Sun 19 Jan 2020, Thurleigh

Levels 1 & 4: Judges - Jeni Pirie & Nikki Ingliss
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Maggie Wills - Evie204.55420519205302051299.5115
2Sue McAuliffe - Amba2052520518204.565204.511899226
3Rona Tyson - Merddyn20510020564051802052780371
4Caroline Bannard - Nico20528205202053404.52779.5109
Level 4
1Caroline Bannard - Mr Wilson205372054020514020547100264
2Helen Soper - Toby20559205512059920563100272
3Deborah Palmer - Majic2055120552204.91242054399.9270
4Anne Vellenoweth - Rosalie204.511620564204.9151204.516598.9496
5Janet Phillips - Coco204.7582204.851104.8204204.97889.25415
6Barry Cook - Ziva104119204.2574204.5213204.258787493
7John Hearn - Skip204.116220577104.512610512978.6494
8Val Isherwood - Heike104.55720526104.5300204.2514378.25526

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thurleigh Level 4
Firstly thank you Marianne for inviting me to judge the level 4 at the wonderful Thurleigh, huge thank you also to my scribe Helen.
I started with the exterior search. One hide in a drain pipe with a curve and one hide in the bottom of a push along hoover head. Distractions were shampoo and toothpaste and were hidden in a kettle and shower head.
We had no alerts on the distractions, which is always a testament to the training undertaken by the handlers.
Particularly pleasing to watch was Caroline and Mr Wilson, his movement around the search was methodical in his own way he seemed to clock himself what he had missed and followed the scent from some distance to the correct item. A lovely alert and enjoyed watching Caroline continue the passive training while in the trial, thinking ahead to the next search not just focusing on getting through this trial. Very nicely done, a perfect score in a very respectable time.
I also enjoyed watching Majic work in this area. Her use of her tail for those sharp knocks onto odour really captivated me. Very nicely worked with a strong show of trust.
I was particularly impressed with the working to source from all dogs in this area, the drain pipe can be harder to get close to source as there are two options. All the dogs disengaged at the weaker end and found the correct end for source.
We then moved on to the Boxes and Luggage.
The hides were in an orange bag in a front zip pocket to the right of the search and a lime green bag in the handle at the top of the search. The distractions were almond oil and toothpaste and were placed in a box near the cones and in a green bag to the left of the search.
I enjoyed watching Helen and Toby in this search, Toby worked the area beautifully he started by walking a perimeter of the items until he knocked the orange bag. He then started working through each item individually until he found the second hide in the green bag. Really lovely to watch with clear indications of the find. He looked so optimistic throughout.
Heiki was interesting as she chose to take a good look at both the distraction scents but her handler knew her indication well and ignored the interest until a true indication was shown on the correct item.
Rosalie was very loud in this search, but Anne worked well to get her mind on the job. A show of teamwork to be proud of.

Well done to everyone competing, it’s not often we get a full rack of qualifiers a really impressive trial with so much to enjoy! Thank you!

This afternoon I was asked the judge Marianne’s Level 1 trial at Thurleigh, we had a small group of competitors but saw some lovely handling and super teamwork.
Caroline and Nico worked each area progressively with enthusiasm, Nico is finding his indication and becoming more confident, they were a lovely team to watch.
Sue and Amba (an over enthusiastic lab who defies her age) worked hard together Amba making Sue use every ounce of her patience to calm.
Rona and Merrdyn (a collie who likes to bark and chase cars) worked hard to achieve their place today, Rona showed huge patience and fortitude when faced with the vehicle search and a constant stream of cars.
Maggie and Evie (newcomers to the sport) put in a solid almost faultless performance to secure 1st place at their 1st competition. Loads to like with this team.

Another sunny Sunday at Thurleigh, Marianne kindly asked Jeni and I to judge her Level 4 this morning. There was some lovely searching from all the teams, there were some new teams to this Level and this step can certainly be challenging. The input I hope everyone took back was to remember to go round the cars in both directions and to have a systematic approach so they know where they have been and where they still need to search, this will really help in the next Levels.
Janet and Coco (the Jack Russell) showed some good work with a nice indication starting.
Barry and Ziva will be a good pair to watch out for when they take their time, Val and Heike had an a quiet day today, John and the gentle Skip have improved their partnership greatly since last time I saw them, good work happening there. Anne and Rosalie settled into their rhythm after the first search. Deb and Majic (a lovely spaniel with a great indication and work ethic) gained their Excellence today Well Done! Helen and Toby are a great team gaining in confidence throughout the day and Toby seemed like he has his Mojo back. Caroline and Mr Wilson produced a well deserved solid win and gained their Excellent too!

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