Sun 16 Apr 2023, Fosdyke, South Lincolnshire

Levels 2 and 4: Judges - Tbc

Fosdyke village Hall, Old Main Road, Fosdyke, Lincolnshire, PE20 2BU

Start: Level 2 0930. Level 4 13.30
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
BACS acc name Mazonne Jones, sort-code 30-63-47, acc no 57556468
Contact: Maz Jones
– Tel: 07597493138

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Fosdyke level 2 and 4.
The sun was shining all day on the trial, which made for a beautiful day.
Level 2 competitors where all amazing with not only the handling but also there willingness to take some advice to improve themselves.
I would first like to mention
Christina and Glenn. I always put this team last on the runs as Glenn has some trouble seeing other dogs. Sunday he came bounding out of the car in such a happy excited way. Lovely to see the improvement in him. Unfortunately it wasn’t his day indoors, but still a big achievement for him and Christina.
Level 4
This level always seems to worry people. The mention of distraction scent and people think it’s all going to go wrong.
Watching the teams compete it was clear people needed to relax and forget about distractions. A few of the dogs were interested in some of the new smells, which caused people to alert call. They would say not sure why I called as it’s not my dogs indication. This is down to worry. While training the whole place is full of distraction smells. Find the difference between interested and indication.
The person and dog team that sticks in my mind on this level is Kelly with Data. A few blips in and Kelly recognized that Data’s head wasn’t in the zone, so she withdrew her. Which in my mind is fantastic teamwork. No point in pushing a dog to continue doing something if it’s just not working out.
Well done to everyone who attended the trials. See you soon on the next one.

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