Sun 21 Aug 2022, Solihull

Levels 1 & 4: Judges - L1 Rachael Fox, L4 Karen Denton

Solihull Lodge Community Centre, Grafton Road, B90 1NJ

Start: L1 9.30am, L4 2.00pm
Entry Fees: L1 £28, L4 £30 per dog.
Contact: Mandy Rigby

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Level 4 Judge’s report

It was the perfect weather conditions for the L4 trial being calm, dry and slightly overcast with the sun warming this pleasant Solihull venue.

I was met with enthusiastic smiles from the 9 competitors and I knew we were going to have a fun trial.

The order of play was Tables/chairs, Exterior, Bags & Boxes and a wall in lieu of the vehicle search. The distraction scents were coffee and shampoo. Only two of the dogs hit the distraction scent and they both indicated on the shampoo.

The 9 dog teams were of a very good standard with a few of them benefitting from being on home turf.

In the Tables/chairs search the scents were on a baby chair on the perimeter and a table leg of the middle tables. The distractions were both on the perimeter in a folded table and a set of drawers. Good handling technique was demonstrated in this search by Lynda with Flo, Pat with Lulu, Myfanwy with Honey, Joyce with Loki, Liz with Artii and Alison with Ellie.

In the Exterior search the scents were on a guttering pipe and in a kettle. The distractions were in a watering can and a child’s toy. Every dog team found both scents and managed this area superbly.

Both scents were on bags and both distractions were in boxes in this area. A few dogs missed one here and a couple hit a distraction. A fly distracted Pat’s Lulu which was a shame because she was doing so well till then. Alison’s Ellie made this look easy as she searched the area quickly and efficiently while Alison waited at the cones.

The wall was the front of the hall and the hides were in a corner by a louvre projection and in a shutter housing. Most dogs did well here but some handlers missed the very first part of the wall so it was a good job the hide wasn’t there! Something to be aware of as you all progress to the higher levels.

The outstanding performance of the trial came from Alison and Ellie who came 1st and didn’t put a foot wrong the whole way through coming away with an Excellent title having won the L4 trial the day before! A massive well done!
Lynda’s Flo is another lovely independent searcher and came a well deserved 2nd.
Joyce & Loki had a great trial too and came 3rd. Liz surprised herself by keeping her nerves under control and came 4th with Artii.

It was a fabulous to judge such an appreciative group of competitors. I hope I have the pleasure of coming across you guys again on your journey through the levels.

Many thanks to Mandy for her usual super efficient organisation as TM and to Claire and Jo for doing a great job scribing and running. It was a lovely afternoon.

Karen Denton

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