of spending time with their own dogs to help today and especially Yaz for enduring the awful weather.
And finally to the ‘Best Paw Forward’ girls who just seem to turn up and get stuck in with doing any job without evening being asked, Lyn you are fortunate in having such a great group of helpers. Finally to the competitors for your sporting spirit despite the rather cold and miserable weather.

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