Sun 16 Feb 2020, Honley

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - L1 Pauline James and Eric Carpenter.
L2 Linda Newbold and Eric Carpenter
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1 SUE SHELBOURNE - FINN20519.7205502053920519.71100128.41
2DAVID WAITE - VINNIE20529.532051102056020535.69100235.22
3 TONY HAGGER - FINN204.532.1520516204.78420510.699.2142.75
4LUCY TOYNE - WALTER204113.7120524205362057.9699181.67
5MANDY HUNT - MAC204.540.52057805020518.5979.5137.09
6SAM BROADHEAD - RIGBY204.535.8520516604020523.5378.5225.38
Level 2
1LYNETTE WADDINTON - JAZZ2055720572.72055920538100226.7
2REBECCA JAYNE - FREDDY2052820561.04204.953.342052399.9165.38
3 ALDYTH KITCHIN - SPICE2052320552.920552.71204.756399.75191.61
4 NICOLA HODGSON - RIO2052820562.720579.161051990188.86
5SONJA STANLEY - LEO2052120579.3104188.732056389352.03

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Yvonne Carpenter

I stood in for Eric who had been taken ill. Massive thanks to Tracey and Pauline for all their hard work in making sure that we not only run SWUK trial, but run them well! Tracey did a great job of adding Runner to her TM duties. We tried a new format at the trial which meant that competitors could socialise and relax and it seemed to work well. I judged Tables and Chairs and Boxes and Luggage for both Level 1 and Level 2. Thanks to my Level 1 Scribe, Linda, who rescued us by coming early and standing in. Thanks to my Level 2 Scribe, Elaine, who was kind enough to stay after competing in Level 1. Thanks also to David Waite who helped sort out the scores at the end of the day so there was no hanging about after judging. For those that didn’t qualify or get all the hides, it seemed to be mainly down to lack of confidence in calling an initial alert and then the dog losing confidence in what was required.

Level 1 – B&L handling and performances were excellent for the most part, T&C saw some minor marking. Well done to Sue and David on perfect scores. Minor handling losses cost Tony his excellent award at this trial, but you’re nearly there! Good luck to everyone at their next trial.

Level 2 – Excellent handling and performances for the most part. The ones that didn’t qualify still exhibited very good handling, I think nerves just won! Three competitors got 99+ scores and it was a pleasure to see Lynette and Aldyth get their Level 2 Excellent Awards. Pleasure to judge you all, good luck with your next Trials.

Thank you to Honley Hounds, Yvonne, Tracey and Pauline for asking me to judge the level 2 for them today. As always it was a fabulous, friendly and well run trial, with Yvonne, Tracey and Pauline pulling together, rearranging things and doing everything possible to make the trial run smoothly despite Storm Dennis, they even rearranged the
venue to make sure all the
competitors could stay dry and warm. Thank you to Mandy Hunt for staying on after competing in Level 1 to scribe for me.
Storm Dennis didn’t prove to be too much of a hindrance, although a few of the competitors and helpers were unable to get through.
The standard of the dogs and handlers was very good and everyone of them did some excellent searches. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves, well done to everyone who qualified and good luck to you all with your future trials.

We deliberated about whether to go ahead with this trial, with the threat of Storm Dennis hitting local areas but he behaved for us and we managed to keep most of the competitors dry. We changed the rooms we used for the trial meaning we could allow competitors to sit inside with their dogs while they waited, this seemed to work well.

Pauline James and Yvonne Carpenter judged level 1, and Linda Newbold and Yvonne judged Level 2 – Yvonne stepping in to replace Eric Carpenter who was ill. Thanks Yvonne and hope you’re soon better Eric.

We had to rejig our helpers as some people couldn’t make it, so Linda stepped in and scribed for Level 1 as well as Nikki Hodgson, both doing a fantastic job. Then competitors from our Level 1 – Elaine Jubb, David Waite and Mandy Hunt stayed to help in our level 2 scribing and doing the scores – couldn’t have done it without you. Competitors also stayed after the Level 2 presentation to help tidy up which helped tremendously.

Our competitors were great in both Levels and made the runners job easy by being close to hand and ready to swap their running order when needed. Thank you and I hope you all enjoyed your day.

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