Sun 01 Mar 2020, Thurleigh

Level 5: Judge - Sue Abbott-Dixon
WA = Wrong Alerts (4 = elimination)P = Points (articles found X 10)
B = Bonus (10 if all items found)D = DeductionsT = time (seconds)
Interior Search 1Interior Search 2Exterior SearchTotals
1Laura Burton - Jett040100.52010501001920301001200120300.5149.5513
2Lynda Stangle - Magic040100.5212050100.5134030100.151520120301.15148.85498
3Stacey Robinson - Bella03000240050100175030100340110200130449
4Caroline Bannard - "Mr Wilson"03000240050100189030100760110200130505
5Jane Ellis - Febe03002240250105263030100.5612110207.5122.5564
6Kelly Harris - Zoe1300124004000.15300030100881100101.15108.85628
7Deborah Palmer - Majic03000.534014000.5300030100.151051100101.15108.85745
8Rachael Fox - "Logan Berry"140100.1524013000.1530002000180290100.399.7720
9Kym Salisbury - Max1200124024000.15295030100.1581390101.398.7616

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

sue Abbott-Dixon

Thank you for inviting me to Judge Marianne.

As Marianne mentioned we ran with a Valentine time theme, and all areas were set up with a touch of Love !.
We set up the areas, with consideration to the time of day, and weather, and also making sure there was a nice big area to use, should you want to reward your during the searches.

I have to say, my job was made very easy, with some top class teams running. Wow ! the way you guys work in partnership with your dogs was a joy to watch.

Interior 1
This was a big area, including part of the hall, lobby, corridor, and ladies Loo. This allowed the dogs to blow the cobwebs away, and get into work mode in plenty of time, 4 scents laid. Jett and Magic show us how this area should be done, and lovely Logan had us with our hearts in our mouths, as he headed up to the final scent with the clock counting down… Well done Rachael called just before the clock ran out.

We used the front parking area, and front of the building.
Everyone did so well here, and it proved that you don’t have to have the quickest dogs to get the quickest time…… Max and Mr Wilson were methodical and precise, and found all scents in around 80 seconds.
Bella did a text book search here, and Zoe was amazing .. Off lead, focused and nailed all scents in 88 seconds.

Interior 2
This was a nice square area, top end of the hall, and 5 scents to find.
Mr Wilson was 1st up, and set the standard finding all scents easily, but Jett and Magic weren’t going to be out done, and did beautiful searches too.
and again, Bella and Stacey were stunning to watch.
Zoe was a joy to watch, and oozed happiness, as she blasted into the area, and got one of the scents in 12 seconds. Great teamwork here.

Well done everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the trial as much as I did, and I hope the dogs all enjoyed their “Valentine” rewards.
I hope to see you all again soon .

Trial Manager report Thurleigh 1st March 2020

Today we had level 5 and due to the village hall being booked in the morning we did not start until 1pm.

This trial was postponed from Feb 16th due to the storms. We were very lucky with the weather today it was a trifle cold but no rain. Although it was quite windy.

Sue Abbott-Dixon was our judge today and she came extremely well prepared. As the trial should have been just after Valentines day this was the theme for today. The search areas were all set out with valentine cards, flowers (not real ones) boxes containing pressies, even a dinner table for two with wine was set out with a lovely tablecloth.

All three areas were walked to start with, then they had two white dogs check it over.

Geof was the runner and Helen Kennedy was the scribe. It is so lovely to have such great help and I would like to thank them all so much. As they are both experienced helpers I was able to get on with trial managing. Also to show off my puppy Nutmeg. Nutmeg had a great day as she met lots of lovely people and dogs, and who knows she may compete one day….

I was able to watch some of the searches and they looked great.

Thank you to all the competitors for attending today. All who stayed until photos received a goodie bag – yes with hearts on it.

We had a great qualifying rate today. As always it is a great pleasure to run these trials and be able to watch such fabulous dogs having a great time.

Marianne Tembey – Trial manager

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