Sun 15th Apr 2018, Daglingworth

Levels 1& 5
Judges: Tina Schuster & Heather Donnelly
Level 1

1st Chris Gamson & Nell – 99.75
2nd Carole Thornley & Zoe – 99.75
3rd Bobbie Osborn & Bella – 99.25
4th Lorraine Coley & Chester – 99.25
5th Rebecca Leighton & Egg – 95.5
6th Beverley Buckner & Teddy – 94.25
7th Magda Ede & Queen – 93.5
8th Julie Cox & Edith – 77
9th Karn Sanders & Oreo – 74.5
10th Judith Wotton & Jaffa – 73.75

Level 5

1st Christine Gregory & Dilly – 149.75
2nd Nikki Inglis & Ellie – 149.5
3rd Karen Denton & Barley – 129.5
4th Lesley Mack & Hetty – 129.5
5th Marianne Tembey & Mister Kai – 119
6th Yvette Preston & Anya – 109.5
7th Lynne Humphries & Wotton – 109
8th Sue Abbott-Dixon & Halle – 108.5
9th Becky Harris & Flossie – 99.5

Sunday 15th April 2018 was the Daglingworth Trial and as Trial Manager I stepped into the unknown as this was the first Level 5 Trial that I had run and this was due to start at 12 mid-day, however, we also had a Level 1 Trial which started at 9.30 am

Luckily today I had Heather Donnelly as my judge for the day and also Tina Schuster who co-judged the Level 1 Trial and scribed for Heather in the Level 5.

I arrived at 8.15 to set everything up for the day and soon Heather and Tina arrived. I also had a further 2 scribes for the morning with Berit Aherne and Paula Davis helping out.

I think Tina was a little unlucky as she got most of the bad weather that we had for the day as she judged both the Vehicle Search as well as the Exterior Search, before scribing for Heather in the afternoon session which I think was the wettest part of the day!

The Level 1 entrants were understandably nervous as for most it was their first trial, but from what I saw they and their dogs did a very good job and the eventual winner Was Chris Gamsom and Nell.

The afternoon Session started a little later than expected but again there were a lot of very good dogs and handlers. It was also a pity that 3 people were unable to attend at the last minute, with Matt not having his dog Ellie because his daughter had taken it to the seaside!! We were also without Marianne who phoned to tell me that she was lost but luckily enough to get to us before we had completed the first search.

 It was interesting to see all the handlers and dogs working together as a team and Heather set a hard final search which really sorted out the entrants. I also think that the dogs were tired as they had worked so hard.

At the end of the 3 searches there was only .25 between the winner Christine Gregory and Dilly and Nikki Inglis and Elli.

I would like to thank Heather and Tina for judging as well as Berit, Paul and again Tina for scribing.

Nigel Wilkes

Heather Donnelly

My thanks to Nigel Wilkes for asking me to judge at the L1 & 5 trial at Daglingworth. I haven’t been to Daglingworth for quite a while and I believe the last time was when I judged the very first Daglingworth L1 trial.

We started 9.30am prompt and I had the good fortunate of having Tina Schuster to judge the exterior searches who then became my scribe for L5. Thank you Tina especially braving the outdoor elements in the rather showery cold weather.

I started with the L1 table and chairs search after going through the marking system with my newby scribe Paula Davis. Paula has only had a few scentwork lessons and took up the challenge of becoming my scribe, I know that she learned a lot so all newbies do come along and help as you will learn so much.

As with all Level 1’s the standard ranged from newby trainers to those who were experienced and it showed. In the table & chair search there was some very confident early calls from Karen & her excitable collie ‘Oreo’, Carole Thornley and Zoe who went on to gain 2nd place and Judith and ‘Jaffa’ a Cocker Spaniel with super attitude.

With the boxes & Luggage particularly impressive were Chris & her red B/C Nell doing a super ‘freeze’ indication on the large brief case in just 7 seconds. Chris experience showed with her handling of this rather excitable collie who went on to win a well deserved first place. Carole and Zoe came a very close 2nd only missing the top spot on having a slightly slower time, Bobby and Bella the ESS showed great team work gaining a credible 3rd place with Lorraine and Chester who come 4th who made it obvious that he loved his searching so much that he didn’t want to leave the room!.

Commiserations to those that didn’t pass this time, some dogs are more difficult to read than others but keep at it and your time will come I am sure.

After a quick break and after Berit s delicious jam scones it was onto the L5. I was privileged to have a very impressive line up and decided to start with ‘Interior Search 1’ which included a small committee room and part of the corridor. I hid 3 scented articles in this area and I must admit that most teams covered these two areas really well. The only comment though, was that some handlers completely ignored the table and chairs in the centre of the room, just as well that I didn’t put one there!
Next was the exterior search and as the heavens opened I wondered if this might cause a few problems for the teams which it didn’t . Again most teams did really well but unfortunately Flossie & Becky missed the scented article on the corner of the bench even though Becky suggested Flossie should look here, just unlucky really. Lovely handling from Lesley and Hettie, Lesley knows that Hettie is so into the great outdoors so Lesley allowed Hettie to get a measure of the outdoor area before Lesley & Hettie got down to business. Well done for taking a well deserved 4th position. Also young Barley the 8 month old BSD ably handled by Karen was super focused and I just love her stamping of all 4 feet on the ground letting mum Karen know that she had found the scent. Full credit to Karen for sensitive handling of this very young dog who will go far.

Back inside for the ‘Interior Search 2’ and this time I used part of the large hall and the rest of the corridor. As most of the teams were doing well so I made this last search a little more challenging. However you wouldn’t have though this as Chris and Dilly found all 5 in 103 minutes and Nicky & Ellie in 133 minutes. Chris and Dilly went on to win the trial and well done to Chris for keeping Dilly’s enthusiasm curbed as she so loves her scentwork. Close up on Chris & Dilly’s toes, taking the 2nd spot, was Nicky & Ellie who have come on so far recently and pulled out all the stops in gaining this credible 2nd place amongst some very stiff competition.

Tina Schuster

Having learned from previous trials, this time I stayed behind to receive a list of “I forgot to bring….” from Nigel, who had gone to Daglingworth Village Hall early and we managed to start L1 on time! Despite forecast of heavy rain, there was only a drizzle and my faithful scribe Berit and I managed to stay fairly dry – as for some reason we had pulled the short straw and were doing the outside searches. We started with vehicles, and thanks to Berit having washed her car, we were able to use it for this search. A lot of the dogs found this search hard – most of them being in a new place, with new smells and distractions. Kudos to all those who managed to get their dogs to work despite the rain, ducks and tempting verges – especially Beverly, who managed to get Teddy’s attention on the car at exactly the crucial moment and spot! After a tea break, we started the exterior search. Even though a lot of the dogs hadn’t worked on gravel before, all teams found the scented item, opting to be told which of the 3 items it could potentially be. Thank you Carole for acting as cautionary tale! Well done all, and especially Chris and Nell, who won the L1 and a special thanks to Berit for not only scribing but also helping organise and feed everyone!

A/F = Alert Find H = Handling T = Time (seconds)
  Tables & Chairs Exterior Search Vehicle Search Boxes & Luggage Totals
Name of Handler & Dog A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T Marks Time
1 Chris Gamson – Nell 20 4.75 39 20 5 19 20 5 23 20 5 7 99.75 88
2 Carole Thornley – Zoe 20 5 24 20 4.75 26 20 5 20 20 5 79 99.75 149
3 Bobbie Osborn – Bella 20 4.25 52 20 5 20 20 5 32 20 5 29 99.25 133
4 Lorraine Coley – Chester 20 4.5 51 20 5 20 20 4.75 74 20 5 23 99.25 168
5 Rebecca Leighton – Egg 20 4 39 20 4.5 69 20 4 126 20 3 180 95.5 414
6 Beverley Buckner – Teddy 20 4.25 102 20 5 22 20 0 135 20 5 38 94.25 297
7 Magda Ede – Queen 20 4.5 38 20 0 144 20 4.5 66 20 4.5 24 93.5 272
8 Julie Cox – Edith 20 4.5 26 20 4 122 20 4.5 99 0 4 162 77 409
9 Karn Sanders – Oreo 20 5 12 20 5 20 0 0 0 20 4.5 46 74.5 78
10 Judith Wotton – Jaffa 20 4.75 23 20 0 29 20 4.5 30 0 4.5 44 73.75 126