Sun 01 Mar 2020, Coombeinteignhead

Levels 1 and 2: Judges - Debra Cassidy and Katrina Cameron
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Natasha French - Aika204.939.0520510.9320525.032054.7199.979.72
2Lesley Saunders - Chiara204.965.7520551.93204.9556.35204.9118.799.75292.73
3Karen Hodgson - Alfie204.5126.35204.9128.62204.985.152054.6599.3344.77
4Cath Cable - Squirm20543.1820537.070518.512055.5180104.27
5Lisa Prynn - Patrick20532.252056.9704.974.432057.9379.9121.58
6Becky Turner - Milo204.964.9520540.470526.022058.1379.9139.57
7Andrew Prynn - Honey205106.8204.9595.5704.960.7720533.7579.85296.89
8Nick Pook - Rory04.984.29204.9575.70555.35204.9540.3759.8255.71
Level 2
1Sara Seymour - Ripley20547.0920517.0920556.2320578.68100199.09
2Steph Rendall - Iti20534.85205108.8120535.0720549100227.73
3Josie Manley - Dexter20535.5420544.1420577.9820582.19100239.85
4Sue Giles - Sky20542.88205150.82205108.9120537.91100340.52
5Bridget Woodman - Ernie205135.91205108.8620534.7520592.56100372.08
6Georgina Davies - Pi20550.4120556.1205201.4520569.13100377.09
7Cath Cable - Zing20578.1320519.5910542.5320592.2190232.46
8Peter Millar - Holly20559.6910584.9720564.6920576.9790286.32
9Wendy Callachan - Quinn205164.9200102.65205102.56105162.4585532.56
10Carolyn Fry - Tica10583.6620579.1320592.5310559.6880315
11Debra Cassidy - Buddy20590.691056010582.5205167.1780400.36
12Natasha French - Cain10538.7910573.28205128.610538.7970279.46

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thank you to Sara for asking me to Judge a fairly large group of 12 teams at level 2- after a sunny start with light winds the weather changed rapidly to torrential rain whilst both the external search and the car search took place. Despite the cold and wet all teams acquitted themselves well with some outstanding times set. The hall at combeinteenhead being large and with access from both sides of the building allowing shelter and access to the amenities whilst the trial was underway, making this a great venue. The teams, baring one or two false alerts, excelled themselves with 11 Qualifying scores and one level 2 Excellence being awarded. Well done to all the teams and to John for keeping everything Running throughout the afternoon.

Firstly thank you to Sara for asking me to judge at her inaugural trial at Combeinteignhead. A new and exciting venue that will I am sure host many more trials. Although a little windy at times the weather was kind to the teams; indeed the quick turn of a snout was testament to this. Teams started with the exterior search with all being successful. Lisa and Patrick were amazing taking just under 7 seconds and Lesley and Chiara did a stunning systematic search. The vehicle search saw 5 teams indicating in under 10 seconds Karen/Alfie, Becky/Milo, Cath/Squirm Lisa/Patrick and Natasha/ Aika . Boxes and luggage proved difficult with only 3 teams calling the correct item, a couple called on the item next to the scented bag . However all handlers remained positive for the final search, (tables and chairs) and there were some lovely indications from teams – Andrew with Honey, Becky with Milo and Cath with Squirm. It was lovely to see how some teams had grown in confidence – Nick with Rory.
Overall it was a delight to watch the handlers and dogs working and at times I held my breath with you … Breath.
Thanks also go to John (novice runner) who kept things running smoothly.

Thank you to everybody that came to this inaugral trial at Combeinteignhead. Having had to postpone due to storm Dennis, I was avidly watching the forecast and grateful that the latest storm blew over (mostly) on Saturday! I think all would agree that this is a great venue, with good sized search areas.

Thank you to Debra Cassidy for judging Level 1, setting some excellent searches. Well done to all the competitors, with all but one qualifying on this occasion. Thanks of course to Michelle Davies for scribing.

Another big thank you to Katrina Cameron for taking over in the afternoon for the Level 2, ably assisted by David Cameron. Challenging conditions for the outside searches, but everyone managed to stay cheerful! Again, all but one team qualified and we had a number of Clean Sweeps.

I was particularly pleased to be able to give out four Excellent awards today – three in Level 1 and one in Level 2. Good luck to those teams in your new levels!

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