Sun 16 Apr 2023, Elton, Peterborough

Levels L6: Judges - Justine Steele

Highgate Hall, Overend, Elton, Peterborough. PE8 6RU

Start: 1:30pm
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Justine Steele
– Tel: 07956488971

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thanks to all Teams and to Nikki for managing the Trial at Elton and also a huge thank you to Sue for scribing, so reliable, easygoing, a pleasure.
A bit of an anti climax to Judge then not get to present anyone with a certificate, I’m sure however, that that does not mean the day was without its successes. Plenty of little wins… There were some lovely moments from all, and as usual, it was a pleasure for me to meet your dogs and watch them “just do sniffing“.

Interior 1
Main hall, including open cupboard and porch area.
Time – 4 minutes/5x hides.

1. GUN OIL In keyhole of wooden door on left side of top of hall.
2. TRUFFLE Under the wooden rail right hand side of open cupboard.
3. GUN OIL Just above lower hinge on last wooden door on right side of top of hall.
4. TRUFFLE On rear left hand castor of clothes rack in porch.
5. CLOVE Behind pipe at skirting board level near radiator on right hand wall.

Quite a large area with evenly placed hides.
Time – 4 minutes/4x hides.

1. TRUFFLE on metal cross pipe of air conditioning unit.
2. CLOVE Under lower ledge of wall near the traffic cones, wooden gate and ground stakes.
3. CLOVE Under windowsill just to the right of the back door of porch.
4. GUN OIL In the front of the old wooden bench.

Interior 2
The carpeted back room. A medium size area with the least hides. We talked about the location of the hides on the day and from a spectators point of view, it did seem that once a correct call had been made part of the immediate area around that hide was then disregarded. The other observation was that if the area was looked at in any detail then it was, perhaps, arguably, looked at in the more obvious/standard place. (the radiator and other side of cabinet?) I guess that really depends on where YOU think is a standard place to hide things, compared to what I might think… But the fact was that if the windowsill was searched, then the hide was found.
It can be really difficult to remember what’s been searched… I guess we have to work out a plan for ourselves that improves our chances…
Time – 3&1/2 minutes/3x hides.

1. TRUFFLE Left hand side of windowsill opposite side of the room. (Approx 1.5m from hide below)
2. GUN OIL Side seal of grey filing cabinet, approximately 1 foot off the ground
3. CLOVE Chair stack nearest the sink.

Thank you all. Sorry your endeavours were not rewarded with certificates and rosettes, but your dogs are all stars nevertheless…
Hope you all got safely home, good luck with your future sniffs.

Justine (+ white dog Chumley)

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