Sun 20 Mar 2022, Haynes

Levels 2& 4: Judges - Harry Latusek & Gloria Bonnell

Haynes Village Hall, Northwood End Rd, Haynes, Beds, MK45 3QB

Start: L2 09:15, L4 13:15
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Stacey Robinson

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

My co judge,Gloria Bonnell has already covered all the niceties towards the TM,Stacey,runners on the day and the wonderful scribes.In level 2 I was tasked with the indoor searches and the outside searches in the level 4 trial.
The scents were hidden,one underneath the front left chair nearest the start line,the second in a quality street chocolate tin in a woven basket.(I might add,we had eaten all the chocolates).
Of the 16 competing teams,12 successfully found both hides with little difficulty,3 found 1 and one found none.
Some excellent searching all round,to many good teams to list.However a special mention to,Lynsey and Lottie,blink and you miss it,17seconds in total,followed home by Helen and Clay and Pauline and Tessa, in a respectable 35 and 36 seconds.

Some 14 items were laid out,the hides were concealed in the buckle of a black breifcase ,placed to the left of the search area and in the seam of a box,placed central to the rear.
11 of the 16 teams identified both scents with ease,5 finding only One.Nevertheless some wonderful handling by Emma and Bailey,showing everyone the way in some 29 seconds.Not far behind were,Lynda and Flo and Helen and Clay,on 32 and 33 seconds respectively.Good methodical searching by Pauline and Tessa in 48 seconds.
Some handlers showed a little nerves during this search,some dogs returning several times to the 1st
find and some trashing also apparent.So a little work required by those teams.

Overall,a good display by the majority of teams,you have a bright future,It was a pleasure to judge the stars of the future.

Moving on in the afternoon.I took on the roll of judge in the level 4 trial

Three vehicles were lined up side by side.
I placed the gun oil scent in the rear offside wheel of the centre car of the three.The cloves scent,I placed in the front near side wheel of the same vehicle.
This did not fool any of the dogs,some handlers were a little unsure,however trusted their dogs enough to give us a clean sweep.All teams finding both.Excellent searching by,Helen and Skylar,Pauline and Maddy,Magda and Evie,and Diane and Lilly in 27,34,38 and 41 seconds respectively.

14 items were laid out on the rear car park of the premises.
The gun oil scent was placed inside a shoe and placed to left of the search area.The cloves hide was concealed in the the head of a vacuum cleaner and sited far right.Both distraction scents were placed inside hoover pipes,these were vanilla and shampoo.
11 of the teams carried out flawless searches finding both hides easily.The remaining three finding one.
The search area adjoined a large recreation area,(park).Although I saw no other persons or dogs on the grounds during our trial,some of the dogs were intrigued by the pigeons…They found them much more interesting than old shoes and hoovers…lol
Excellent searching by a number of the teams,special mention to,Diane and Lilly,finding both scents in 14 seconds.Also excellent teamwork shown by,Jackie and Jessie,Pauline and Maddy,Karen and Gunner and Helen and Skylar.
I had judged a few of the teams at lower levels and it was lovely to see their progression.Not without a few hiccups,
but overall a good display of Scentwork shown by the vast majority of the teams.
I wish you all the best with your forthcoming trials and hope to meet up with some of you,if not all,in the future

Quiet a mixecbag here,with

Firstly, I would like to thank Stacey Robinson for inviting me to judge Level 2 & Level 4 today, along with the co judge my good friend Harry Latusek. I was made to feel very welcome by Stacey and the lovely entrants, who I thank for their entry. I’d also like to thank my two Scribes who did an excellent job.
Level 2
There were 15 items, the two scented consisted of an electric drill placed to the left as entrants went through start and an electric hair brush placed to the right as entrants went through start.
Only 6 dogs found both items. Either the Brush or drill. So not one particular item proved difficult. The problem in some cases was handlers not reading their dogs. Although not actually indicating, the dogs showed interest which the handlers did not pick up on and return to item, which was such a pity.
I want to add here Pauline Whittaker and Tessa, what super handling, well done, a pleasure to watch.
Three cars were used in a line. I placed the scent in the wheel on the driver’s side front on the first car. All dogs found this without difficulty. The second scent was on the second car behind the front number plate, there were some super searches and the handling overall was better on the cars. A mention to Helen Taylor & Clay, this dog really knew what he was doing and got the job done in
35.4 seconds. Also, Bev Plews & Tye lovely search in 35.09.

Congratulations to rosette winners and the qualifier’s
1st Helen Taylor & Tessa
2nd Pauline Whittaker & Tessa
3rd Lynda Middlemas & Flo
4th Lynsey Smith & Lottie

We took a short lunch break before setting out the Level 4 searches.
Level 4
Tables, Chairs and perimeter.
The scents were two distraction scents Shampoo & Almonds, unfortunately quite a few of the dogs indicated on the almond scent. Also, although I specially mentioned the area and stated the Pillar was included, a few handlers by passed the pillar and missed the Gun Oil scent which was in the wall at the side of a wood beam coming down the middle, it was to the right as they came through the start. The Cloves was on the side of the chair to the left front as they came through the start.
A special mention to Diane Ireland & Lilly, really lovely search, no denying the lovely indication. Also, Katherine Miell & Heston a pleasure to watch both these dogs.
Boxes & Luggage
There were 15 items consisting of bags, cases and boxes. The distraction scent was on two boxes as you came through the start. The cloves on a box at the top right as you came through the start, the Gun Oil was in another box to the left middle as you came through the start. Only one dog indicated on a distraction and failed to find either scent. The dogs that stood out in this search were Helen Taylor & Skylar, Karen Marsh & Gunner and Pauline Whittaker & Maddy. Well done lovely handling.
Congratulations to the qualifiers and rosette winners
1st Diane Ireland & Lilly
2nd Karen Marsh & Gunner
3rd Helen Talyor & Skylar
4th Sonia Stanley & Leo

I look forward to judging you and your lovely dogs again in the future.

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