Sun 19 Sep 2021, Yarwell

Level 4: Judges - Justine Steele & Stacey Robinson

Village Hall, Main Street, Yarwell.Peterboro. PE8 6PR

Start: 0930
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Justine Steele

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Back at Yarwell for a Level 4 & some nervous faces with only a couple having tried out at this level previously. Stacey & myself consulted with each other regarding setting out the target & distraction scent. We felt that primarily we had set a fair test that would require teams to cover most of the area within the search so as to come across at least one of the distraction scents, with the exception of the vehicle search where the entry cones saw teams mostly start with the vehicle closest, this slowed the searches as both scents were on the vehicle furthest from the entry cones. There was only a slight breeze that gradually strengthened but having a stronger strategy for the vehicles may have set teams up more economically & successfully…
Else where it was lovely to watch the teams working together, notably Alison with Lola, who stormed ahead with a fabulous 100% score. Superb!!! Rebecca & Thor just coming in second by the closest of margins as I was thrilled to see the other two qualifiers Becca & Leo plus Nikki & Harleigh very close behind coming from the home team!! These four scoring some way more than the following pack, but remember, every dog (& handler) has its day!!!
My overall observation was that by Level 4 it seems to be a definite advantage to be able to ask your dog to ‘go on’ & ‘find another’. It saves time, aids continuity which I think helps pooch understand the task at hand.
Anyhow, really enjoyable as usual to watch your amazing, gorgeous dogs work & have fun doing it… hope to see you again soon…Justine Steele

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