Sun 15th Dec 2019, Truro

Levels 1, 2, & 3: Judges - L1 & 3: Denise Pile & Hannah Crook
- L2: Jackie Lawer & Hannah Crook
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Jenna Carlyon & Bonnie20549.8820510.8420512.062059.5710082.35
2Jill Bone & Bobby20531.7220517.192057.7520527.8110084.47
3Sam Caddy & Maddie20556.0920553.7520573.5720516.53100199.94
4Andrew Prynn & Honey20579.8520515.91205124.4420511.37100231.57
5Tina Cameron & Dice20596.1620546.6820597.3520578.97100319.16
6Sally-Anne Webb & Chase20590.91204.927.7520552.8420564.1399.9235.63
7Karen Brown & Tek0514.812059.342056.8720528.568059.58
8Natasha French & Aika20518.162055.660551.0620519.878094.75
9Bridget Woodman & Ernie20571.8520522.310518020585.1880359.34
10Beccy Kestin & Pike205144.16205159.2820586.505176.7580566.69
11Lesley Saunders & Chiara205104.25204.939.8420524.220510.8179.9179.12
12Kathrin Cumbley & Rocky20590.09204.975.560553.4720550.1579.9269.27
Level 2
1Pip Moran & Molly2055320512.2120590.8520529.79100185.85
2Kate Ring-Holmes & Elsa20591.920575.6520555.2620531.57100254.38
3Jess Lobb & Wilbur204.9108.4420549.31204.973.4420549.3899.8280.57
4Josie Manley & Dexter204.8236.120522.9720584204.899.4599.6442.52
5Denise Pile & Oddbod20548.9204.882.4320545.03204.7568.3799.55244.73
6Sue Toft-Hunt & Megan20549.4720587.24204.970.63204.5138.4399.4345.77
7Lexi Lobb & Ted20564.13104.956.6520530.5220528.0489.9179.34
8Peter Millar & Holly20559.2820530.9204.960.910536.6989.9187.77
9Lottie Moran & Emrys205104.47204.955.16104.9193.0720525.8789.8378.57
10Lynn Hewins & Hattie204.958.34104.924.88204.9166.0620543.2889.7292.56
11Serena Stewart & Lyric20536.71104.952.3420568.410550.5179.9207.96
12Jane Prichard & Ivy20551.3510574.88204.981.84104.75145.3779.65353.44
Level 3
1Lynn Crook & Etta204.939.9320527.22205121.0320537.8199.9225.99
2Jackie Lawer & Tarn204.9194.9120575.2920572.4420551.9799.9394.61
3Nicky Dunhill & Zak104.966.1920518.4720550.2520529.1389.9164.04
4Janet Shephard & Teal20569.3710565.3520563204.943.8189.9241.53

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Trial Manager’s Report
After judging Level 2, I adopted my role as Trial Manager! Having been awoken at about 4 a.m. by a lively thunderstorm, I was dreading what the weather would throw at us! Cornwall can be quite wet and stormy in the winter! Luckily though, despite a cold wind, there were only a few spots of rain during the day.
This was our first time running three levels in one day. We were starting with Level 2 at 9.30, moving on to Level 3 at 12 and then had Level 1 in the afternoon from 2.30. Well, that was the plan but it ended up being a rather eventful day! When I arrived, some of helpers and Hannah were already there and had found a car in the car park containing a couple of dogs, which evidently had been there for some time (over 24 hours apparently we found out!). The car was in a state and we were concerned for the dogs’ welfare. Calls were made to the RSPCA and police and eventually an officer arrived and managed to trace the owners and the dogs were removed. It appears this was not an isolated incident sadly.
Consequently, we were late starting the trial which had a knock-on effect but we managed to catch up at lunchtime.
We then found out that one of the Level 3 entrants had had a nasty car accident and another was following her, so stopped to help and wait for the police with her. Luckily there appeared to be no serious injuries to humans or dogs and we wish Trina and Spud all the very best for a speedy recovery.
Level 3 only had 6 entries, so we were now down to four, which meant with two judges, dogs and handlers hardly had time to catch their breath before dashing to the next search area! Everyone seemed to cope well with the pressure though with all four teams qualifying.
I am pleased to say that Level 1 in the afternoon ran without any problems and we finished around 4 pm without further incident!
Congratulations to everyone who managed to get to the Trial – we were very pleased that you all qualified. Many thanks to our Judges, Denise Pile and Hannah Crook, who did a sterling job and our superb helpers for giving up their time to ably assist us all.
We wish everyone a Happy Christmas and hope to see lots of familiar and maybe some new faces on 5th January for our next trial!

Jackie Lawer: Level 2 – Judge’s report
I had the pleasure of judging the two indoor searches. We had 12 entrants in this level and everyone was successful finding both items in the Table, Chairs and Perimeter search. Two large tables were positioned next to each other giving a square formation and two chairs were set up on each side. The scented chair was the second one if the handler started in a clockwise direction but everyone seemed to want to work anti-clockwise! A couple of dogs flipped off to the perimeter as they came around the far side of the table and chairs despite it being a large hall and the perimeter was set at the far end. One handler recalled the dog to the chairs despite the dog already locating and giving a lovely indication on the perimeter item, which was a shame but they went on to complete the search well. One dog seemed a little out of sorts working the table and chairs but the handler coped admirably, helping the dog and remaining patient until they were successful. They even ended up in the places, so very well done!
All the dogs found the perimeter item more easily. The hide was located between the feet of a folded plastic trestle laid flat, with the scented item slightly exposed and pointing towards the inside of the room. Serena and Lyric did a very nice, thorough search in this area in the fastest time – lovely to watch!
The Boxes and Luggage search was interesting! I had set out a variety of boxes and bags with one hide in a box facing towards the outside of the search area. The other scented item was a rucksack was towards the other side of the search area but surrounded by other items. The hide on the rucksack was concealed on an outside buckle within the Velcro strap but with an exposed edge. The majority of dogs found this item easily but most handlers did not call it straight away as many of the dogs tugged at the strap rather than giving their expected indication!
We did have several dogs becoming a little over-enthusiastic with the boxes but luckily the box remained intact and the scented item in situ until the end of the search! Although not quite the fastest search in this area, the one that stood out as being clean and very quick was from Lexi and Ted – really fabulous! Only three dogs were unsuccessful in finding both items – one handler stating ‘I knew it wasn’t there’ immediately after calling it! Haven’t we all been there?
A lovely morning judging – everyone was kind to their dogs with some super celebrations at the end of the search and I saw a huge improvement in handling. Last time I judged here, I docked a few people for blocking and on this occasion, I had absolutely no need to! Well done everyone!

Lovely day judging today with wonderful fellow judges Jackie and Denise. The weather was forecast to be pretty awful, but we seemed to escape the worst of it!

Level 2
I was judging outside. Thank you to Nicky for scribing for me, it was not that warm!
Started with the exterior articles. I swept the area before we started as there was a fair amount of debris, but luckily very few dogs found the floor distracting. I placed 11 articles, with the scented ones being a kayak paddle and a tent pump. Both were nice open finds, but after running the white dog over, I changed the location of them slightly. Most dogs got both finds, although often running over the paddle on the first pass. Most people had the first article removed, which worked well for them.
The vehicles were set in a straight forward pattern. one find placed in the sliding door on a van (vehicle 1), one on the rear number plate on the third vehicle.
I chose to keep the finds as far apart as possible due to the weather conditions. Although not as bad as predicted, it was still quite windy. It turned out to be a good call, most got both finds nicely. Very few points deducted really very minor stuff, mainly blocking or not following the dogs lead.

Level 3
I managed to get inside for this one! We ended up down to 4 teams.
I set the Table and chairs in an L shaped formation with the find on the chair closest to the start point, although in a big hall, it was still a good distance from the start point.
The perimeter article was set on a dehumidifier in the corner of the room.
It was nice search, one miscall on a chair.
I got very picky in this search area, taking a couple of fractions off for dogs bouncing off the scent and missing part of the search area.
Boxes and bags, one box, one bag, this proved a very successful search as well most dogs picking up the bag (in the handle of a suitcase) first and then moving onto the box, (a cardboard veg crate) – again, being picky, a fraction removed for some more bouncing off the scent.
The dogs did really well, with only 4 of them there was very little time between finds going from one area to the next with barely a breather.

Level 1
I managed indoors again on this one!
Starting on the T&C I set an L shaped formation with three chairs on one side of the table and one on the other. The find was set on one of the single chairs. Although not a challenging search for the dogs, it did create a bit of thinking for the handlers as many focused on the side with more chairs, luckily the dogs ignored them and took the handlers to the correct chair. Only one miscall, although there were a few handlers who did well to hold their nerve while the dogs investigated!
Boxes and Bags. 11 items laid out with a scented box. I chose to have the boxes open and (after my last judging experience) scented a second box to be waiting just in case! Luckily it was not needed as all the dogs searched beautifully and relatively calmly, there was very little to see that any dogs had even entered the search area, no boxes tipped, squashed or trashed. Again, this proved a nice search area, with most teams calling it correctly.

All in all I was very impressed with the handling and consideration that the teams demonstrated today. For the most part, it was very clear to see why there were miscalls when they happened and I had to look really hard to deduct any marks at all.
Well done to everyone qualifying and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.
Have a lovely Christmas 🙂

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