Sun 18th Aug 2019, Truro

Levels 1 & 2:
Judges - L1 Denise Pile & Hannah Crook
L2 Denise Pile & Jackie Lawer
Level 1

1 Jessica Lobb – Wilbur – 100
2 Alex Brinnen – Ralph – 100
3 Jill Bone – Hijack – 100
4 Sam Caddy – Maddie – 100
5 Bridget Woodman – Ernie – 100
6 Beccy Kestin – Pile – 100
7 Jackie Lawer – Dart – 100
8 Brenda Langford – Ruby – 99.9
9 Lisa Prynn – Honey – 99.9
10 Sally-Anne Webb – Chase – 99.9
11 Yvonne Hawk – Hazel – 80
12 Chris Bird – Maisie – 80
13 Lexie Lobb – Ted – 80
14 Lesley Saunders – Chiara – 80
15 Sue Toft-Hunt – Megan – 80
16 Dave Bird – Skipper – 80
17 Helene Lawson – Archie – 79.75
18 Natasha French – Aika – 79.75
19 Paula Jones – Beau – 79.65

Level 2

1 Janet Shephard – Teal 100
2 Lynn Crook – Etta 100
3 Debra Cassidy – Buddy 100
4 Peter Millar – Holly 99.9
5 Katie Rogers – Gylly 99.9
6 Lottie Moran – Emrys 99.9
7 Pip Moran – Molly 99.8
8 Sue Dawkins – Nala 99.7
9 Kate Ring-Holmes – Elsa 99.7
10 Lesley Hughes – Toffee 99.7
11 Kelly Howarth – Maisie 89.9
12 Serena Stewart – Lyric 89.75
13 Natasha French – Cain 89.75
14 Josie Manley – Dexter 89
15 Heide Rodriguez – Jessie 79.55

Lovely morning. We were very lucky with the weather as it had been changeable! Luckily it held with only a few spots of rain towards the end.

Great judges, Jackie and Denise setting nice searches. Every team Qualified which was a fantastic result for our first level 2 trial.

Huge thank you to all who helped, Janet, Serena, Brenda, Bridget, Beccy and Terry with setting up, breaking down, scribing, corralling people and allowing us the use of cars! Much needed help when you are on a tight schedule.

Also big thank you to Jackie who had organised the paperwork so well it was very easy to follow.

Denise Pile

Firstly I would really like to thank the two scribes I had, Brenda in the morning and Janet in the afternoon. In the morning on our level 2 Trial the standard of all the competitors was really good in the two outside searches that I had the pleasure of judging, every one found both hides on the vehicles and only three dogs missed one of the articles in the exterior search which was very good considering we had some noisy children playing in the park just the other side of the fence. A special well done to Josie and Dexter for coping with the noise especially as Dexter is a sight hound he used his nose really well. Serena was really patient with Lyric letting him take his time. Peter had the best double take with Holly that I have seen for a long while on the vehicles, and how Lynn managed to call the right alerts on her vehicle search I don’t know I would have called at least two wrong ones if I had been Etta’s handler!! There was some really fast times in the exterior search Lynn and Etta, Lesley and Toffee, Debra and Buddy, Kate and Elsa and Janet and Teal all under 30 seconds for TWO finds!! Brilliant! and we managed to finish just before it started to rain.

In the afternoon we had another great lot of teams with 20 competitors we had table and chairs first and wow Lisa and Honey 8 seconds !! closely followed by Lexi and Ted with 11 seconds ! so it did not take long before we were onto boxes and luggage where teams found it a bit more difficult Bridget read Ernie very well and called the right alert. Aika was very exuberant but Tash called it right well done. So all in all I think a very good day.

Jackie Lawer

This was the first Level 2 Trial we had run at Truro and my first time judging this level, so not surprisingly I felt a little nervous. However, I briefed my scribe carefully and Beccy was excellent, not only at recording scores and times but also quickly reminding me to remove and replace the found items if I was too slow! I judged the indoor search areas and Denise Pile judged outdoors.

We started with Table & Chairs and Perimeter. The perimeter item was a yellow folding sign which was laid flat on the ground with the scented item inside the folded sides at the edge towards the inside of the room. It was lovely to watch many of the dogs do a double-take as they passed it and actually all the dogs were successful in finding both articles. Some dogs took a little more time finding the correct chair. It was lovely watching the different methods of searching – some dogs diving straight in very fast and some working more slowly and systematically. Lynn and Etta worked very quickly with the dog being very independent and picked up the fastest time in this search.

The boxes and luggage caused a few more difficulties for the dogs but still only three of the 15 dogs did not find both items. Janet and Teal (a very enthusiastic Flat-coated Retriever) were incredibly fast with a time of less than 20 seconds. Most of the dogs searched really well, irrespective of their times. The scented items were a small holdall which I stuffed with some bubble wrap and a large cardboard box. I also included some other containers in the search area to add variety and the dogs worked well searching everything in their path.

The main reasons I docked the odd fraction of a point here and there in both search areas was usually due to the handler blocking the items or calling the dog away when it was obviously following the scent. Hopefully the feedback I gave was useful to the competitors.

It was a very enjoyable and interesting morning judging and lovely to see such diverse breeds having a great time with their handlers and I am pleased to say that all the Level 2 dogs achieved a qualifying score!

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Jessica Lobb – Wilbur205362051120572051010064
2Alex Brinnen – Ralph2051920519205232053710098
3Jill Bone – Hijack20552205820572053210099
4Sam Caddy – Maddie20547205182051420538100117
5Bridget Woodman – Ernie205172051520517205106100155
6Beccy Kestin – Pile20552205442051720546100159
7Jackie Lawer – Dart20519205542052620563100162
8Brenda Langford – Ruby20518204.913205122052099.963
9Lisa Prynn – Honey2059204.993205192057899.9199
10Sally-Anne Webb – Chase20517204.9692052820512199.9235
11Yvonne Hawk – Hazel2053720520205805188083
12Chris Bird – Maisie20532205132054105118097
13Lexie Lobb – Ted205122052520521056980127
14Lesley Saunders – Chiara205312052220548057680177
15Sue Toft-Hunt – Megan205452052220515052380105
16Dave Bird – Skipper2059320529205540510580281
17Helene Lawson – Archie204.75582054120523054779.75169
18Natasha French – Aika2053304.75612054020512379.75257
19Paula Jones – Beau204.7562204.9572057054479.65170
Level 2
1Janet Shephard – Teal20543205262052820520100117
2Lynn Crook – Etta205192051520511420532100180
3Debra Cassidy – Buddy20574205252054220561100202
4Peter Millar – Holly205362053820544204.95599.9173
5Katie Rogers – Gylly205342053120536204.98199.9182
6Lottie Moran – Emrys205382057620572204.95299.9238
7Pip Moran – Molly204.89220564205372053499.8227
8Sue Dawkins – Nala204.9442054020546204.84699.7176
9Kate Ring-Holmes – Elsa204.9792052620564204.86399.7232
10Lesley Hughes – Toffee204.955920521204.751002055699.7236
11Kelly Howarth – Maisie205762055320557104.94489.9230
12Serena Stewart – Lyric204.7566105442051062055389.75269
13Natasha French – Cain2056210566204.751122056089.75300
14Josie Manley – Dexter2055320514420523310412989559
15Heide Rodriguez – Jessie204.756810510320570104.83479.55275

Kea Community Centre, Playing Place, Truro. TR3 6ET

Start times: level 2 – 10am & level 1 – 2pm
Entry Fees: £22 per dog. Entry levels capped at 15 each level. Only one dog per handler per level.
Contact: Jackie Lawer 07720 859356
Download Entry Form to book a place.