Sun 18 Jul 2021, Canvey Island

Levels 3 & 4: Judges - Stacey Robinson & Kim Harrison

1a Tavistock House, Charfleets Road, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 0PQ

Start: 10am & 2pm
Entry Fees: £26 per dog.
Contact: K9 Scent & Search UK

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Canvey Island – My first trial since qualifying as a Level 1-4 judge.
An absolutely amazing trial venue today Set up by Jo and her team for the extreme heat conditions, the welfare of the dogs and their handlers were catered for in every way possible.
Level three ran in the morning. We had a slow start on our first area Vehicles, you could see how intensely hot in temperature it was for the teams, however each and every team should be immensely proud of how they worked together in this area.
I was then to judge Luggage/boxes/bags – wow being in a much cooler area made such a difference for the teams, beautiful searching and some spectacular handling. We did have a slight trashing incident which resulted in the handler losing marks unfortunately, but it was lovely to see the teams benefiting from a cooler area to search in.
Stacey judged the other two areas and kindly used her dogs white dog all the search areas for us.
Huge congratulations to Emma and Murphy for 1st please and gaining there Excellence today.
Congratulations to everyone whom also attended today for their first level 3 which was a fair few of you, because today was so so intense with the weather, each and everyone should be proud of all their achievements today and it was a complete pleasure to be able to share it with you.

The afternoon was a Level 4 Trial.
My areas to Judge were again Luggage/boxes/bags the distraction scents chosen were Vanilla and toothpaste. It seemed a few had a fetish for toothpaste, a few slight snorts around the Vanilla distraction scent but no commitment by any team, again the standard of handling was very high in this area especially as we were now well into a lot higher heat temperatures.
As the temperature was so high by careful consideration by Jo for the welfare of the dogs and handlers it was decided to have a wall search in a cooler area rather then the vehicle search area. I believe this was the first time all the competitors had carried out a wall search in a trial. One handler had never had the courage to let her dog work off lead but being in a secure area wished to give her a go, beautifully handled and a pleasure to watch the confidence grow between the team so well done to you both. We had another team whom absolutely worked their socks off in this area, I know I say to myself all the time trust your dog, and I know on several occasions I have completely let her down in the past, this handler trusted her dog explicitly and worked every inch of the area for a beautiful fully committed alert on both hides a huge well done.
Stacey again very kindly judged the other two areas and very kindly used her dogs to white dog the areas again for us.

Emma and Murphy well what can I say they gained excellence in the morning on Level 3 and gained first place in the Afternoon in the Level 4. Extreme well done to you both.
Massive congratulations to everyone that competed this afternoon each and everyone I hope you proud of your achievements as a team with the extreme weather conditions today because for myself as a judge today I am truly grateful to have been able to watch you work and hopefully help you all on your scentwork journey, you have all been exceptional, and as I said in the beginning a massive thank to Jo and her team today this trial venue was extremely well thought out and the best possible care taken for everyone involved today.
Thank you for allowing me to be part of this today. Good luck everyone in your scentwork journey.

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