Sun 17th Nov 2019, Thurleigh

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Gloria Bonnell & Justine Steele
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Stefanie Healey – Hank204.75720523205142051999.7113
2Sue McAuliffe - Tiva20523204.944204.8302051799.7114
3Emily Meadows – Crosby 204.846204.933205192051699.7114
4Val Isherwood – Trio204.86720543204.8432056899.6221
5Nikki Daft – Minnie204.613020552205192052099.6221
6Michelle Allen – Kizzy204.813820542204.8822055399.6315
7Rita Banfather – Elliott204.86620517204.61302052699.4239
8Wendy Clay – Violet204.59520590204.71602058299.2427
9Julie Thomas – Sassy204.8560549204.9392056179.7205
10Fiona Powell – Murphy204.7147204.9720018020512874.6527
Level 2
1Jackie Hodge – Kona20525204.94520513220534599.9547
2Katie Dew – Red2054020556204.9182204.94699.8324
3Val Russell – Del2056220532204.9132204.88199.7307
4Nicky Hamlin – Bong2057320545204.8122204.98799.7327
5Kate Osborn – Mr Kipling2052220531204.9120104.94889.8221
6Jackie Pywell – Jessie205472056820584104.83589.8234
7Julie Neale – Wren204.954104.9101204.9772056789.7299
8Stacey Robinson – Ghost204.967104.7682052052054989.6389
9Vanessa Bonner – Lola104.8227104.858204.71372058079.3502
10Alison Templeman – Poppy204.95204.556204.9194204.810279.1404

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

First of all a big thank you to Marianne for putting on yet another lovely trial and for asking me to judge, of course I would! I just love watching all the teams navigate the different searches. Thanks also to my brilliant scribes Nicky Hamlin and Chris Baldwin.
Level one first and for me it started with tables and chairs. Every single team found the scented article on the first side chair on the right. Some hairy moments where I thought a false indication might happen but happily, patience won through and although not everyone was as sure as they may may have wanted to be the correct call was made and I hope this helps with confidence in the future. Memorable for me was Val and Trio who despite identifying very quickly had to check all the way round before calling, Emily and Crosby who missed it initially then with nerves under control also found it the second time around. In sharp contrast Nikki was brave with Minnie with an off lead very quick and impressive indication and alert and Sue and Tiva demonstrating another quick and beautifully independent search. Worth mentioning was the fizzy Hank with Stef, who found time to do an impressive somersault and correctly find, what a pair these are going to be! Also Wendy who allowed Violet the time and space that she needed to get in the zone and correctly find the target chair. A wonderful example of knowing your own dog was when Chris correctly identified Riley’s indication despite not being particularly close!! Well done all!!
The vehicles proved a little more difficult for teams perhaps just because of the environment, but maybe too, passed experiences. Being asked to search from the entry and exit point also meant that some dogs at this level weren’t exactly sure what they should be searching and wanted to go off and search the cones, ground or nearby building! (See you all at level five!) The scent was in the offside rear wheel and again most teams were successful, perhaps the threat of time running down unnerved a couple of handlers and this transferred to their pooch, however, not so for Wendy and Violet who with sympathetic handling called it at very nearly the last second, handler experience nailing it. On the other end of the scale Emily & Crosby were super fast and clear, Julie and Sassy were fizzy but accurate and when Kizzy got down to it was super precise for Michelle.
Overall then a fabulous morning and many congratulations to everyone but particularly, Steph and Hank gaining first place and their excellent. A meagre one second behind but equal points thus equal second for Sue and Tiva (relative newbies) and Emily and Crosby also achieving excellent! Incredibly only one 10th of a second behind them for equal fourth to Val and Trio and Nikki and Minnie. Michelle & Kizzy 5th on time alone but I’m sure gaining your excellent was perfect recompense. Well done all see you again soon.

The afternoon saw the level two teams arrive and I now judged the exterior and boxes and bags. First up the exterior which proved a bit tricky for some. One scent was on the first item the team encountered the second on a metal tube thing (!) that was wedged into a crack in the paving. No problems with the white dogs but probably down to the environment and owner panicking there were a few false indications. All teams except for Val and Del walked over the first sent and although it was found by most, it was impressive to see that Val gave Del the time to figure it out before the clock had even started. Both Jackies with Kona and Jessie were respectively accurate and full of lovely handling while John did well to avoid a “wee” incident with Jay! Nikki was super calm with Bong and her strategy for rewarding was top draw. Stacey read Ghost brilliantly and I’m sure will now treat each trial as unrelated, proving that trialling is training for us as well as our pups!! Back inside for the boxes and bags and some lovely handling in here to find the scented box centre left side, and big bag centre right. Was a delight to see teams get that accurate freeze at source, especially on the bag is the material allowed the scent to travel all over it! Again Jackie and Kona came up trumps and ultimately earned their excellent at this level, thoroughly deserved congratulations! Julie and Wren, Katie and Red also have a cracking relationship and were two teams of many who found both scents. I love the way Barley put his foot on top of the scent as if pointing it out and the systematic searching of Bong with Nicky was lovely to watch. Thrilled too for Ghost, Lola and Poppy whose clean sweep is I’m sure just around the corner. It was a pleasure to watch you all, please don’t be disheartened if you didn’t qualify today, you will all get there if you haven’t already, I can’t wait to see you all again in the future.

Marianne Tembey

Thurleigh Trial 17th November 2019
Thank you, Marianne Tembey, for inviting me to judge Level 1 & 2 at Thurleigh Trial. Also, my co judge the lovely Justine Steele it was great sharing the judging with you. My task was Exterior Search, Boxes & Luggage on Level 1. Vehicle, Chairs & Tables Level 2.
The entrants were a lovely group of people and it was a pleasure to judge them. Some fantastic partnerships. The little advice that was given to some handlers on the first searches was taken on board and a marked improvement when they came back for second search.
There were some very nervous handlers but on the whole, they put their nerves to one side and got on with the job in hand. Some really great dogs and I’m sure we will see these partnerships move on very quickly.
Level 1 Exterior
The scent was placed on a small plastic step, all handlers requested the 3 items. Rita Banfather & Elliott, what a great search, a little Chihuahua which was shivering from the cold, so it was either a great search or he was thinking let’s get this done so I can get back on in the warm. I think it was a good search, very impressive. Wendy Clay & Violet a very nervous dog, but coped well and found scent. Stefanie Healey with Hank, boy what a fantastic search, dog was positive and handler let him get on with the job in hand
Level 1 Boxes & Luggage
The Scent was placed in luggage. Everyone except one handler found the scent. I liked the way Sue McAuliffe handled the search, she stood back and let Tiva get on with finding the scent, 17secs. The same action from Emily Meadower & Crosby 16 secs. Excellent times guys.
I was pleased to see Stefanie Healey & Hank go on and win the Level and gain their Excellent. Michelle Allen & Kizzy also walked away with their Excellent today.
Level 2 Tables & Chairs
The scent was in one of the hinges on a folded plastic carrier and the other scent under a chair seat.
Kate Osborn & Mr Kipling, great search both scents found in 22 secs. Another good search was Jackie Hodge & Kona both scents in 25 secs. I also need to mention Katie Dew & Red, this team worked really well together, great to watch both scents 40 secs.
Level 2 Vehicle Search
The two scents one in the rear wheel bolt, other in door hinge. These searches proved to be more difficult for some and 4 dogs did not find both searches, perhaps it was because it was later in the day.
A mention must go to Jackie Hodge & Kona, worked the cars really well, good team work. Well done this team for winning the Level. Followed by Katie Drew & Red, Val Russell & Del, this little dog worked his socks off. Nicky Hamlin & Bong, this dog suits his name.
I’d like to congratulate everyone who entered today, there were some worthy qualifiers, and those who did not make it today, your turn will come.
Gloria Bonnell – Judge

Trial Managers Report
Thurleigh 17th Nov 2019
Levels 1 & 2

A lovely chilly morning as I arrives at the venue, but soon turned into rain. Both judges and scribes arrived in plenty of time to get started.

We set up the tables and chairs and the exterior search, ran the white dogs, had the judges briefing and then got started. The exterior search was a bit damp for a while but soon the rain dissappeared.

The judges then changed over and got on with the vehicle search and the boxes and luggage.

Level 1 whizzed through all the searches and we had 10 qualifiers. First was Stefanie Healey with Hank. We then had a joint second place with Sue McAuliffe – Tiva and Emily Meadows – Crosby. Both had a score of 99.70 and both had the same time!!!!
Then we had a joint fourth place. Nikki Daft – Minnie and Val Isherwood – Trio both had a score of 99.60 and exactly the same time!!!

What are the odds for that? Joint second and joint fourth places.

Then we had level 2 in the afternoon, dry but a bit chilly. Jackie Hodge and Kona with a well deserved 1st place.

It was dark by the time we gave out rosettes.

Thank you so much to both judges Justine Steele and Gloria Bonnell for doing a fabulous job today. Also thank you to scribes Julia Reeves (who scribed all day) and to Nicky Hamlin for scribing in the morning and Chris Baldwin in the afternoon.

I did the running for both levels but Stacey Robinson helped towards the end of the day so that I could sort out certificates. Thank you Stacey .

Also a huge thank you to Chris Baldwin and Jackie Pywell who both stayed and helped me to clear up, sweep the hall, tidy the kitchen and get everything back into my car.

We really cannot run trials without your help – so it is very much appreciated.

A very enjoyable way top spend a Sunday and so lovely to be able to watch your dogs working.

Thank – Marianne Trial manager for Thurleigh 17th Nov 2019

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