Sun 1st Dec 2019, Edinburgh

Level 1: Judge - Paula Duffy Harrison
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Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Lindsay Dods & Rose2051795205347220573020516301007627
2Victoria Wood & Stuart205430320544362053777205524310017759
3Lynda Crozier & Copper204.5287720544672053236205199299.512572
4Jane Gray & Hula20450112051792204.52319205381398.512935
5Lynne Dickson & OrcaF511102205590920510356204.52117979.548546
6Ronnie McAleese & FloraF4140502054122205184320545627924577
7Vicki Brock & StormF4.53075204.5122762051137320553537932077
8Isabel Trotter & Basil2055122204.511127204.510936F4149637842148
9Ayshea Waugh & Kasper20412266204208862055332F5245597863043
10Heather Noddle & Ace

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

On an extremely cold (-3C) 1st December, Edinburgh. It was great to have a lovely warm venue where everyone was able to stay between searches. With ample tea and coffee keeping everyone going.

Paula Duffy Harrison was a fantastic judges for the Level 1 day, she ensured all competitors were relaxed and great feed back. My amazing helpers Julie Capenter and Marion Smith who helped scribe and do times. Could not have done this without them.

All competitors managed the cold weather with some travelling from borders and across the water from Belfast.

Everyone who entered qualified which has was fantastic result and my first time of running a trial.

A huge congratulations to Lindsay Dods and Rose coming first with full marks at Level 1

Lindsay Dods and Rose 100 points – 1st

Victoria Wood and Stuart 100 points – 2nd

Lynda Crozier and Copper 99.5 point – 3rd

Jane Gray and Hula 98.5 points – 4th

Thank you all who competed and made this a fun relax day. This my first of many trials I hope and it was amazing how everyone made the day just fantastic,  thank you all.

Maureen Berry

Trial Manager

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