Sun 18 Oct 2020, Lydiate

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Harry Latusek & Gloria Bonnell

Lydiate Parish Hall, Southport Road, Lydiate, L31 4EQ

Start: 10am and 2pm
Entry Fees: £23 per dog.
Contact: Sue Taylor

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges report.
A big Thankyou to Sue for inviting me along to judge the levels 1 and 2 at Lydiate,my co judge on the day,was the lovely Cath Seddon.Also a mention for my 2 scribes,John and Yvonne who both did a wonderful job.
This was my 1st visit to this lovely venue,a one way system was in place,due to Mr Covy,this worked exceptionally well,resulting in no teams coming into close contact.The weather was kind to us,dry and even a little sunshine in the afternoon.I judged the exterior and vehicle search in the level 1 and the boxes/luggage,tables/chairs and perimeter in level 2.
Level 1
This search went extremely well,some lovely searching and going to source by the majority of dogs.Only 2 of the 16 teams elected not to be told the 3 items.Unfortunately,these two teams were the only ones to make a false call.
Excellent searching by Fiona and Flossie,Claire and Mona and Dan and Tess,all finding the hide in under 10 seconds.

I hid the scent on the electrics of the tow bar at the rear of the vehicle,this being the furthest point away from the start line.
No problem for any of the 16 teams.Claire and Mona and Dan and Tess doing so in some 8 seconds,closely followed by Fiona and Flossie and Brenda and Zita in 10 and 11 seconds,respectively.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day.All on maximum score,places being decided on time….1st..Dan and Tess,.2nd..Nancy and Izzie..3rd..Doreen and Bramble..4th..Ann and Izzie.

Level 2
Boxes and luggage.
An excellent display all round by all of the teams,barring a couple who became slightly distracted during the search.9 of the 10 dogs competing, correctly identifying the correct box and bag,with little difficulty.

Some lovely searching all round by the majority of teams,and again,9 of the 10 finding both hides with ease.Worthy of a mention are Fiona and Ginny,it was comical to watch Ginny skid to a halt,as it dashed around the tables and chairs,quickly flicking back to identify the correct chair.
A wonderful display by all of the teams and I look forward to meeting some,if not all of you at sometime in the future.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners..1st..Fiona and Ginny..2nd..Julie and Ricco..3rd..Carol and Breeze..4th..Irene and Toby.

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