Sun 20 Feb 2022, Haynes

Levels 2 & 3: Judges - Vanessa Bonner & Martina Ramage

Haynes Village Hall, Northwood End Rd, Haynes, Beds, MK45 3QB

Start: L2 0915 and L3 1315
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Stacey Robinson

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thank you to Stacey for inviting me to judge the level 2 trial. Also, thank you to my scribe Chloe.
I judged the outdoor searches and saw really good searches in challenging weather conditions. Well done to all the teams.

There were three vehicles and I placed the first scent in the door of the middle vehicle on the driver’s side. This hide proved to be difficult for most teams. The dogs picked up the scent at the front of the car and had to track back to the door.
The second hide I placed at the front of the third car in a more enclosed place. The wind wasn’t too much of an issue and most teams found this hide with ease.

I used 12 items for this search. The search area was not as much exposed to the wind than the vehicle search area.
I placed the first scent on the front wheel of the pink kids’ scooter. Again, most teams found this hide with ease and I could observe some nice indications.
I placed the second scent near the blue tube on the white plastic cannister. I turned the cannister so that the hide was facing away from the search area. This hide caused some teams more problems than the vehicle search.
I only had to make minor deductions mainly for not believing the dog and minor trashing.
Overall, well done to all teams for great searches in really breezy weather conditions.

I hope to see you and your lovely dogs soon again.

So sorry guys, I started this as above and it went out before I had completed it, so I have redone my report as follows so ignore the first one.
Firstly thank you Stacey Robinson for inviting me to judge L2 & L3 today, also thanks to my scribe Julia Reeves. Also to the lovely entrants and their dogs, it was a pleasure to watch you and your dogs today.
There was some super handling, very few marks were deducted. Most found the scents without problem.
Level 2
Chairs & Tables
The tables and chairs were set out in a square, centrally in the hall, with the scented chair at the front as you went through the start. The scent was Cloves and it was placed under the seat of the chair. All dogs managed to find this quite easy.
The second scent, was on the perimeter in a cd player, just to the right as you entered through the start, it was placed Just under the lid where the opening to lift the lid was situated. Most dogs found it with no problems.
Boxes & Luggage
There were 12 items. I placed cloves scent in a bag to the left of the start jus under a flap, and the second one was in a box to the right side of the search area.
It was interesting to see the different ways of handling, all successful in their own right.
Both searches were White dogged, and both scents found without problems.
There was some lovely searches and handlers need to be very proud of themselves. It was a pleasure seeing the both dog and handler working as teams.
Winners in the Level 2
1st Vicky Woolland & Dexter, Lab, lovely combination here working together to find all scents in good time. 100% plus Clean Sweep – Congratulations
2nd Bettina Colliver & Oscar great little Spaniel this, searched steady and thorough. Well done.
3rd Magna Ede & Queen another little spaniel really keen to work.
4th Helen Hankins & Tym A really quiet spaniel took the task on steady and surely.
We took a short lunch break before setting out the Level 3 searches.
Level 3
Tables, Chairs and perimeter.
This time I moved the table into a zig zac with one table slightly forward to the other, with chairs situated around front back and to the sides.
The Cloves scent was placed under the first chair to the left as you came through the start. No one had any problem finding this scent.
The Gun oil I placed on the perimeter in the bottom hinge of the door to the right. The dogs seem to find this more challenging and 4 dogs failed to find, with one indicating on the opposite side of the door.

Level 3
Boxes & Luggage
There were 15 items
The Cloves scent was placed into a back-pack bag on the right of the search area on one of the straps.
The Gun Oil was on a computer bag to the left of the search area, under the front flap.
The winners in this level were :
1st Lyndsey Smith & Finn it was a pleasure to see this team to do so well, congratulations.
2nd Sarah Connatty & Teddyetna. Again a good team working well together
3rd Margaret Deucher & Time. Well handled as this dog needed a bit of encouragement.
4th Karen Marsh & Jet This lively little spaniel enjoyed every minute of his search, such a happy sole he was great to watch.
Thank you for entering today and I hope to see you all again soon
Gloria Bonnell

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