Sun 19 Mar 2023, Wickhambrook

Level 1: Judges - Marianne Tembey and Sarah Witkin

Wickhambrook Memorial Social Centre, Wickhambrook, Suffolk, CB8 8XP

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Sarah Connatty
– Tel: 07946358960

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Marianne Tembey

judge Marianne Tembey

A huge thank you to Sarah Conatty for asking me to judge. Also a great thanks you to Sue and Helen who scribed for me. We could not run trials without volunteers so your help is so much appreciated. Especially when you do such a great job. It was a lovely journey on a Sunday morning to the venue, the sun was shining, and no traffic holdups. This was a venue I had not been to before so did not know what to expect. The venue is great, plus a massive field for exercising dogs. Beautiful countryside.

Level 1 was in the morning and I started off with tables and chairs. This went really well. Then we went outside to do the vehicle search. This challenged quite a few dogs with only 5 dogs finding the hidden odour. It was in between the drivers and rear passenger door. Open to the elements so the dogs that searched along that side found it. The wind did play a part as it was taking the scent underneath the vehicle. Really well done to the following teams who found this. Christine & Glenn, Beverly & Murph, Carolyn & Rolo, Nicola & Wilfred, Sophia & Flint.
This was also very environmental so quite a few dogs were distracted by other smells.

Level 2 also started with the tables and chairs. You were all amazing and every dog found the correct chair and teapot. Well done.
We then went outside to do the wall search. This proved challenging as only 5 dogs found both hides. The other five did find one hide. Again this was environmental but all dogs searched really well. Brilliant work from Fiona & Bonnie, Linda & Mary, Sue & Dolly, Jo & Taffy, Tammy & Super.

It was a privilege to watch each dog searching. At the end of the day you all took the best dog home with you. You should all be so proud of your dogs.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your day and hopefully I will meet up with many of you again very soon. Marianne

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