Sun 18th Nov 2018, Brogborough

Levels 3 & 4:- Judges - Tracey Alker & Patty Goriainoff
Level 3

1st Melanie Goble – Rowan :- 99.9
2nd Becky Layphries – Reba :- 99.9
3rd Janet Wykes – Jess :- 99.8
4th Kathy Killick – Rowan :- 99.8
5th Caroline Bannard – Mr Wilson :- 99.8
6th Helen Kennedy – Preston :- 99.75
7th Kate Osborn – Kiwi :- 99.7
8th Harold Latusek – Rosie :- 99.3
9th Swann Hoffmann – Fyodor :- 98.55
10th Sharon Smith – Inca :- 89.7
11th Kym Salisbury – Max :- 89.7
12th Kathy Fitzgerald – Portia :- 89.15
13th Hazel Mead – Noodles :- 88.75
14th Pat Chantler – Arthur :- 79.4

Level 4

1st Rob Harris – Gem :- 99.9
2nd Chris Clements – QueevaDiva :- 99.25
3rd Kathy Killick – Star :- 99.1
4th Kate Kemp – Paddy :- 89.65
5th Annette Leslie – Disney :- 89.35
6th Julie Thomas- Betty :- 80
7th Helen Byrne – Nellie :- 79.55
8th Donna Winskill – Lucy :- 79
9th David Ewers L3ex :- 78.9

Another lovely sunny but very cold day here in Brogborough as we set up ready for the trial today.
Today we have level 3 & 4 and I am looking forward to welcoming a few new people with their dogs. It is always lovely to see new competitors that I have not previously met.

Both judges were held up with traffic but we soon got started. After they had given their judges breifing Tracey started with the boxes and Luggage and Patty was on the exterior search.

These searches went well with only a few false alerts. Then we got onto the tables and chairs and the vehicle search. As this was a level 4 both the scented articles were put onto one car which caused problems to half of the dogs. The other half found them okay.

The tables and chairs went really well with only two false alerts.

Time for rosettes, certificates and the trophy to be given out. Plus the Excellent rosette which was awarded to Chris Clements with Queeva Diva.

Always a very pleasing time to be able to thank everyone for their help and to see certificates been awarded.
Then to a fabulous lunch provided by Geof and Sue. Huge thanks to them both as they do provide excellent food. Especially the brownies!!

After lunch we then had the level 3 searches. Tracey stayed doing the indoor searches as Patty was more then happy to stay out in the cold.

I am very pleased to say that we had 100% pass rate for level 3. Plus an Excellent rosette which was awarded to Becky Laphyries with Reba.

Thank you to everyone who attended today and abided by the new rules the village hall have given us.
Big thanks to my two brilliant judges Tracey Alker and Patty Goriainoff who braved the cold to judge all day. Also thank you to Sue & Geof for not only providing a fabulous lunch but they both scribed all day. Plus thank you to Nicki Hetfield-Rogerson who did the running plus kept everyone provided with hot drinks.

I cannot put these trials on with out helpers so I would like you all to know how appreciated you are.
As a trial host I do not always get to watch very many of the searches but today I was able to watch lots and it was a great pleasure.

Thank you Marianne

Tracey Alker

Firstly, a huge thank you to Marianne for asking me to judge her trial and also to her lovely team for everything they do. Sue, Geof and Nicky allgive a lot of time, support (and lovely food!) and are truly appreciated. Thanks also to Patty for taking the outdoor searches and giving me the luxury of being in the warm!

We started the day with our Level 4 teams. The boxes & luggage search was first indoors and in total we only had 2 wrong alerts. Lucy, handled by Donna, demonstrated 2 fabulous ‘knocks’, completely changing direction after passing the scent to indicate where it was. Kate was very calm while Paddy spent time investigating an unscented bag but then moved on to the correct find proving it pays to be sure. No dogs were fooled by the distraction scents hiding in 2 boxes and all dismissed them quickly.

Next was the tables, chairs and perimeter search. Overall this was a high scoring round but we did have 2 wrong alerts on the distraction scent of shampoo placed underneath the bottom step of the taller step ladder. This also attracted little Gem’s attention and she climbed the ladder to double check but then moved on, correctly indicating on the table in the corner. Disney did a lovely indication standing on his back paws holding his nose on the correct chair scent and Betty found her first scent in 4 seconds! Whoosh. Rick did very well trying to encourage Max to work and was very patient with him, but sadly,
Max wasn’t in the mood for working this search today.

Time to move swiftly on as the Level 3 teams were due to arrive shortly. Marianne & Sue quickly added up the scores and the presentation took place. It was a tough job marking the table, chairs & perimeter search in level 3 as they were all so good. Very well handled everyone – especially Kathy as her dog Portia was clearly onto the scent from quite a distance away. We were aware that the sun was going down now and things outside were beginning to turn chilly so on with boxes & luggage. Once again, some fantastic handling and very good searching with high marks. Rowan, handled by Melanie, did a fast sit indication which was lovely, and as Fyodor left I realised he hadn’t left the scent behind. He’d stolen the article which was secured with tape underneath a box flap!

Finally it was time to invite everyone inside to warm up while the scores were added up. Congratulations to everyone on a very successful day and special congratulations to our winners and those gaining their Excellent Titles. I hope to meet you all again somewhere on the Scentwork UK journey and look forward to being a competitor next weekend with my own dog.

Patty Goriainoff

Level 4

It was a beautiful sunny, autumnal day with a slight breeze, which made for perfect scenting conditions on the exterior searches, which I was kindly asked to judge.

The exterior search was held on grass, with the two distractions scents being coffee and shampoo. Some dogs found the grass a bit of a distraction, but with the help of their handlers they soon got unto task. Once on task, the dogs found the hides without a problem. Gun oil was hidden between two cones and the clove scent was hidden within the folds of an umbrella. It was lovely to see those dogs go into work mode immediately and those were the ones at an advantage in this environment. One little whizzy spaniel was having great fun searching at speed, which put her at a slight disadvantage due to whizzing past the scent. However, Rob Harris did a great job of handling her and slowing her down to get her focused. Once this happened, she found the scent straight away. Now, that is what I call team work! It was also great to see a couple of competitors put their dogs back on lead, if the dog was too distracted by other scents in the area. At this level it’s not just about the dog, it’s about working together as a team and helping each other.

The car search involved 3 cars placed in line with a path on the right and a grassy area on the left. Again, some dogs took a while to get into work mode. Both scents were placed in the same car at the end of the line, by the time the dogs got to the third (target) car , they were concentrating a bit more, which helped them find the scents. Gun oil was placed behind the back car door on the left and cloves was placed on the wheel nut on the front right. The dogs where the handler ensured they were scenting with their heads up , covering the search area well and going back to the areas when the dogs were scenting the ground were at an advantage, as they easily found the scent. Again, it was great to see good team work with David and Nikan, as David ensured he took Nikan back to the area he missed due to sniffing the ground. As a result, Nikan found the scent straight again. Great team work!

Another highlight was seeing 11 year old, one-eyed, Disney the Pappillion do such great and enthusiastic work in both the exterior searches. It goes to show that any dog, regardless of age or limitations can and loves to do scentwork.

Level 3

As with level 4, I was judging the external searches. The weather remained mild with a slight breeze, which helped the dogs easily find the scents.

I was very impressed with the standard of the level 3 competitors, with most of them gaining full handling marks from me. It was a joy seeing the dogs get on task straight away, nice quiet handling, loose leads and lovely team work. It made a great end to the day seeing such a high standard, which showed in the results, as every competitor qualified.

The external search had cloves hidden in a cat garden ornament and the gun oil was hidden in an upside down cutlery holder. I particularly enjoyed watching Rowan the cocker spaniel work so methodically and purposefully. To my delight, he received first place in the trial.

The car search involved 3 cars in a line, with gun oil being placed behind the driver’s door of the first car and the cloves placed on the front license plate of the second car. This was an easy search for the dogs, and as long as they went on task straight away, they found the scents easily. I was particularly impressed with Fyodor, the long-haired Weimaraner at the speed he found the scents. He made it look easy!

At the end of each trial I always think to myself the dog I would love to take home, and for me, it was Chase the pointer.

It was great seeing him going on task straight away and working so methodically with a very decisive indication. So, I was gutted to see when he falsely indicated on the car search. I am not sure why he did, but once this is sorted, then he is the one to put your money on!

So, all in all a great day out with some lovely people and their dogs having fun. Not forgetting the catering team who deserve a star; sarnies and cake were fab! My scribe was not only great at his job, but also a fantastic cook!

T & C - A/FT & C - HT & C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Melanie Goble – Rowan204.98020543205572053499.9214
2Becky Layphries – Reba204.914420538205712055799.9310
3Janet Wykes – Jess205322057720529204.85399.8191
4Kathy Killick – Rowan204.86820540205602052799.8195
5Caroline Bannard – Mr Wilson2056420513420585204.89999.8382
6Helen Kennedy – Preston2056420557204.752282055399.75402
7Kate Osborn – Kiwi205662056620559204.710499.7295
8Harold Latusek – Rosie204.9138204.75190204.7552204.95599.3435
9Swann Hoffmann – Fyodor20521204.756920517203.87198.55178
10Sharon Smith – Inca204.8952057020545104.94289.7252
11Kym Salisbury – Max104.97220561205164204.88089.7377
12Kathy Fitzgerald – Portia104.9138204.7512520559204.513289.15454
13Hazel Mead – Noodles20598205110104.7518320414788.75538
14Pat Chantler – Arthur204.6602056210573104.83479.4229
1Rob Harris – Gem205152205113205162204.95199.9478
2Chris Clements – QueevaDiva204.8174204.75136205199204.79399.25602
3Kathy Killick – Star204.6172204.75142205148204.758099.1542
4Kate Kemp – Paddy204.8117205181105265204.8513589.65698
5Annette Leslie – Disney205120205236104.75272204.612989.35757
6Julie Thomas- Betty205651051331051522055380403
7Helen Byrne – Nellie204.958104.755410543204.96879.55223
8Donna Winskill – Lucy104.872104.5132205193204.79479491
9David Ewers L3ex204.953104.515820574104.510878.9393

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9.30AM – 5PM
Entry Fees: £21 per dog, Capped at 20 handlers.
Contact: Marianne Tembey Tel: 07949 786255
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