Sun 21 Aug 2016, Finmere

Levels 1, 2 & 3. Judge - Marianne Tembey

Sunday 21st August 2016 at: Finmere Village Hall, Bucks Judge: Marianne Tembey

Level 1

0101st Elizabeth & Spot – 98.5
2nd Nicola & Acer  – 98
3rd Liz & Archie  – 98
4th Karen & Foxy  – 97.5
5th Nikki & Ellie  – 97.5
6th Helen & Trek  – 97.5
7th Katrina & Jumble  – 75
8th Sandra & Bramble  – 71.5

Level 3

0011st Hazell & Skye = 84.5
2nd Hazell & Gem – 74
3rd Val & Indie – 74

Level 2

0091st Geoff & Bug – 95
2nd Lisa & Gibbs – 88

As I didn’t expect too many entries for the L1 & 2 trial I decided to ask a few L3 competitors who were either ill or couldn’t make the L3/4 trial last time. As we got nearer the date more entries arrived and so we ended up with a respectable entry of 17. .

006I chose a slightly different format for the trial this time and split the various levels into two groups with the L3 starting at 9am and the L1/2 starting at 11am and this seemed to work well.

We started with the exterior search and the overnight rain had made the gravel rather attractive to some of the dogs but there were some good searches from Hazell and Gem & Skye and Jennie and Tinker getting both articles with ease. Next to follow was the boxes and Luggage and Indie became rather excited and decided to push several of the boxes around making reading her rather difficult for Val and unfortunately resulting in only one correct alert. This placed Val under a lot of pressure for the next two searches as Indie needed all four finds to pass and fortunately Indie decided to settle down and did Val proud by finding all 4 finds with ease. Well done for keeping your cool Val.

Next up was the tables & chairs and perimeter search and Marianne had hidden the scented article on a metal shelving system. All the dogs worked this well although unfortunately Tinker wasn’t able to tell his mum Jennie precisely where the scented article was hidden so only managed to get one find. Unlucky.

So everything was to play for in the vehicle search which didn’t seem to cause too many problems again for Hazell with Skye and Val and Indie both dogs getting both finds. Poor Tinker had a dog distraction as a local Chihuahua decided to bark at him and put him off his stride.

001So out of the 5 runners in L3 we had 3 qualifiers and the results are as follows:
1) Hazell & Gem
2) Hazell & Skye
3) Val & Indie

So as we were running a bit late the L1 & 2 draws didn’t happen until 11.30am but unfortunately everyone was in good spirits.

Susan, from my Wednesday group, came along to support Katrina and was hoping to have a nice relaxing day but as my scribe telephoned me saying that their dog was poorly so couldn’t make it, I asked Susan if she wouldn’t mind standing in. Susan soon got into her stride and worked well together with the judge making a brilliant team. So thank you Susan for standing in last minute.

We started with the L1 tables and chairs and I can’t say how impressed I was with all the Level 1 handlers and dog teams. Trek with Helen went straight to the scent and Helen very confidently called the correct alert. Nikki & Ellie and Elizabeth decided to go around again just to make sure but both dogs did lovely searches. We followed this with the L2’s with all 3 dogs doing really well and especially Lisa and Gibbs finding the gun oil scented article hidden on the handle of a piece of gym equipment. Mischief the Cairn Terrier rose to the occasion when a crowd gathered to watch him finding both scented articles with ease.

We then went outside and did the L1 car searches. Again we saw some really good and quick searches although Liz and Archie decided to double check and go around again which was a good decision from Liz as Archie isn’t the easiest of dogs to read. Karen and Foxy also did a good search and it was lovely to see Karen’s quiet and calm handling with this dog. The L2’s were next up and Geoff’s dog Bugg saw his mum Sue so was initially distracted but after Geoff persuasion Bugg continued the search finding both articles with ease.

010We then stopped for half an hour for lunch to then give the boxes and luggage search time to cook. Again some methodical searches and particularly impressive was Nicky and Acer finding the Lapsang Souchong tea! Lovely quiet handling from Nicky too.

So last up was the exterior search which was all for play for Sandra and her fourteen and a half year old collie Bramble. Fortunately Sandra kept her cool and correctly alerted on the agility jump which had the scented article hidden in one of the cup holes. Sue and Halle did a lovely methodical search which just showed that when this team get it together they are awesome.

So the day came to an early end at 3pm so there was plenty of time for tea and cake whilst we got ready for the presentation. Again Susan and Marianne worked as a team sorting out the place getters as the standard was so high. As Marianne decided to award the prizes in reverse order it was lovely to see Elizabeth face of surprise when she found out that she had won as she said that Spot had never won anything in his life before. Also well done to Geoff with Bugg for a good all round performance and winning today as well as winning the Level 1 back in May.

And off course thank you for a very experienced and friendly Judge Marianne who made very good decisions whilst also making the competitors feel at ease.

Another Sunday morning – but this one is very special as I have been asked to judge at the Finmere Scentwork UK trial for levels 1,2 and 3.

Yesterday it was off to the car wash to get a sparkly clean car to use in the vehicle search. Also loading up with items for the exterior search for levels 2 and 3. Reading through the rules so that they are firmly imprinted on the brain. Message on facebook to wish everyone a good day.

So now it is Sunday morning and a very early start as I need to walk my dogs and get to Finmere by 8:00am ready for the first competitors. Luckily a good clear run so arrived in plenty of time.

We started with the level 3’s on the exterior search. Hazell and Gem did some fabulous searching as did Val and Indie, although Indie only found one. Jennie and Tinker, Hazell with Quest and Skye all found both hidden scents.

Then we moved indoors to do the boxes and luggage where Gem did a brilliant search for Hazell and was the only one to find both scents. Also Tinker did some lovely searching for Jennie. Indie found one scent and then did a lot of box moving around.

We saw some fabulous handing from Val with Indie on the tables and chairs section.

The vehicle search was performed beautifully by Val with Indie who got both scents in the shortest time.

We then gave out the rosettes and certificates to the level 3 people – a well deserved win by Hazell and Skye.

Time then for the level 1 and 2 section. Everyone had been waiting nervously to begin. Hopefully I put each team at their ease as they came into the hall to do the tables and chairs. My advice to each handler was very simple – remember to breathe and have fun.

There was some awesome handling which led to each team being successful. So lovely when this happens.

We then had the level 2 handlers in for the tables and chairs and once again some excellent team work. All three dogs worked so well and found everything.

Then we toddled outside to do the vehicle search for level 1. The scent was hidden on the wheel closest to the start and most handlers believed their dogs and called alert very quickly. All but one dog found the scent.

Level 2 was ready for searching. One car was being searched by Bugs when the alarm went off. But it did not phase him at all and went to win at the end of the day. Lisa and Gibbs did the fastest vehicle search for level 2. Very impressive.

Boxes and Luggage for level 1 was next, Karen and Foxy found the scent in a record 22 seconds. Liz and Archie’s time was 35 seconds and Nikki and Ellie’s time was 36 seconds. Really good handling.

Sadly two dogs did not find the scent on the boxes but it was all experience and this gives them something for homework.

Last search of the day was the exterior search. Luckily the weather held out and we did not have any rain but the wind was a bit swirly.

We had some fabulous searching and Nikki with Ellie found both scents in an amazing 18 seconds.

Inside for a very welcome coffee and cake whilst the scores were added up. Presentations and photograph time.

I would like to thank everyone would took part in this trial. It is a lot of hard work for the host, so huge thank you to Heather. Also thank you to Sue for stepping in to scribe and working really hard all day. A huge thank you to each and every competitor who made my day really special by allowing me to watch their fabulous dogs.

Extremely well done to each of you and I look forward to meeting you all again soon.

Thank you


Level 1 A/F = Alert Find H = Handling T = Time (seconds)
Position Handler Dog Breed Tables & Chairs Exterior Search Vehicle Search Boxes & Luggage Totals
A/F  H T A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T Marks Time
1st Elizabeth Spot 20 5 21 20 4.5 66 20 5 18 20 4 64 98.5 169
2nd Nicola Acer 20 5 38 20 4 60 20 5 13 20 4 69 98 180
3rd Liz Archie Poodle 20 5 42 20 3.5 122 20 5 16 20 4.5 35 98 215
4th Karen Foxy GSD 20 5 21 20 4 50 20 3.5 21 20 5 22 97.5 114
5th Nikki Ellie Lab 20 4 50 20 4 18 20 5 15 20 4.5 36 97.5 119
6th Helen Trek 20 5 11 20 5 27 20 3 57 20 4.5 48 97.5 143
7th Katrina Jumble Lab 20 4 27 0 2 26 20 5 29 20 4 41 75 123
8th Sandra Bramble 20 2 100 20 3.5 60 20 5 13 0 1 66 71.5 239
NQ Sue Halle 20 4 69 20 3 136 0 3 71 0 0 180 50 456
Level 2 A/F = Alert Find H = Handling T = Time (seconds)
Position Handler Dog Breed Tables & Chairs Exterior Search Vehicle Search Boxes & Luggage Totals
A/F  H T A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T Marks Time
1st Geoff Bug Pointer x 20 4 87 20 4 72 20 4 129 20 3 111 95 399
2nd Lisa Gibbs Rottie 20 5 61 20 5 89 20 4 48 10 4 74 88 272
NQ Jennie Mischief Cairn 20 5 34 10 3.5 157 10 2 187 10 3 144 63.5 522
Level 3 A/F = Alert Find H = Handling T = Time (seconds)
Position Handler Dog Breed Tables & Chairs Exterior Search Vehicle Search Boxes & Luggage Totals
A/F  H T A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T Marks Time
1st Hazell Skye Springer 20 3.5 185 20 3 229 20 4.5 267 10 3.5 44 84.5 725
2nd Hazell Gem BC 10 3 80 20 4 148 10 2 108 20 5 42 74 378
3rd Val Indie W. Cocker 20 4 190 10 4 89 20 5 90 10 1 219 74 588
NQ Jennie Tinker Cairn 10 3.5 161 20 3.5 292 10 0 246 10 4 140 61 839
NQ Hazell Quest BC 10 3 300 20 3 147 10 2 300 10 3 257 61 1004